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Apple Magic Keyboard for Apple iPad Pro 12.9' Black (MXQU2ZA/A) $429 Delivered @ Ezygadgetz


Running a weekend sale on iPad Pro 12.9 Magic Keyboards to clear some excess stock at a price of $429 delivered.

This is the 4th gen model Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9 which we normally sell at a competitive price of $469, and is still currently retailing for $549 - $589 across Jb, Catch, CPL, Centrecom etc

What are the basic differences between the 4th gen magic keyboard and 5th gen magic keyboard?
- The 4th gen comes in black only, the 5th gen comes in black and white
- The 5th gen is slightly thicker to accomodate for the increase of 0.5mm of the 5th gen iPad Pro depth (the 3rd gen & 4th gen iPad Pros are both 0.5mm thinner)
- The 4th gen fits all 3rd/4th/5th iPad Pros, although sits a little more snug on the 5th gen iPad pro and makes no difference to the use of the product

Can I use the 4th gen magic keyboard on the 5th gen iPad pro?
- Basic answer is yes, as above it sits with a slight snug fit

Items are sealed AU stock and are sourced from a major authorised Apple reseller

These will be shipped via Couriers Please to metro regions, delivery is expected in a few business days at most, for some major city / regional areas this will be Aust Post. Keep in mind with Aust Post there are severe delays in the network - although tracking numbers are obviously provided for each shipment.

If you have a 5th gen iPad Pro 12.9 and still not sure if this magic keyboard is for you… then I’d say don’t order it :)

See something else you like on the site, such as other Apple products? Send me a PM and I’ll see what I can do in terms of price.

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    jeez, apple sure know how to gouge people :/

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      Haha I thought it must include the iPad for a minute.

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      Maybe you'd like a monitor stand for $1700 to go with that?

    • Its pricey but its transformed how I use my iPad. Makes it a decent laptop replacement with a trackpad and associated mouse like functionality on the iPad

  • Does this fits with Gen 2 ?

  • Got the Apple Trackpad on sale?

  • +1

    the heck, almost as expensive as an ipad

  • I find the Brydge keyboards just as good at a fraction of the Apple price.

    • If I’m not mistake the equivalent Brydge one is $400. I’d happily pay a little more for apples own

  • I prefer the Logitech Combo with trackpad. It makes it like a Surface.

  • So how does this only qualify as a bargain because it is cheap for this specific brand/model when you can set up similar things for a fraction of the price using other keyboards and a stand?

  • They call this Magic, as they magically make your wallet much lighter after buying it.

  • I have had the new magic keyboard since it first came out.

    Likes: cool looks, great backlit keys, not too heavy when attached, easy to detach. Use every day for work instead of my Macbook pro.

    Dislikes: keys have improved but I loose the feel as they do not provide enough typing resistance, no function keys. No escape key,

    I have now switched to the new brydge keyboard and will stay with it as the keys are much much better for all day use IMO,


    Likes: better feedback from keys, not making as many errors, backlit keyboard nice (leaks light), super responsive mouse and keyboard for a Bluetooth device, cheaper and excellent build quality. Much improved magnetic attachment of ipad over older system. Can work with the IPAD detached unlike the magic keyboard. Has function keys for shortcuts

    Dislike: no escape key (sysadmin). Mouse pad may be a little too big for some (when set to touch for tap, some may tap it by mistake when typing, tap delay is software configurable, which helps).

    Bottom line, either keyboard transforms the IPAD and is a game changer. Now they only need to improve ipadOS.

  • I cant seem to use the code anymore

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      Hiya.. i was just making some updates to some listings and saw your post.. Fixed (accidentally had it to expire at 12.01am 3 Oct - instead of 12.01am tomorrow morning).

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