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Coin-Pen Holder Classic Edition Desk Organiser White $11.95 + Shipping (Other Colours Available) @ PCMarket.com.au


[ Stock up some early potential Christmas Gifts ]

The Coin-Pen Holder [CPH] is a new generation of desktop utility organiser. Users can sort out their messy coins in the device and able to read the total coin value directly from the scales instead of counting them. The whole device is rotatable with its new conceptual plastic bearing system so that customers enjoying a little fun while assembling it and fall in love with spinning it. In the meantime, the center column in the middle of the device is able to accommodate all sorts of imagination, e.g. Users can put stationeries, coffee cups, and even grow mini plants etc. The arrangement of the coin columns are smartly arranged according to statistical survey that the storage can hold up to 330 AUD worth of coins.

Store More than 330 AUD of coins
Self-counting scales
Free-spinning structure
Endurable material & structure deisgn
Multifuction [compartment for pens, cups, and flowers . etc]

Other colours also available:





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  • +8

    why ????

    • +1

      Why not?

      • +5

        Because plastic waste.

        • That, and it's lack of any real usefulness…

          • -1

            @jv: Does anyone know where I can get a coin pen holder holder that stacks coin pen holders and will automatically count how many coin pen holders I have? Also it needs to hold a coffee cup.

            • @Dannyism: The coffee cup has a micro plant in it btw.

              • @Dannyism: Leave a cup of coffee in there long enough and micro plant won't be the only thing that grows in it.

          • @jv: @jv it's almost like a pen holder without pens… pointless.

        • Well there you go.

  • Um ?

  • +2

    That would be a 23 dollar pen holder including shipping…

    edit: sorry COIN pen holder

    • +5

      Pen Pineapple Apple pen coin holder*

  • +3

    Surely the best option is to just dump it in the machine at the bank …

  • +2

    I bought one several years ago. Love it. Ball bearings functioning the same.

    I’m the type of person that likes to count my coins so this is a pretty neat buy.

    • +3

      I don’t think I’ve touched any coins for a few years now…

  • 'new generation' uses coins?

    • +1

      Or pens

  • +4

    What's a coin.

    • +1

      What's a pen?

      • Hey crunchyhead. Sorry to post here but your PM button is turned off. I own an old Samsung Note/Tab Pro. You bought one several years ago. If you used memory cards with it do you happen to remember the largest card that worked? (Sometimes manufactures would quote only the largest card available at the time. Then a larger card would come out sometimes it worked too.)

        • Sorry for the late reply, I may be too late to be of any use. I bought it as a present so I'm not sure but I think we purchased a 64g card to go with it (which was massive for the day).

  • No deal here. Plus what's the point?

  • +7

    does it support bitcoin ?

  • not a bargain by friend.

  • I use a salsa jar for each coin type lol.

    Old el paso, Doritos or woolies branded work good.

    Slowing switching to Harry's ice-cream (peppermint brownie) jars which are plastic and be a bit deeper!

    Love emptying the jars of ice-cream and eventually coins at the coin ATM!

    • Can simply weigh the jar of same denomination coins on kitchen scales (tare the jar weight) & calculate the $value.
      Scales are often sold cheaper & are far more useful than this crap [CPH] counter!

  • Can you stack them up on top of each other?

    It would look amazing as a coin tower in the middle of the living room or next to the Christmas tree.

  • How does it self count?
    Self-counting scales

    Good for the kids to collect shrapnel

    • Marker up side of each coin pile - shows $value.

  • Manufacturing cost = $0.50,
    Design cost = $10.00 per unit.
    Postage and handling cost = $1.45 per unit.

    Outcome; a discount that makes us break even.

  • -3

    Who even uses coins nowadays other than buskers?

  • Why would the black one be $4 more expensive? Extra dye in the plastic?

    • The black one is for larger coins and massive pens.

  • I actually have a friend who piles up their coins on their desk…. weirdly enough this is kinda the perfect gift for them!

    • Same. Know someone this thing would be perfect for. Not paying > $20 for it though

  • Anyone tell us what the delivery cost is to Perth? So odd I know someone who would like this.

    • Jeez. 11 dollars delivery. What a rip off.

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