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Vodafone $250 Prepaid Plus Starter Pack for $150 (365-Day Expiry with 150GB) @ Vodafone



  • 365-day expiry
  • 150GB data
  • Data bank up to 200GB
  • Unlimited standard national calls and text
  • 50 standard international texts

  • VoLTE, 5G, E-sim but NO Wifi calling


  • Cashreward: 25% CB, $112.50 (Rep confirmed eligible)
  • Shopback: You need to activate the $10 challenge in Shopback app. With 25% CB, final price would be $102.50 (Rep said may not be eligible)

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  • -1

    how is vodafone coverage now? only used them many years ago the coverage ia pretty bad

    • +1

      Depending on your location, tbh. All 3 are the same to me.

      • +3

        I am i metro WA, even telstra is pretty shit

  • When do you have to activate by?

    • +3

      1 year from date of purchase but for CB, has to be within 30 days.

      • I do not see this condition in Cash Rewards T&Cs. Do you have a source?

  • +1

    Actually it seems to be the first cheap prepaid plan that has 5G

    • +1

      Yeah, the only minus is No Wifi calling. $112 (or even $102) is really cheap.

      • There is no 5g, it's 4g only.

        • There is. Have you used it before?

        • Eligible Vodafone plan

          To connect to Vodafone 5G, you’ll need to sign up to any of our current phone, prepaid or 5G Home Internet plans.

          • @hawkeye93: I'm using it right now on a Galaxy S21, and there's no 5g, this plan is not eligible for 5g.

            • @GTR12: I'm getting 5G signal on my S21 Ultra, no issues here

            • @GTR12: Check your location. Or ask them via chat.

              • @hawkeye93: That's the other thing, I can't ask via chat or even phone call, I don't exist…

                Let me explain, I paid for the plan and setup the device (but I skipped the My Vodafone creation when activating). Now I can't register, I create an account and try login, but my user can't be found, it lets me create again, so I do, same problem. So I call, and they create an account, exact same thing.

                I have to go to a store, but being in Vic, they are closed, so I just have to wait.

            • @GTR12: I am getting 5G on my s21+. Activated today. Maybe check your network settings.

              • @jm7: It's not my phone, I will probably go next week if they open then, retail opens Friday but I'm not going then.

          • @hawkeye93: I'm getting 5G signal on my S21 Ultra, no issues here

  • +1

    Hmmm ShopBack has listed under the "don'ts" list: Prepaid 365 Plus plan

    • Yeah, but Cashrewards used to have that term as well. However, after confirming with tightarse, he said that it’s still eligible and removed those words from the Special terms. I reckon Shopback should have no problem as well but gotyourback was not sure about that.

      • +1

        Thanks for checking, I'll regret it if SB doesn't come through, so CR it is for me!

        • Yeah, just play it safe.

  • Has anyone seen any sales on the Vodafone pocket wifi devices?

    • $85 RRP at Officeworks.

  • Sorry for the dumb question - what does "no wifi calling" mean?

    • +1

      “We know that sometimes when you’re at home or work, walls or nearby buildings can interfere with your mobile coverage. To boost your indoor coverage, we’re progressively rolling out Vodafone Wi-Fi Calling. With Wi-Fi Calling, you can now make and receive calls, MMS and SMS from your compatible smartphone over an accessible Wi-Fi network.”

      • Is that like when iPhone text messages use to turn blue when it was sent via data and green when it was a normal SMS? I don't even know if it still happens

  • Hi,
    After one year, what happens? Should I recharge $250?

    • Nope. Look for other deals.

  • I wish Voda had wifi calling on prepaid - I believe they’ve been promising it for over 2 years

    It would make my decision easier…

    Boost is similar cost, but has both VoLTE and VoWifi. I don’t care about 5G, and reception seems similar to me

    The other benefit for Boost is that they potentially have better coverage outside major towns

    • I need eSim, which boost mobile doesn't offer.

    • Exactly, Wifi calling would complete the set. Optus prepaid 365 has all of them, except 5G, which is great. It’s currently on sale for $150.

      • Does optus offers eSim?

        • Yes, everything except 5G (only available for postpaid). VoLTE, Wifi Calling, e-sim.

          • @hawkeye93: Yeah, boils down to coverage in the areas you're most in

            For me - Vodafone & Telstra(Boost) seem slightly better than Optus

            I actually get better Vodafone reception in and around my house compared with Boost.

            I just wonder whether it's worth going with Boost for the rare times I'll be in fringe areas where you'd expect Telstra to be better…

  • +1

    I've got a few questions,

    If I buy 2 packs, do I get the Cashrewards discount for both? Also does the cash back work if I buy it in 1 transaction or does it need to be done twice?

    The e-sim, can I get a regular nano sim? I don't like e-sim yet.

  • Isn't it prepaid SIM or starter pack?

    It says 25% cashback on Prepaid SIM card and starter pack?

    Someone please clarify!!!


    • 25% CB on CR as confirmed by rep (tightarse).

  • does the SIM card need to be activated within a certain timeframe like within 30 days or 90 days to
    obtain the cashrewards cashback & the plan 150gb data ?

    • If you wanna get the CB, has to activate within 30 days from purchase.

      • thank you!

  • Should I get this now or wait for Kogan / Catch deals during December?

  • I have a problem porting my number out from amaysim, Vodafone said it's been rejected because DOB does not match.

    • Ask Amaysim again.

      • I tried, Amaysim said that they can not do anything, I have to contact Vodafone's porting team. and Vodafone said they can not do anything, I have to contact Amaysim's porting team

  • I'm currently on SIM only plan with Vodafone but is it possible to transfer the same number from there to this prepaid? (Just trying to cut down cost on mobiles plan)

    • Not sure but don't see why it's not possible. You may call or chat with support team to find out.

  • I chatted with them and they told me that Wifi calling is available, or the have no idea what they were telling me?

    • They told you Wifi calling is now available for prepaid? Still haven’t seen it on my plan.

      • Yes just chatted with them

        • they told me that Wifi calling is supported by device not the sim.

          • @T-man: But Voda prepaid doesn’t have Wifi calling so even if your phone has this function, it won’t be available.

  • Did anyone buy with Shopback and got the 25% cashback tracking, asking as there is a Bonus $15 offer additional, which will bring price down to $97.50 which with esim and 5G access is an insane deal

  • Saw 80% cashback from shopback this morning. Can anyone confirm it works for this? 80%??

  • Ordered on Wednesday…backordered! :(

    • Backordered as in they have somehow totally run out of SIMs?

      • yeah (well, not all sims - but the $200 packs)

        • Did they provide an ETA for when they'll be back in stock?

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