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LG C1 55" OLED55C1PTB $2199 + Delivery ($0 VIC C&C) @ Countdown Deals


I tried getting a price match from jbhifi and was turned down but TheGoodGuys price matched it for me.

Picked up from TGG. No idea if they'll deliver for this price.

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    so tempted tbh

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    The 65 listed at $3,099 fyi, thought I'd save you the time

    • Thank you for your service. Just got one.

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      Cheers Bro! I called up TGG at Maribyrnong VIC and the sick as sales rep(Vinnie) hooked me up with the 65" TV + 5yr gold service extras + delivery for a total of $3220!!

      What a chad! Got a even better deal than I expected :O

      • -4

        Good deal.

        I don't normally by extended warranty but for the price of extended warranty plus the failure rate of OLEDs, it's money well spent.

        • Didn't realise oleds fail that often…?

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          Source of this OLED failure rate please?

        • Absolute nonsense.

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          Anecdotally my friend's OLED TVs have had high failure rate (not talking about screen burn in which none of them have had) compared to LED/LCD.

          For an expensive product I find the failure rate unacceptable but I'm not saying it will happen to everyone.

          I'm just saying price QuickPB paid ($100-200) for 4 years extended warranty makes absolute sense.

          Still the best TVs available, just buy extended warranty.

          • @JimB: When you said "my friend's OLED TVs", how many of his OLED TVs have had failure?

            • @edfoo: Friends'

              3 out of 6

        • I got caught out once by a extended warranty "deal" at JB HiFi; the salesperson made it extremely cheap by reducing the cost of the item itself. That may sound fine, but when it died during the extended warranty period Sony no longer made that version of the product. Rather than upgrade me to the newer, more expensive model, they just offered a refund on the purchase price on the invoice, which was lower than I thought it would be.

          First and last time I get an extended warranty. Now I just argue my statutory rights and if don't comply I'll make a complaint to the relevant government body.

          • -2

            @treefidi: What was the TV value and what was the policy?

            ACL is great but isn't guaranteed at year 5. LG only gives 1 year warranty in Australia, so I think 3 years is easy to enforce. I'd buy an extra 4 years warranty for peace of mind and the hassles of trying to claim ACL repairs.

            Some brands are better than others re: ACL, I'm not sure where LG sits.

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      You're bit late posting that deal 😉

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    What about 48….

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    Go 65 if you need it to be a tv and for gaming. My 55 feels shrinking everyday.

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      I've got a C9 55 and I have to agree. Guess I'll be OzBargaining until I can afford the 75 incher

      • Now I feel bad for picking up the 55" 😭

        Although it looks massive in my bedroom so idk if 65" would be overkill

        • +4

          Mate, it’s $900 more. Can’t really compare.

        • +1

          55" is prefect, depend on how far are you sitting from TV. Mine is 55 but sometimes I will think about 34 might be a better option for PC game.

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        I bought the LG C1 77" from TGG about 3 weeks ago for $5845 that was my offer and they took the money even though it's in stores at $6995. It's still in the box due to lockdown, I'm 71 yo and can't lift it on my own.

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          I'm under 40, couldn't lift my 65" on my own

        • +2

          Happy to help set it up if you're west side of melb

        • Be extremely careful how you unbox and lift etc. it’s definitely two people job if not three or four for that size.. I’d hate to hear you crack the screen during setup!

        • +1

          Happy to lend a hand too mate.

        • Thank you for your kind offers of help. When lockdown ends my 40yo son will set it up.

    • +3

      sit closer to the screen XD

      • -2

        Agree. Why can't people just sit closer?
        Soon people will start whinging 65" too small, need at least 75". Then 85", then… etc.

        • +3

          Yeah totes! Why not just like, renovate and make the room smaller??

      • +1

        Funny you say this, I tried using the 55' as a computer monitor but it was too big! Talk about first world problems

        • +3

          Sit further away.

        • I actually rocked a 55 for 3 years as my monitor. It was the c6 curved (helped a little). Need a really deep desk or a table at that point.

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      I've had a 65" for 8 years, I'll be damned if my next TV is anything less than 75. I'd prefer 85 but it's quite expensive.

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      Me sitting barely 1.5 metres from my 55" tv disagrees.

    • That depends, I have a 55" in my study and I sit less than 2m away so it's a good size.

      Main TV is 65" and agree it makes a huge difference.
      But there are some cases where smaller can work, so pocket the money and get a soundbar or something.

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    Grabbed this for $2,150 with free delivery from JB in July. It's an incredible TV! You definitely need two people to help set it up because it's so thin and you don't want it bending.

    • +1

      Yeah I'm still blown away how thin my TV is every time I catch a glimpse from the side

    • I'm thinking of wall mounting it when I get it but am scared I'll end up grabbing the thinner parts or dropping it

    • I dropped my 65" when I was unboxing it. (side note make sure you have two people - the box is not stable once you've taken the sides off) Not a scratch on it. They are very thin but surprisingly durable.

      …and yes I now have accidental damage insurance :)

      • does warranty not cover that sort of stuff? Was thinking about getting extended warranty when I buy the TV from JB hopefully soon or does that only cover like burn in and that?

        • Nup, warranty doesn't cover accidental (or on purpose I guess) damage

    • +1

      Don't worry they're meant to do that. I roll mine up when not in use.

    • Yeah I got one a few weeks ago and I'm still blown away by the picture, it's outstanding.

    • I'm still fuming that I slept on that deal lmao 😡

    • How do you like the 55" screen size? Do you think you'd like a 65" next time?

    • +7

      This is a great price for this TV. I wouldn’t wait for Black Friday in hopes of a better deal.

      • -1

        I know I’m getting downvoted but surely the most competitive deals are yet to come? Maybe I’m too OZB?

        • Better bargains, but will there be stock?

    • +2

      Imagine having a price protection credit card.

  • +1

    To anyone considering this vs the BX

    The BX is awesome, I have no regrets not waiting or spending a bit more for the C1

    • Where did you find a bx model?

      • JB HI-Fi + OzBargain 65” $2400

    • I'm really struggling to pull the trigger with this exact issue. For some sport, playing Xbox X, and watching mostly sci-fi movies.

      Which would you choose from these two:
      65" BX for $2,400
      55" C1 for $2,200

      The lady in sales gave me free delivery - the 5-year cover is $335 extra.

      Appreciate any advice!

  • How did you get TGG to price match? Did you ask in store or did you call them up? You don't happen to have an invoice that we can use to shortcut the dance around?

    • Use your words? Just show them, hey this website will sell it for $X, will you match it? If they say no, you walk out of the store. Simple

      • +3

        Yeah I get you, just it's quite a long drive for me so was hoping to mitigate the risk of a denial.

        • +2

          Ah okay - I would try over the phone then, but I feel like it would be more effective in person. Just tell them that, it's a long drive, if they say no just go OK I'll buy it online then.

      • that was funny. if they dont ill just go to the next store until one of them does.

    • An invoice can help but isn't guaranteed to.

  • I price matched with TGG for a C1 previously, delivery was $55 (to metro Melbourne), they waited while I bought gift cards so even though the deal was one day only they didn't get paid for 4 days, delivered to me the day after payment..

  • +1

    I got JB to price match for the 65 inch ($3099). But they added $100 more (their justification was that the delivery fee would be $100 on countdowndeals because they are based in Melbourne and I'm in Perth)
    I could price match with TGG but there isn't any in stock and they wouldn't let me order and pick up when they do get stock.

    • I assume you are based in Perth. Which JB store did you go to and are they ok with us paying with gift cards?

      • +1

        I called them over the phone. The sales rep told me that there isn't any in stock in WA. On the direct shopping cart link that they send you had an option to add gift cards so I dont see it being an issue

      • Thanks for the prompt. I ended up buying gift cards from shopback (3%) so ended up 'saving' $95.25. So yes, you can use multiple gift cards with an over the phone price match

    • +1

      I managed to get JB down to $2900 on Tuesday with free delivery (all oleds had free local delivery) for the 65". I ended up getting the 5 year warranty for an extra $250 as well so they probably have a bit of wiggle room there.

      I mentioned that GG commercial had it for under 3k last week. He said the best price was $3300. After a bit of back and forth, we ended up at $2900. Regardless of what you pay, its a great tv.

      • I was able to get the 65 c1 for $2980. The guy said $2900 was below cost price, so he couldn't understand why another store would sell at that price. But your comment really helped with the negotiation. Cheers!

  • +3

    still too expensive

  • I just price matched at JB hi-fi over the phone. plus free delivery for the 65". thanks op

    • which store if you don't mind me asking? Miranda JB employee is saying it's grey stock so they can't do it

      • +1

        Roselands. They didn't even really look at the website she just price matched it

    • Damn, the guy over the phone added $100 for me to deliver to WA :(

      • I guess I got lucky. They are running a free delivery promo I think that's why

    • Out of curiosity, how does it work over a phone? Do you need to give them credit card details and dictate your address or do they send you a link that you can use to purchase it?

      • +1

        They send you a link that directs you to a shopping cart with the price match

        • Correct. An SMS

        • Thanks, they price matched 55" to $2199 and gift cards brought it down to $2089, and it is with free delivery.

  • Xiomai oled has 2.1hdmi, and cheaper hower just one huge problem.

  • This website has pretty bad reviews online. Not sure though, hopefully all goes well for everyone!

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