This was posted 3 months 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Bulova Automatic 97A161 $279 Delivered (RRP $850) @ Starbuy


Case Diameter: 43mm
Case Thickness: 12mm
Case Material: Stainless Steel
SKELETON Collection
Self Winding
Mineral Crystal
See through Case back

I like the look of this watch, seems like a decent deal. Maybe some others with expertise can dime in!

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    Fake RRP by the looks of it.

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        Nowhere else though and its plenty of other places.

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          Yep most online watch stores don't sell at RRP.

  • Looks stunning. If there is a black color I will bite

  • Blue looks stunning

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    $850? jeez

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    bought 1. Good find and thx OP! Not sure if it's good watch thou, bought it just because i like the look of it. :P

    • Did a bit of research, quality shouldn't be a problem, just not a well-known/premium brand.

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        Bulova has been around for a while, it's fairly well known in watch circles.

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          they supplied watches for one of the lunar missions i’m believe, some brands aren’t well known in australia due to how they are promoted, 30 years ago orient was a premium brand in australia , then there was no distributor and they disappeared off the radar.

      • Bulova is a premium brand.

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          Rolex, Patek, and AP disagree.

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            @dwarves: Well obviously it’s no where near those ultra premium brands.

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          Far from it. It's not even considered an entry luxury

          • @maverickjohn: I think this has more to do with luxury ceiling being raised over the years. And even otherwise, you can’t compare Bulova with Patek or Rolex.

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              @OldSchoolHarry: Bulova used to create their own movements, their original movement which was what they were known for was the Accutron which was what their logo was based off.

              It was the first quartz based watch which did not tick but swiped instead, and they put a mini tuning fork into it.

              Citizen now owns Bulova which is why you can see it uses a Miyota Movement.

              Also the materials used for this watch isn't really luxury, looks the part but mineral glass?

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              @OldSchoolHarry: I wasn't referring to the likes of patek and rolex. But even against Tissot. Tissot is an entry luxury brand .
              I research a lot before I own a watch I have yet to buy a beloved and probably won't.
              I made a few mistakes buying watches before (I will receive hate for this comment, but the seiko skydiving presage is one of my worst purchases and it still is better than this bulova.)
              For the lower end market you are much better off getting a citizen economy drive or seiko solar.
              Only consider mechanical with seiko's 6r movement as a minimum.
              I don't own a rolex and most likely never will as I don't see it as a watch worth it's money (although it's a great investment piece) but I have bought grand seikos, frederique constant and longines.
              I will work my way to buy a vacheron constantin or audemars piglet. Never liked patek either.

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                @maverickjohn: Agreed, Tissot > Bulova. The price also reflects that.

                • @OldSchoolHarry: I felt like I had to explain why my perspective on it not been seen as a premium brand. But I think you and I are seeing the same thing it's just a matter of perspective I guess as to where premium/luxury sits.

                  • @maverickjohn: Yeah fair enough. And also what era of a brand one is impressed by. Bulova once used to sit a lot higher in the chain of watch brands than today.

                    • @OldSchoolHarry: Probably. I got into watches quite heavily 4 years ago. Prior to that my dream was just to have a seiko lol, then I bought an oris artix and fell down the watch buying hole.

                • @OldSchoolHarry: if Tissot > Bulova, you don't call Bulova a premium brand

        • I may have attracted the attention of some watch snobs.

        • How do Hamilton rate?

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            @alidli: Buy a watch that makes YOU happy, not some elitist happy.

            • @Deadalready: Not sure if that elitist comment was directed at me but I certainly don't think I'm an elitist. I have a citizen eco drive as my daily work watch which cost me $130.
              Hence why I said, to consider eco drives instead of mechanicals if you want to spend this price range.
              Ultimately you want a watch which looks good and tells the time well, mechanicals in this price range won't do that. Just because I do research it doesn't make me an elitist. I do however like to be well informed.

          • @alidli: Not sure if you are asking me, but I haven't done much reading on Hamilton. I guess they would have good and bad watches like other brands. See what drives the watch and read about it.
            When I buy my watches I don't just go on the brand alone.
            For example when I bought my frederique constant I avoided any of the fc 300 series mechanical movement and opted for fc700 series which is an in house movement design.
            I'm not expecting others to do the same but factoring what mechanics drive the watch is important for me.

      • "just not a well-known/premium brand". Before I was a watch person I knew of that brand (even as a kid). It's kind of like people who aren't interested in cars know of ferrari or porsche.

        • That's very funny, most people would have heard of ferrari or porsche, even if you ask an old lady.
          But certainly not Bulova.

  • This is a good price, but 850 is not what they usually go for. These are around the 500 mark at most shops, and if not, they will more than likely drop them to about that if asked.

  • Looks very similar to my Fossil grant automatic which I bought for $100 bucks last year. And I think you can get better watches for that price range. If anyone is wondering what an automatic movement is, it is powered by the wearer’s motion and the watch stops once the energy is depleted and will start working when worn again.

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    No idea why Citizen went all nostalgic and purchased a dud brand like Bulova

    • Citizen have bought some big brands including frederique constant.
      Monopolising low to mid end market

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      Why is it you consider Bulova a 'dud' brand exactly? I've got a Bulova that is older than me and it still works fine. Never need to charge it, it just keeps running from the hustle and bustle of day to day life. If i'm ever a bit too sedentary and it stops, swapping it to my dominant hand for an evening usually sorts it out 😉

      • Old Bulova rock, new ones error no

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        What about the stranger?

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          I'm just a sucker for consistency i guess haha

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    Thanks for posting. Nice colour, purchased one.

  • What a beautiful looking mechanical watch. Just bought the Ticwatch Pro 3 from a recent deal and really mulling over whether I should get this as well.

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    I love Skeleton autos but this one seems way too busy for me…

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  • No thanks . Ill stick to my RO1EX wach

    • How's your Wenger going?

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        Still in the box lol

        Have too many watches now. Probably will get used when this lockdown ends (dec 1st for me)

  • Cheap skeleton watches, the "I'm just getting into watches" trap.

  • Back in stock! Thanks @ithinkimtheking

    • Your welcome, I purchased one waiting for it to arrive :)

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