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Ridge Ryder 4x4 Camping Air Compressor 6L Tank $249 (Club Members Only, RRP $449) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ BCF


Saw this at my local bcf and seems like a good deal.

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BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing
BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing

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  • Can't go camping though… :(

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      Oh yeah I'm in Qld sorry, stay well mate.

    • Regional can

      • Not all.

        • That's true

        • Yes they can not everybody follows dan just saying

          • @Dex38313:

            Yes they can

            Nope, not allowed.

    • Yes I can campings not banned

      • Yes they are, unless you're camping in your backyard.

    • You must live in the wrong state.

  • What would this for in camping for except inflating/deflating your car tyre ?

    • Air mattress? Inflatable boat?

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        Not enough volume.

        • You can blow up things more than 6L, the compressor just keeps running.

      • Yeah won't work on those since it requires high volume

    • Blower to blow the dust off your car, and should be enough air to reinflate a tyre enough to get to a servo.

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    Ridge Ryyyyyyyder.

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      Wow thanks I feel old now

  • I find this interesting but am unsure the addition of the tank is a positive due to the extra space (and weight) it would take up.

    There was a recent special at repco for a twin setup which had a lower profile and inflates VERY quickly. It was also cheaper.


    I'm trying to think of a situation when you'd need the tank/storage. Mobile air brushing perhaps??

    • Airhorn

    • Air tools.

      • you use airtools when camping?

  • Yeah if on a long trip it pays to take a rattle gun for wheel studs etc, can't just pop into a workshop for repairs.
    Short camping trips nah I wouldn't.

    • Low tech breaker bar works well and is a lot easier to pack than a 6L tank.

      • Yes agree, it's the assortment of tools you can run from air like a grinder or drill that makes it better. Given the quality cordless stuff now really a compressor isn't needed and they're a better albeit more expensive option.
        I wouldn't use a compressor that size either I would use the ARB twin but they are 3x the price.
        Definitely a need for a reasonable tool set up if long term remote travelling like up in the north west of WA.

  • This seems crazy over priced. a 240v Ozito version (which I run from an inverter) is $125 at bunnings and a tankless 12v pump is $45 (lower flow rate but also much smaller to travel with). If you're using it to inflate camping gear a tank would be useless.


    The BCF/Anaconda practice of $449.00 Club Price $249.00 also seems dodgy to me.

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