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Marquee 3m x 3m Charcoal Shade Sails: Square Sail $25, Triangle Sail $15 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings


Shade sail half price at Bunnings, cheaper than up coming Aldi deal.

3m x 3m triangle sail $15

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  • Best to cut it into triangles yourself.

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      Then you'd need to sew the edges and the D rings. Too much hassle but it is the ozbargain way

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        Personally I used the pelts of my enemies (and local wildlife) to build my shade sail.

        • +1

          You'd need to make a lot of enemies to get decent shade

        • Do you offer your services for others? Asking for a friend..

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      Just fold it for double ply goodness.

      • -7

        But that would make a rectangle! lol

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    The triangle version wouldn't cover much, must have a tiny yard

    • +2

      For $15 you could buy a few overlap them and make a nice pattern

    • Or just small section you want covered - we used one for our kid’s sandpit

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      Why on earth would you want to cover the entire yard? You might well just go inside instead.

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    The square Aldi one might be 20% more expensive than the Marquee one but the Aldi one is 3.6mx3.6m i.e. 20% longer/wider and 44% larger area. However, the Marquee one appears to provide slightly better UV protection - up to 93% vs 90%. YMMV but the larger size better suits my needs.

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      Had this one in my cart @ $49 for a few weeks. Saw the aldi one but was slightly too big for my pergola if you take into account the attachments and turnbuckle. Checked my cart the other day after adding a few more thing and pleasantly surprised it dropped to $25. Easier to get and return from Bunnings, don't have to sharpen my elbows and no argy bargy.

  • Do we need dedicated posts for these shade sails ? Or can these be attached by drilling into brick walls ?

    • If the walls are in the right spot, then you can attach to the brick, otherwise you need a post

      • Can always use a bit of chain or a bigger turnbuckle if its close enough

      • +3

        These pick up a lot of wind.

        I would not be bolting to a single brick home.

    • +13

      I think it's good for them to have their own post - if they were in a post along with some other bargains, they might not get noticed.

      • Thanks, dad!

    • Mine was attached to the brackets for the roof and the fence.

  • Almost bought one of these today but went with a commercial grade one for ~$150 (3x3m square) as it has a 15 year guarantee & would be up all the time

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      You could buy 6 of these and replace with a new sail every 3 years and give you 18 years of service for the same price. Though I think these would last more than 3 years.

  • Is this thing water proof? I am in too floor and balcony doesn't have a shade, rain ruined my washed cloths twice today, I need a water proof solution please. Thanks

    • I don't think these are water proof. Have seen waterproof ones on eBay. The waterproof ones retain the heat. These aren't waterproof so allow the heat to escape keeping things cooler.

    • No they aren’t. But they do reduce rain slightly.
      It’s like a thick shade cloth

  • Can this be used to cover a pergola?
    My pergola is 3m x 2.4m.

    • If you can put it over your pergola, then sure.

      • Do I need anything special to attach to the pergola?

        • +2

          Cable ties

        • +1

          I would use turn buckles to tension it unless you’re happy with it being a bit floppy.

          • +1

            @morse: Also ratchet straps like what you tie down a trailer with.

            Use those to get initial tension.

            Attach chains / turnbuckles. Remove strap.

            Further adjust with turnbuckles.

  • Bought, thanks. Now where to find turnbuckle for cheap? Thanks

    • You can buy a Marquee set of accessories from Bunnings for $32 although that cheap steel would rust over time, otherwise looking at $14ea


      • It's galvanised. It should last many times longer than the sail. However, i wouldn't be surprised if the galv thickness was low and then further stripped off on the thread as you tighten it.

  • Noob question, do I need local council’s approval to put this up?

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      Only if you’re putting it up on council land

    • Unlikely it’s not a permanent structure.

      • I intend to set it up in the backyard as a cheap patio to block the sun in summer so it will be a permanent structure in my opinion.

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          I don’t think most people would worry about council approval for something like this, presuming you get along with your neighbours and it’s not an eyesore.

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            @morse: Just confirmed with local council that building permit needed if I was to bolt and hook up any of the corners shade sail to the brick wall of the dwelling. No permit is needed if hook it up a freestanding post on each corner. Don’t understand the logic behind it but the project is a no go as the total cost of 4 posts is more than $1,000 and not worth it for only a small 9m2 of shade sail.

            • @wtfnodeal: Oh wow - how frustrating. I know a lot of people just don’t say anything to council and hope for the best - but if someone complains it’s likely coming down. That said if the initial investment is low, maybe it’s worth the risk 🤷‍♀️

              • @morse: I may get a penalty too other than needing to take down everything built without building permit.

            • @wtfnodeal: $1000 for four posts ?

              They're $28 each, and you'll need 4 bags of concrete in each hole @8.20 each https://www.bunnings.com.au/bastion-20kg-concrete-mix_p00382...

              I make that a total of $243.

              • @Nom: I don’t think using treated pine as post is a good idea after seeing ones in my parent’s house were half eaten up by termites. Steel post for the right height I need is almost $300 each.

                • @wtfnodeal: Yeah noted, around me almost every fence is using treated pine posts so I figure they must be ok 🤷🏼‍♂️

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    For those who has got one, is it 3m from one pointy end to another pointy end, or is it 3m from the middle to the middle of the other side?

    • +2

      Took me awhile to figure out your question but I think I know what you mean. It's 3m from corner to corner. Middle to middle would be roughly 2.5m for the square.

      • +1

        Thanks for the info. I was too lazy to draw a mspaint diagram. :)

      • Thanks for your confirmation. I guess this is not going to be suitable to cover a2’3m x 2.4 pergola.

  • Guys is there any recommended height of poles for this shade sail? And metal or wood, and any suggestions about where to get them at a good price?

    • +1

      Depends on how windy you think it will get.
      Shade sail posts have to be stronger then the posts of a pagola as the pagola frame supports itself.
      Up here I would either need to put some pretty solid metal posts in or pull it down everytime I have a cyclone on the horizon.

      • Makes sense, I was thinking of metal posts as well. I am in Mornington Peninsula. I need to figure where to source sail posts and appropriate height for these posts

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          I used 100x100 3mm thick at my old place - Steel. Might've been overkill.

          Sink them 1.2m into the ground angled away from the sail.

          Get a concrete truck to fill the holes, simply too much volume for bags.

          I still had 1 of them begin to move a little despite doing all this.

          This was a bigger 6x4m sail, but still. The movement they get when they pick up a bit of wind is seriously frightening.

          Please guys do your research before even considering bolting these to brickwork, or just don't do it and put posts in.

          • @knk: Whoa…100's… 1200 deep. They normally specify 75mm post 800 deep for this sized sail I recon. But a 6x4 is a big sail. You could slightly angle the sail so it is lower on the prevailing wind side to create a down force.

            • @tunzafun001: Didn't know much about the physics or where the prevailing wind goes so I went overboard haha

  • +1

    Looking at the thumbnail alone, I thought the deal is for grey pillows!

  • +1

    FYI The squares come in 3 diff colours - beige , charcoal and grey. I managed to grab a grey thinking it was charcoal (item number ends in 2 instead of 0 and 1) at the rydalmere store and it scanned up as $7.82 at checkout! Win win

  • the offer is gone, and the bunnings review said it is only 2.2m x 2.2m

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