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Tenda Nova MW12 Mesh Wi-Fi System 3-Pack $299, Free Delivery + Free Tenda Smart Plug @ Oz Smart Things


Hope your are all enjoying your holiday today!

We have an OzBargin Special for you. Order the Tenda MW12 3 pack using the code and receive a free Tenda Plug as well as this super low price.

We also have dropped the price across the store on Shelly, Aeotec, Fibaro and many more. Find a cheaper price elsewhere on a stocked item and we will beat it!

Product Details:

Tenda Nova MW12 Whole Home Mesh AC1200 Tri-Band WiFi System - 3 Pack

Tenda MW12 is a whole home Mesh WiFi system designed for medium to large households with high-speed broadband service. Powered by Tenda Mesh technology, it creates a distributed network with several nodes throughout your home. A 3-pack of MW12 is able to cover up to 500 m2 / 6000 sq. ft. AC2100 tri-band design and full gigabit ports support and give full play to your high-speed broadband service. The MW12 carries a 900 MHz strong CPU and 256 MB large memory and is able to handle more devices on your network.

All terminals can enjoy high-speed tri-band WiFi at the same time, indicating low latency for internet games, smooth streaming of 4K videos and VR HD applications. It features easy and wire-free installation and allows both auto-networking and manual addition. The MW12 from Tenda allows seamless roaming around the house, the MW12 creates a high-speed and intelligent Mesh WiFi system throughout your home.

*Until Stocks Last!

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  • Not the cheapest as I had paid ~$150 for 2 pack in May. This may help someone who is in desparate need.

    • Where did you get the 2 pack for this price? Cheapest historical price I can find for the 2 pack is $195.

      You don’t need to be in desperate need, if youth after a 3 pack tri-band wifi mesh system, by all accounts this is a pretty decent deal. In fact I can’t think of anything cheaper.

      • -1

        if youth after a 3 pack tri-band wifi mesh system

        Why only youth ?

        • +1

          Thanks for keeping me in check JV. On reflection, I did rush to tap out my comment and the errors are obvious, which bring me shame. I’ll strive to do better in future.

      • I bought 2 * 2packs sometime in April/May this year on eBay (using ebay plus account).

        2 pack currently advertised for $185 at PC Byte store, if you're after only 2 MW12's


        • I bought 2 * 2packs sometime in April/May this year on eBay (using ebay plus account).

          Receipt or it didn’t happen…

          2 pack currently advertised for $185 at PC Byte store

          Showing as $195 for me

  • hi i ordered one little switch on 13th September and still hasn't arrived. Order #11272

  • I saw the deal here not long ago…22Sept. for Tenda Nova MW3 Whole Home Mesh WiFi System Pack of 3 @ $99.00…ordered same day, used the instructions on ozbargain site and got a 4th unit for free…and they were here at my place on 24th September!!

    Now I admit I do not know the differences between an MW12 and the MW3 sets…but I can say that with this Mesh setup…out back in Garage where I do some work and need Internet access…and big tin/steel awnings between house and garage, I do feel that was impacting the wi-fi situation it has gone from being a pathetic 1 - 3 Mpbs [and sometimes the Speedtest app would fail to find the network] to 45 - 53 Mpbs service and so I would say…YES! Am so glad I spotted this deal! And delivered within 2 days? INSANE!!


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