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[Steam, PC] 10-90% off Australian Steam Games + Free Demos (Melbourne International Games Week) @ Steam


Melbourne International Games Week is upon again and with it comes a bunch of sales and demos!

Games on sale

Game Discount Current Price Historical Lowest
Catapult King 40% $12.90 $12.90
Paperbark 40% $7.20 $6.00
Kana Quest 33% $14.40 $10.69
Dap 20% $15.96 $15.54
Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition 33% $20.06 $7.48
Agent A: A puzzle in disguise 90% $2.89 $2.59
The Forgotten City 20% $28.76 $28.76
Armello 60% $7.99 $4.99
Nom Nom Apocalypse 50% $4.25 $4.25
Espire 1: VR Operative 50% $21.47 $8.08
AFL Evolution 2 25% $52.46 $52.46
Warhammer Underworlds: Online 50% $7.49 $0.00
Warp Frontier 10% $19.35 $19.35
TRIOS 25% $8.62 $8.62
Necrobarista 50% $12.47 $12.47
Hot Brass 40% $12.90 $12.12
Ring of Pain 40% $17.37 $16.74
Operation Armstrong 20% $28.76 $28.76
Never Give Up 66% $7.31 $7.31
Crawl 75% $4.49 $3.59
Western Press 80% $1.50 $1.29
MoonQuest 33% $16.71 $12.00
The Warlock of Firetop Mountain 60% $10.39 $2.49
PAC-MAN 256 50% $3.75 $1.37
Desert Child 69% $4.63 $4.63
Hyper Jam 75% $4.62 $4.62
The Adventure Pals 66% $7.31 $1.39
JUMPGRID 50% $3.75 $1.50
Moving Out 60% $14.38 $10.87
The American Dream 50% $11.47 $5.73
Roombo: First Blood 70% $2.25 $2.25
Screencheat 70% $6.45 $4.68
Boson X 50% $2.25 $2.25
Elden: Path of the Forgotten 70% $6.88 $1.49
Push Me Pull You 50% $9.99 $5.91
Paradigm 69% $6.50 $5.99
The Gardens Between 75% $6.23 $4.49
Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze 60% $3.99 $1.99
FRAMED Collection 75% $3.62 $2.52
Choices That Matter: And The Sun Went Out 60% $3.40 $3.40
Ticket to Earth 80% $4.30 $4.30
Jolly Rover 40% $8.70 $1.66
Room to Grow 35% $9.42 $9.42
MacGuffin's Curse 40% $8.70 $1.66
The Catacombs of Solaris Revisited 25% $12.71 $11.86
Feather 70% $4.35 $3.61
Down in Bermuda 80% $5.79 $5.79
Regular Human Basketball 60% $2.39 $1.19
AO Tennis 2 60% $35.98 $6.45
Tennis World Tour 2 50% $26.97 $19.74
Untitled Goose Game 50% $14.47 $14.47
The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game 30% $4.55 $4.35
Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard 20% $5.20 $5.20
Dissembler 50% $2.49 $1.24

The Handcrafted in Victoria Bundle (60% off)

Historical pricing sourced from isthereanydeal.com
Edited to add more games

Free games

Game Release date
Video World Jan 2021
Fighting Fantasy Classics June 2018
Torque Drift April 2021

Free demos

Game Planned Release Date
Kardboard Kings Coming Soon
Wayward Strand Coming in 2022
The Last Stand: Aftermath Coming Soon
The Drifter When It's Done
Spies & Soldiers Early 2022
Completely Stretchy and Uncomfortably Sticky Coming Soon

I'm associated with Spies & Soldiers as one of their developers

Games are ordered by how they were ordered on the Steam page when I made this post

Have a lovely Friday!

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  • +8

    Sweet! Thanks for the heads-up :)

    Though it's kinda misleading, more like 10-60% off. Agent A is the only 90% and it's always ~$2.

  • +9

    Wait, are all of these Australian made?

    • +15

      Yep, we have a pretty big independent games industry :)

      There's even more games which aren't on Steam (Eg mobile & console or itch.io), or aren't participating in this sale too

      • +1

        Cool! Thanks, I'll pay attention to our local scene.

        Edit: i was gonna buy all of this except VR but the list is getting bigger O.o.

  • +2

    Moving Out is from the same studio as Death Squared. DS is fantastic. Fantastic puzzle game with a fun story, great as couch co-op. I haven’t played MO yet but did buy it for PlayStation.

    • +1

      Death Squared is decent couch coop with a partner who doesn't do much gaming but wants to give it a try. It's nice working out the puzzles together.
      I have a massive aversion to the concept of treating a machine like it is a human, so the back and forth "banter" just repulsed me and that ruined any chance I had of enjoying the story.

      Moving Out is amazing. It's the same type of "yell at/with your friends as you deal with awkward controls to accomplish a task" that makes Overcooked very popular.
      The difficulty massively ramps up after the warehouse levels, so be ready for that.

    • +1 vouch for Moving Out. Non-gamer misso loves it too

  • +1

    Crawl by Powerhoof is a great couch based co-op [1-4 players]. You can use Parsec to remotely play it with others (I think Steam's online co-op thing doesn't work that well with it).

    • I agree. Played crawl at a friend's was surprisingly good.

  • +1

    AoE3 DE's been 75% off before? Damn.

  • +1

    Crawl is an excellent couch coop game, highly recommend. It's probably one of the best on this list. Also screencheat.

    • +1

      Thanks for acknowledging Screencheat, senpai (′ꈍωꈍ‵)

    • I played ScreenCheat at PAX years ago. Great game.

  • +2

    Spin Rhythm XD should be on this list! It's made in Brunswick


    edit: developer info

  • I haven’t heard of a few of these, any recommendations?

    • Agent A is an excellent point and click mystery game with some cool retro james bond secret agent stylings.
      Death squared is very enjoyable coop (and single player) puzzle game with a good difficulty curve but not so hard that you get stuck for too long.
      Pacman 256 the best pacman game ever(?).

  • +8

    Thanks for posting the deal, our studio has a few games up on this list! Screencheat, Feather, The American Dream, Roombo: First Blood and TRIOS are us! :D

    Screencheat: 4 player splitscreen shooter, where everyone is invisible so you have to look at each others' screens. Has local and online multiplayer.
    Feather: Do the relaxo, fly as a bird through serene landscapes with other birds in anonymous online multiplayer
    The American Dream: VR satirical comedy about living your everyday life with guns
    Roombo: First Blood: Be a robot vacuum cleaner that defends its house from burglars, Home Alone-style
    TRIOS: A relaxing maths puzzle game, designed to be accessible and fun for all skill levels

    Hope something there suits ya fancy!

    • +2

      Good on you for developing games in Australia and for doing a good job of it. Much respect.

      • +2

        Thanks, we try our best! ^_^

  • +1

    Good to support local game studios! Didn't realise The Forgotten City was locally made :)

  • Push Me Pull You would be amazing it if supported online gameplay

    • You could use Steam remote play? Have you given that a go?

  • Are the devs getting this money from Forgotten City or is the publisher dispute still ongoing?

    • +2

      Are you thinking of the dispute over The Sinking City instead?

  • Loving all the couch co-op recommendations for Australian (i.e.: locked down) play

  • @luisvsm @winstonoftang - do you know if any of the listed games, which happen to be also listed on the GOG storefront, will be getting sales discounts just like their Steam storefront listing counterparts? Or are the sales discounts exclusive to Steam platform listings only?

    • +1

      This promotion was organised between Steam and Melbourne International Games Week, as far as I know GoG isn't doing anything for the MIGW event.

      • Thanks for the reply and clarification. To be fair, GOG are having their 13th Anniversary Sale - which does have a bunch of selected titles on sales discounts - so they're probably preoccupied with that, and their anniversary happens to coincide with MIGW

    • Yeah the MIGW sale is just on Steam from what I'm aware of, I'm not associated with any of those games though so I'm not sure what their sale plans are outside of the event.

  • Shoutout to Jacob for setting the discount on Paradigm to 69%

  • Never heard of MIGW! I'll check these out, thanks!

    I'm currently playing two games, one from Sydney, and the other from NZ. Amazing.

  • +1

    Goose game worth it or was it just hype when it was released?

    • +1

      It's a slick piece of cartoon humour if you have the time to solve some puzzles that are just good laughs with a goose. I did the first few and that was that. Progressing through a series of puzzle situations isn't my thing.

  • AoE3. Mic drop.

    • Not quite as good as the historic low though

  • Necrobarista should have a sequel: Necrobarrister. Like Phoenix Wright, but representing the deceased.

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