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Free Taco Supreme @ Taco Bell


In celebration of International Taco Day, Taco Bell are offering free Taco Supreme tacos for one week starting tomorrow. To obtain the deal, you need to send an emoji message (🌮🔔🌮) to the Taco Bell Whatsapp account via this link:, and then they reply back with instructions on how to claim your free taco. To save you sending a Whatsapp message, here's what they reply back with:

🎉 Happy International Taco Day 🎉
Celebrate with us and turn your 🌮 emoji into a real Taco Bell taco between 4th and 10th October 2021.
To claim your free Taco Supreme, state the code word BRINGONTHEBELL when you order at any Taco Bell restaurant.
For Menulog orders, add a Taco Supreme to your basket and use the code BRINGONTHEBELL at checkout.
Love & Tacos, 🌮🔔
T&C’s apply. Find your nearest Taco Bell at

Sorry I'm not sure if there's a minimum spend if you choose to claim via Menulog.
Happy Taco Day! Enjoy :)

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  • +4

    How much are these normally?

      • +15

        Well If I'm only saving $2 then I'm not wasting my time.

        • +12

          And you call yourself an ozbargainer..

    • +6

      On Doordash, it looks like you can get two of these for $9.50, meaning this deal is worth ~$4.75.

      • Based on the markup these online ordering sites add, these would be ~$2.50 in store?

    • +2
  • +6

    hi can I have a taco supreme BRINGONTHEBELL

  • The nearest Taco Bell to me is in Blacktown… 32km away. :(

    • You would need permission from Services NSW to go that far,

      but NSW Health might not care about your health, if you want to eat that…haha

  • +1

    what item can be purchased under the Tacobell supreme category ? On menulog, there is nothing that says supreme.

  • There a store in Tamworths….

    • +2

      Right next to the Myers?

      • +3

        The one just across from Aldis next to the ATM machine?

  • +3

    Locations are few and far away

    • +2

      Plenty in Brisbane.

    • Until 4 years ago there wasn't even any in the country

      • Many years ago they were in AU but then they all closed. I didn't know that they had reopened.

  • +10

    Didn't even know we had Taco Bell in Australia, and everything I hear about them, is that you will be running to the toilet afterwards anyways.

    • -3

      nah. not very different from those $1 tacos they serve at pubs. really disappointing IMO. id rate them F tier on the fast food tierlist

      • +3

        those $1 tacos they serve at pubs

        What pubs are you going to? I've never seen this in my life

        Their burritos are better than their tacos imho

    • It's McDonalds quality. If you enjoy fast food you'll enjoy Taco Bell.

    • I had Taco Bell once from the Annerley store in Brisbane. It is terrible. There are plenty of fast food Mexican places that are far better - GyG, Salsas etc

      • I think the Annerley is the first store in Brisbane, qualitt is good but quantity sucks with Tacos.

  • +13

    pulls up to the drive thru
    server: welcome to taco bell what can i get for you

    • +5

      Sir, this is a Wendy's

  • Used to be able to get Taco Bell delivered and then the delivery area must've shrunk because it's now out of range :/

    How far will DoorDash deliver from my business? The default delivery radius is ~5 miles.

    And yet I'm only 4 miles away. Shame.

    Menulog's just not showing up at all lol

  • When I wake up in the morning
    And the 'larm gives out a warning
    I don't think I'll ever make it on time
    By the time I grab my books
    And I give myself a look
    I'm at the corner just in time to see the bus fly by
    It's alright 'cause I'm saved by the bell

    If the teacher pops a test
    I know I'm in a mess
    And my dog ate all my homework last nite
    Riding low in my chair
    She won't know that I'm there
    If I can hand it in tomorrow, it'll be all right
    It's alright 'cause I'm saved by the bell
    It's alright 'cause I'm saved by the bell

    It's alright 'cause I'm saved by the
    It's alright 'cause I'm saved by the
    It's alright 'cause I'm saved by the

  • Can we get a free one everyday whilst this promotion is on??

  • finally a price its worthy of, lol.
    taste nothing like the usa

    • +2

      Yeah there's no horse in Australian Taco Bell 🔔

      • you mean there is no alpo, lol.

    • Agreed, last time I tried when the Green Square store opened all the food were salty af

  • Shit due to locked down I can’t go ;(

  • In Melbourne there is a taco bill, I’m confused. Fake version of Taco Bell?

    • Taco Bill has been around for decades in Australia. It is less fast food, more of a restaurant. If it is copy, it is not very similar.

      • This sounds exactly like what Down N Out was. A not very similar restaurant compared to a fast food chain.

        Hopefully Taco Bell isn't going to be as anal with their copyright infringements as In N Out have been in the past.

        • There's a history of legal battles between Taco Bill and Bell, even as far back as the late 90s.

  • Does the Midland store still have a queue around the corner?

    • Yes, every day I drive past

      • Do you know the code for the free for a year deal?

  • +1

    Conveniently ends a day before NSW's freedom day…

  • One night my eyes were bigger than my stomach and I spent like $40 on a selection of things from Taco Bell.
    It wasn’t good American fast food and it wasn’t good South American food. Also their included sauces taste like that generic sauce you mix with mince in a taco kit

    • +1

      Mexico is Central America, but if you asked Mexicans, they wouldn't call Taco Bell real Mexican food anyway.

      I have tried it in the US and the crunch wrap supremes are good, not sure about here though.

      • Thanks, I looked it up and I was very off. Mexico is actually even north of Central America!

  • Huh, none in SA.
    I hadn't noticed before.

  • ¡Yo quiero Taco Bell!

    • No es bueno

    • Wow wasn't that over 20 years ago already?

  • +2

    In the future, Taco Bell will be the only restaurant to survive the franchise wars, resulting in all restaurants being Taco Bell.

    • +2

      Three seashells

      • By the three seashores?

  • Im too shy to do the codeword thing no bargain for me?

    • Seriously?

    • +1

      My advice is to bring your own bell

    • +1

      just say like "oh I heard you were giving them away free?"

  • Is it me or is Taco Bell in Australia taste crap compared to overseas for those who had Taco Bell oversea before.

    My experience with Taco Bell in Australia is it it is usually cold and not very tasty each time.

    Also they don't really have much taco options either

  • Can you redeem this once or go everyday.

    • I’ve got one each day so far (apart from today; haven’t gone yet but I’ll go tonight).

  • You can get $3 off from Menulog + Free Delivery ($15+) by using this code. No need to add taco supreme to your order.

  • There’s no people at the counter to say this to. Only machines to order from. Lol

    Green square at least

    • so impossible to get this at the Green Sq store?

    • I just called Green Sq and someone picked up (not machine :D)
      But she said I had to purchase something to get the free taco. Can someone confirm this is the case?

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