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Boost Mobile 365 Days SIM Starter Kits: $300 260GB Data for $233.10 / $200 100 GB Data for $154.90 @ Oz Tech Biz


Boost $300 sim / Boost /$200 Sim
Please use COUPON for $300 Boost sim / PROMO for $200 Boost sim to get advertised prices.
Please choose the express delivery option for quick delivery because normal deliveries are having significant delays currently.
What's Included
260GB for $300
260GB on your first recharges, 240GB from 2nd recharge.

Offer valid for new customers only who activate or the first recharge by 29 Nov 2021. Terms Apply.

12-month expiry
All for use within Aus.

Unlimited Calls & Text
to standard national numbers

International Calls & Text
Unlimited standard calls to 20 selected destinations
+ 3600 mins standard calls to 30 selected destinations
+ 3600 standard text to any country
Please visit the Boost website for more information about plan inclusion on this SIM

This is not a recharge card/voucher

$200 SIM EXPIRY NOV-2022
$300 SIM EXPIRY AUG-2022
365 days expiry starts from the day customer activates their sim card.

Please visit the Boost website for the latest information regarding the $300 sim inclusions
Tri-Cut Sim Fits Any Phone
Free Registered Shipping with Tracking
Keep Your Own Number or Get a New One

$300 SIM pack includes the following international inclusions.

Unlimited international standard calls to 20 destinations: Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam.

Plus 3600 mins of standard calls to the following 30 destinations: Afghanistan, Austria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, UAE.

Plus 3600 standard texts to any country in the world.
For Full Consumer Advice Including Critical Information Summaries, Privacy Policy, and Fair Play Policy Please Visit Boost Mobile Website.

Sim Card Cannot Be Returned Once Opened.

About Porting Your Number, please contact Boost:
If the customer is porting their number over to Boost please make sure your existing number is under the same name and id details you are using for BOOST.

You Can Request Porting Your Own Number to Boost When Activating the Sim. Before Porting Number, Contact Your Current Service Provider to Confirm Personal Details. Make Sure Your Name and Date of Birth Registered with the Number Are 100% Correct Including Spaces. Ask To Update Your Details If Anything Is Incorrect. Once Confirmed, Provide the Exact Same Details to Boost to Initiate the Porting. Some Carriers Will Send You an SMS to Authorise the Porting Request, So Make Sure the Current Sim Is Inserted Until the Service Is Disconnected.

For a complete list of included calls and destinations go to boost.com.au/international

100GB for $200

12-month expiry
All for use within Aus

Unlimited Calls & Text
to standard national numbers

International Calls & Text
Unlimited standard calls to 20 selected destinations
+ 1200 mins standard calls to 30 selected destinations
+ 1200 standard text to any country

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  • -1

    Why can’t you call Switzerland?

    • +1

      Cause yodelling

    • Whenever I want to talk to my mates in Switzerland, I climb up Blue Mountains and start yodelling. My mates instantaneously yodel back. The Swiss living in Blue Mountains will come out and yodel with me. Hay, then I make new Swiss friends. No more phone calls needed.

    • To help you avoid overdosing on cheese, sweetie

      • I don't mind a good fondue…

  • +2

    My 12 month plan is ending soon. Any other way to get deals for current customers

    • Port out & back in.

      • Is there any minimum away time needed (i.e. the duration between port-out and port-in)?

        • Really a good question.
          There is no minimum or maximum time limit required to port out and port in. As long as the port is completed you can request to port out anytime.

    • +1

      I spoke to Boost customer support as I am in this situation, and you don't need to port out and back in. Conversation snippet below:

      You: but other retailers are offering the $200 kit for ~$150, with bonus data
      You: and I would want to use that instead of your online $200 recharge, which is
      only 30GB of data
      Expert: I see. In that case you can also do that. Once you purchased a new sim kit
      and received the new sim, just send us a message back here and we will process
      the sim activation and transfer your existing number to the new sim. But any data
      left on the old sim will not be transferred to the new sim, just the number, since
      we'll be deactivating the old sim.
      Expert: Please let me know if there'll be anything else I can assist you further apart
      from this concern? I'm more than willing to help.
      You: Do I have to switch SIM, or can I keep the old sim and not transfer?
      You: I want to keep the same number
      You: to be clear
      Expert: No, you cannot keep the old sim since it will be deactivated for us to
      transfer the old number to the new sim.
      Expert: To keep your same number on the new sim
      You: Okay understood
      You: But I can definitely transfer and keep the bonus data?
      Expert: The bonus data from the old sim will also be lost since we'll be deactivating
      the old sim. Only the number can be transferred to the new simcard.
      You: ok then
      You: that is perfect

      • +2

        I did the same thing but after done, they said you can only do this one time.

        There will be logs of your account.
        So probably if you have already transferred credit once,
        just port out and back in

        • Interesting! Thanks for letting me know :)

          • @eraser215: Yep also contacted support as a boost user (didn't need to port out and back in) and they didn't mention anything about only being able to do this once.

        • Agree port out and port back in. You would be treated as new customer.

          Meanwhile it's better to just recharge for $200 get the $50 discount. Defer the problem next year

    • Any other way to get deals for current customers

      Current deal is $150 for 12 months for 100Gb.
      Which is cheaper than this offer.

      • This offer is not the cheapest? I reckon $154 is already good price for $200 pack

        • I reckon $154 is already good price

          When I log into my account, it shows $150 to renew.

          • @jv: Is this targeted or does it apply to all existing account holders on the $200/100GB plan?

            • @fring: It was targeted to those on the old $150 / 80Gb plan.

  • Express shipping is not free☹

    • You still can get standard shipping for free.

  • MMS?

    • As per Boost customer service, MMS is available on plan $30 and above.

  • Note boost currently has no roaming available. They said they plan to bring it back but won't work at all overseas.

    • VoLTE and Wifi calling still suffice for calling and texting to Australia while being overseas, right?

  • Boost has VOLTE by default right?

    • +1

      Yes, They do.

  • Do I get 100GB upon activation or I have to do something to get 100GB?

    • On Activation, if you are a new customer.

  • well, that didn't last long, out of stock now. :(

    • +1

      There are other sellers, check out other posts.

      • Thank you, bought it from another site. :)

    • Sorry, they are so much in demand, The quantity we had on our website was sold out. Just have added the quantity again.

  • Thanks OP, bought 2.

  • +2

    If you have Ebay plus you can get the $300 sim for $207.73 here Expiry 30/10/2021

    • +2

      It also works with the $200 pack?

    • How does one get it for $207.73?

      • Is it from PSEVAS17 or PLUSOCT. I wasn't able to get any code to discount it.

        • +1

          Sorry it was an eBay plus promotion PHCET10 for 15% off that expired on Tuesday

        • +2

          Keep an eye on future ebay Plus code. BF is coming next month.

  • @oztechtraders, could you please get back in touch with me so I can give you a call to discuss my situation? My SIM was activated when I received it, and have had to use this new number for work - and you’ve asked me to mail the SIM back, which would significantly impact my work. I need to keep this new number active now.

  • Hi, does anyone know what if the $300 plan not activate by 29/11? As I saw Boost website it normally gives 260gb on normal purchase.

  • Hi,
    Sim will still be fine to activate before the expiry date but if you activate after 29/11/21 then Boost might change the inclusions on this plan for less or more data etc.
    So whatever inclusions will be available after 29/11 as set by Boost will be applicable.

  • Hi , I'm currently a Telstra user which expires on 12 October 2021 & purchased the $300 plan yesterday . Do I need to port out to a different provider before I port in to Boost to avail the offer or can I just directly port in once I get the boost sim ?

  • Hi,
    You don't need to port out to any other provider. Just talk to Boost customer service when you receive the sim card they will be able to get that sorted for you.

    • Thanks appreciate the quick response 😊 will get in touch with boost

  • All good!

    • Do you have any inside knowledge on whether Telstra is bringing back E-sim this year for prepaid users?

  • The $300 SIM card is going to expire AUG-2022, can someone help explain what kind of offer is valid only for who activate or the first recharge by 29 Nov 2021.

    • Extra 20GB, so 260GB in total.

    • Hi,
      The sim expiry is Aug-2022. But the plan expiry date starts from the day customer activates the sim card for 365 days.
      260GB data is available if the sim is activated before 29 Nov 2021.
      @hawkeye93 Thank you for your help.

  • Is store pick up available?

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