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Crunchyroll Premium Mega Fan - AR$125/Month (~A$1.75), AR$1250/Year (~A$17.61) - Argentina VPN Required @ Crunchyroll


MOD: We have received a take down request from Crunchyroll, claiming circumvent their regional pricing is against their terms of use/service.

For fans of Anime!

Also Crunchyroll Premium Fan Level Subscription: AR$99/Month (~A$1.38)

Not much to say, it's pretty straightforward. Firstly you need to get a hold of a VPN and connect to the Argentinian servers. Click on https://www.crunchyroll.com/premium_pick_plan?membership=fan and it should show these prices in AR$. Add a payment method (I've noticed Paypal doesn't really work, but adding a credit/debit card works), and purchase the membership at the AR$ prices. The VPN is only required for signing up, not for viewing. When entering your card details, select Australia, not Argentina, and enter details as usual.

If you get Unauthorised Request error, try adding your card details in your profile settings first then clicking in link above.

I have noticed that if you have a membership already, say a Fan membership, it won't upgrade. I had to create a new account and this time round selected the Mega Fan Annual and it worked using my debit card.

Original prices are:

Fan $7.99
Mega Fan $9.99 (Same as Fan with the ability to stream on 4 simultaneous devices instead of just one, and ability to download for offline viewing on mobile apps)
Annual Mega Fan $99.99

Thanks to u/GoonSack69 posting this in the comments a while back, and thought it deserved its own deal.

As above, if you're going to sign up, I'd recommend the yearly, as upgrading the account seems to be problematic unless you create a new account. If you’ve had premium before, you may get a payment error. Create a new account to solve the error.

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  • +2

    Isn't library tied to billing country?

    • I'm using it perfectly fine without a VPN in Sydney. You just need the VPN to purchase, then you can turn it off.

      • +2

        I mean that you're accessing Argentina's library and not Australia's, and so might not have the same content.

        • I'm not sure, maybe someone else may know. I haven't had an issue and am able to access a ton of content. There's no section of the site that distinguishes whether I'm in Argentina or Australia, so I assume it's based off my IP. You can always sign up and use the trial.

        • +10

          That's not true.

          Crunchyroll content changes depending what country you're in.

          For example, if you visit the website with an Australian ip address it will show Australian content.

          Been the case for years

          • +1

            @Ausdave: Thanks for confirming.

            • @NoGiveJustTake: No worries.

              I just tried this Argentina VPN thing, it worked!!

              Just create a new account if you haven't done so already, and a bank card.

              I didn't try PayPal, but based on my past experiences doing VPN work arounds I suggest using a bank card instead.

              • @Ausdave: i couldn't get it work, don't know what to put in DNI ???

                • @alanyeni: Change the country to Australia, that will do the trick.

                  Let me know if you have any further questions

  • -1

    do you know will this works to extend my existing sub by an extra year?

    • As mentioned, I had a subscription previously that I bought for $1.36, and wanted to upgrade to Annual Mega Fan and it didn't work. I had to create a new account, select the Annual and then it worked. You can try and let us know your results.

      • Don't think it works for existing mega fan:-

        No Stress, You're Already Premium
        You're all set and signed in. Enjoy your Crunchyroll Premium perks.

        and if I click on Go Premium again:-

        Your subscription starts immediately and you will be charged ARS0.00 every 14 days until cancellation. You can cancel by logging into your account at crunchyroll.com.

        • When you're on the account settings page, under Premium Membership Status, does it show ARS for the next billing cycle? Maybe try cancelling your membership and resubmitting with the above method? If it doesn't work, I know it's a hassle, but a new account will solve it.

  • +3

    Wow nice, otherwise $100 AUD for the year.

    Thanks OP, good find!

  • Hm I tried using both UBank and Commbank cards, both say "Failed to check out. Please look over your credit card info and resubmit."

    Anyone know how to get past it?

    I did change my country to Australia in the checkout and put a AU post code, could that be it?

    • No that should be fine, but if you had a previous premium membership, you may be able to solve it by creating a new account and trying again.

      • Nah still not working, though I now hit the "try premium for free" and it says my next billing date will be in 2 weeks for AR$1,250? Hopefully it works then.

        • +1

          So you were already a premium member previously? That's why it's not working. You should create a new account.

          Without a VPN, in the Premium Membership Status, does it still show AR$1250 for next billing cycle? If so, then it worked.

          Mine shows

          Membership Type: Mega Fan MemberPremium Member
          Billing Amount: AR$ 1,250.00
          Billing Cycle: 12 Months
          Next Billing Date: Oct 3, 2022

          Under it it should show that your Mega Fan is active.

          • @Psygnosis: Nah I didn't have a premium membership, but pressed to start a free trial after I had the card issues. Now it says the below on my account.

            Membership Type: Mega Fan MemberPremium Member
            Billing Amount: AR$ 1,250.00
            Billing Cycle: 12 Months
            Next Billing Date: Oct 17, 2021

            Guess we'll wait and see in two weeks!

            Also, I made a brand new account and still had the same issues unfortunately, but we'll see.

            • +1

              @mangobango: Maybe your bank is blocking it? You DO NOT need a new account for this - I subscribed fine on my expired premium account that was previously on AUD billing, and then Mexico billing (MEX 859/year so still much more expensive than this deal) with my Coles Mastercard that was already registered on the account too.

              • @khell: Possibly? I got the same error for both my bank cards so not sure (and I noticed someone below did Commbank + NordVPN which I tried too and got the error).

                I did set the thing to being overseas in Argentina in this time frame but oh well.

                Hopefully it renews at the end of the two weeks, if not then no biggie.

        • Hi I also got this, but if you look in Membership status in account settings, it shows that it actually worked and did check out.

          • @dennis1: What does it say for your next billing cycle on your account page? Mine says it'll bill me in 2 weeks (after my free trial ends).

      • Mine has the same problem. Tried both Westpac and Commbank. This is a new account too.

        • Sorry you're dealing with that but a bit glad it's not just me!

          For what it's worth, I followed all the steps and it didn't work, but then hit the "try premium for free" button, so now I have premium and it says the next billing cycle is in a couple of weeks for the full 12 months.

          Worth a try?

  • I got error about crunchy roll banning ip… I did it on my phone. Should it be done on pc?

    • +2

      It’s likely your proxy/VPN is “known”. Try something less common, I find tunnel bear usually works

      • Thanks got it done

  • What is dni? It keeps asking for it.

    Also,Please enter Taxpayer ID.

    • +1

      Select Australia, and just enter your card details as usual.

      • Thank you! it gave me an error message but in the end it worked.

        Membership Type: Mega Fan MemberPremium Member
        Billing Amount: AR$ 1,250.00
        Billing Cycle: 12 Months
        Next Billing Date: Oct 17, 2021

    • +1

      Documento Nacional de Identidad.

      It's what their identity card is called.

  • Autumn 2021 > Summer 2021

  • Just keep getting hit with Unauthorised Request

    • +1

      What are you doing? New account or never had premium? Select Australia, not Argentina on page entering card details. Pay with debit/credit instead of PayPal.

      • It's when i get to payment;

        New account, using the fans link, the pricing is showed below.
        I put in the credit card details and upon submission it fails saying unauthorised request.
        Tried tunnelbear, nord and surfshark.
        Turned off adblockers and privacy trackers.
        Tried PC and Phone.

        No luck for me it seems.

        Cards attempted;
        ANZ Black
        Macquarie plat debit
        Revolut (all 3 combinations, phys, virtual, disposbale)

        • I haven’t had that error before, but in your profile settings try adding your card details first, and then click on link above and go through the process and see if it works.

          • +1

            @Psygnosis: When I do it this way it tells me;

            Your card information is invalid. Please check your card information and try again.

            With every card! I can garuntee I've trippled checked every time!!!

            • @Xetrok: likewise I also have similar error.

  • +2

    ARS1,250.00 ?

    • +2

      Yep that’s right, equates to $AUD17.61 depending on the dollar.

  • Anyone has any luck with ExpressVPN? Keeps giving me the following error message:

    The owner of this website (www.crunchyroll.com) has banned the autonomous system number (ASN) your IP address is in (262287) from accessing this website.

    • +5

      Try Tunnelbear, as someone posted above, it’s free for the first 500mb, and enough just to sign up as you don’t need it to watch. I used PIA with no problems.

      • +1

        Thanks! Tunnelbear worked a treat!

      • Tunnelbear worked for me too :)

  • Got a 404 error after payment, but looks like it went through?

    Membership Type: Mega Fan MemberPremium Member
    Billing Amount: AR$ 1,250.00
    Billing Cycle: 12 Months
    Next Billing Date: Oct 17, 2021

    But looks like they given me a free trial and the payment won't start until 17th Oct ?

    • Yep, seems to have worked. Lucky you, I didn’t even get given a trial, signed up last night and got charged $17.61 this morning with next billing cycle Oct 2022

      • I created a new account. Guess trial is for new accounts?

        • I got a trial and my account had a regular premium subscription a couple of years ago so who knows?!?

        • +1

          I also got a free trial. If the VPN is not on at the date it gets charged, they won't revert the charge back to the AU prices of $99 for the year right?

  • +2

    FYI I used Windscribe and it worked fine for me. Had to pay $1 for the month to get Argentina but it was easier than using another VPN when I already had it installed.

    • can confirm this works!

  • Worked with NordVPN + Westpac CC for me!!

  • Yep confirmed it works for me as well. Took me a few tries to ensure I was on the right currency 😁

    • I keep getting AUD even with Tunnelbear on, are you just refreshing the page over and over? Thanks.

      • +1

        Try a different browser. Firefox worked for me whereas Chrome kept showing AUD.

        • I got it working by clearing history and cache, and thank you.

  • +1

    Worked for me with NordVPN + 28 degrees. Thx op

  • +4

    I'm so tempted by this but I'll pass (for now). I'm paying for so many different subscription services but end up watching SBS on-demand. Go figure.

    • +1

      SBS on Demand is the best! Try Kanopy aswell, it’s free, with five viewings a month, and all you need to do is sign up for a library card

  • +1

    worked for me with free TunnelBear 500mb + ING. Thanks

  • Worked with NORDVPN + Commbank

  • No luck with SurfShark unfortunately

    • +1

      Tunnelbear with 500mb free worked for me. Give that a go

  • tunnelbear + 28 deg worked for me. thx OP

  • Worked with NordVPN + Up Mastercard. Thanks OP!

  • Anime? Why did I think this was a porn site this whole time :o

  • This is weird. It was super easy using tunnelbear. It was a success. But… Checked my status and it ends Oct 3 22. But the premium membership is gone..I click on premium membership history and it says unsupported currency.

    • +1

      I have the same issue as you. Cancelled the automatic renewal now it says my account status is Free?

      • +2

        Yeah I did it again and waited this time until I saw they took the money out of my account and left it on auto. It's working now.

        • Did you get charged twice?

          • @Killua27: Nah they wouldn't charge me the first time. It's all good now.

        • Yeah I had the same issue. When I clicked to cancel auto renewal, my account got reverted back to a Free membership, and I hadn't been charged yet. Clicked to upgrade to the annual membership again, left it on auto renewal, and it worked. Might just leave it on auto renewal for now

          • @kandaichus: That's good! I'm leaving it on anyway since it's cheap.

  • Windscribe + PayPal works, thanks op

  • Finally got it to work after multiple attempts.
    If you are having issues checking out, ensure you have your card details saved in your profile, then checkout using the original link posted.

  • Also worked for me, previous premium member. Used saved credit card payment info to check out, Macq CC + nordvpn

  • Worked for me. Thanks!

  • -1

    imagine not having an AB account www

  • Thanks OP, Working for me with Paypal but some reason it's showing currently in free trial but when i checked in Membership area shows below like some others as well. Fingers crossed xx

    Membership Type: Mega Fan MemberPremium Member
    Billing Amount: AR$ 1,250.00
    Billing Cycle: 12 Months
    Next Billing Date: Oct 17, 2021

  • +1

    A sudden influx of Argentinian premium memberships :D

  • +2

    Is there much different in library content between free and premium (apart from the 1 week delay on latest episode)? My adblocker setup gives me ad-free streaming anyway with the free account.

    • This, along with manga content that I'll not utilise. So what is the incentive?

  • Thank you OP!

  • When I go to sign up it says "Incorrect login information." wth

  • Thanks OP! I tried this previously when I was on PIA but most of their server IPs for Argentina and other similar countries had incorrect geolocations registered and got identified as being in the US. I tried again on NordVPN and it worked a treat! Subbed to Fan as there's no point in Mega Fan without Netflix-like profiles. ARS 859 for 12 months came through as AUD $12.10 on my card.

  • Signed up with PIA & PayPal, thanks OP.

  • PayPal worked fine for me. Thanks.

  • I did not get PayPal as an option. but seems it worked. (on trail)


  • Thank you, OP!

  • Sweet deal, thanks for the post!

  • No luck with me using Tunnelbear and ANZ Platinum Card

  • Thank you. Nordvpn + Commbank credit card worked for me.

  • Worked just fine.. New account.. TunnerBear + Commbank debit card.. Got charged $17.61

    I skipped trial..

    Membership Type: Mega Fan Member
    Billing Amount: AR$ 1,250.00
    Billing Cycle: 12 Months
    Next Billing Date: Oct 3, 2022

    Thanks OP!

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