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Zendure SuperPort 4 (100W USB PD) Charging Hub $30.99 + Shipping ($27.99 Delivered with First) @ Kogan


Pretty good deal for 100w PD Charging. I bought this a week or so ago for $42 and was still happy at that price.
Build quality seems alright, gloss black finish not my cup of tea but thats subjective.
Could be lowest price yet?
Bear in mind the superport S4 has been on the horizon for a while, but no word yet (faster charging on the 2nd-4th ports, GaN tech, but no mains cable so need a wall socket nearby)

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  • What is this a portable charger?

    • A 240V usb C x 2 & usb A x 2 charger that you plug into a 240V socket with a figure 8 cable.

      Yes, easily moved around and portable as it is reletively small and light if you want to move

      it from room to room, or take it with you in a bag.

  • +3

    Actually, the c2c cable from the same brand is a real bargain. Never seen a PD cable so cheap ($3.99 with First).

    • Only usb 2 data speeds, but great price for a PD 100W 1m braided cable if you can get it for $3.99 delivered with K First.

    • Did anyone else receive a 60w cable instead of a 100w one when they bought this?

      Kogan's website seems to have done a dodgey. When you add it to your cart/bought it, it links you to a different product listing which suggests it could be 60w or 100w

  • +4

    Zendure Black 4-Port 30W USB-C/USB-A Desktop Wall Charger $7.99 delivered with Kogan First.

    • Serious question. The pictures show this charger plugged into the wall directly,

      but from one photo from what I could make out looks like a figure 8 cable input?

      Which is it, or maybe even has both?

      • +3

        I've got one of these, and it is both - the part with the pins for for the plug is removable, and it has a figure-8 socket underneath. I use it as a desktop charger at work with a figure-8 cord plugged in.

        • Cheers for reply and good outcome with both.

  • I am reading that this thing gets quite a bit hot during charging. Compared to other brands.

    • +1

      I have mine stuck to the back of my PC monitor and it's in direct sunlight, during charging it's warm but I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary, mind you I've only been recharging my phone and power bank (18w).

      • Okay good to know

        • +1

          Keep in mind that maxing this charger out, or close to it most likely Will get Hot and I would definately

          put a white shield or something suitable over it if it was directly in the hot summer sun.

  • +1

    Thx OP, wish I knew about this deal last week. Kogan's website seems to be crapping out

    • The reviews on amazon are quite concerning, apparently it is common for this to throttle down to 45w-60w oO. You'd think something advertised with the capacity to charge 136w simultaneously would have plenty of headroom

      • I believe those reviews will be from people who have not read the output specs correctly.
        Using both USB C ports will provide:
        60watts on USB C1
        18watts on USB C2.
        - My comment about the upcoming superport S4 was specifically in relation to the fact that this charger only delivers 18 watts on the second USB C port, while the new one will be able to deliver more (40watts I think?)

        The USB A ports should be independent of the C ports, meaning that if you are using USB C1 + A1 & A2 (both 18watts each), that's 136watts.

        from the Zendure website:
        If I use a USB-C port(1)and USB-A ports(3)and(4), but not USB-C port(2), what will the power distribution be?
        Sure. Using USB-A ports will not affect USB-C 100W efficiency, only use two USB-C ports, USB-C(1 ) which will be down to under 60W.

        Edit I'm not sure what output USB C1 provides when all 4 ports are in use

          • @Butt Scratcher: Seems like a good proportion of people are saying their laptop will start discharging instead of charging whilst in use, because of the throttling

          • @Butt Scratcher: That's a good review and they make a fair point, I don't have the equipment to test the duration that it can provide 100watts.
            I would be interested to know if it's common practice for high wattage chargers to throttle down after ~1hr (depending on heat) or not, because if it is, then it's kind of besides the point if you're going to get the same behaviour from a $100+ equivalent

            • @lyle88: you reckon it's like how phones have QC/PD where it slows down after reaching a certain %? Probably to preserve battery.

              • @RtN: I don't think so.
                I guess the Amazon review was someone using it to charge their laptop while the laptop was performing a heavy workload. In this case, the laptop would be using the full 100watts continuously so it shouldn't request less from the charger - in that case, it would presumably be a result of the charger reaching it's thermal limit and the built in safety measures reducing the power it provides.

            • @lyle88: Some of those people were comparing it with their macbook chargers. The usb-c ones don't even go to 100w and they apparently don't reach a point where their battery starts draining, unlike this charger.

              Laptops that come with usb-c chargers are quite common nowdays. For me, it isn't hard to imagine that there are usb c chargers out there that don't throttle

  • Kogan's site has been bad for a few weeks now. Unresponsive sometimes.

  • Website is working at the moment.

    • Nevermind, payments aren't going through.

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