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Razer Seiren X Desktop Microphones $85.46 Each + $10 Delivery (OOS: Razer Seiren Elite, Razer Seiren Emote ) @ Razer via Catch


Big discounts on Razer desktop microphones at Catch.
The following 3 microphones are all down to $85.46 + Delivery (which depends where you're located).
I don't think these qualify for free shipping with Club Catch.

Razer Seiren Elite OOS

Razer Seiren Emote OOS

Razer Seiren X or here

Don't forget Cashback (I know just missed out on higher Catch cashback).

PS. Also looks like some other microphones (such as Blue Yeti Nano) and other Razer gaming products are on sale at Catch.

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    How do these compare to the Yeti in quality ?

    • +1

      I got the Seiren Elite because it has a high-pass filter than you can easily turn on (button on the bottom) that apparently does a good job at filtering out keyboard sounds and ambient noise.
      The Yeti has more options for microphone patterns and I think is better if you want to record music or singing or other sounds.
      In saying that, you will have to spend a fair bit more to get any of the Yeti models so at this price I think the Razer's win.

  • Razer Seiren Elite appears OOS

    • That only took 6 minutes.. wow

      • Lightning quick, could it have been a pricing error to begin with?
        The discount on it seemed absolutely huge

        • I hope not! If so I'll be quite disappointed. In saying that, pretty sure I saw a Seiren Elite being sold for <$200 on eBay which is also a lot lower than RRP so maybe it is legit.

          • @JoKing: The one time I should've given in to my impulses and bought without thinking haha

            • @kandaichus: The Seiren Emote and X are still in stock - the Emote is actually better in audio quality as it's the revision of the X - it just has that LED screen which isn't for everyone.

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    1. Would this be suitable for MS Teams meetings
    2. When viewers see me with one in front of me during a video conference, would it be a positive or negative impression?
    • +4

      I mainly got mine to use for work purposes - or chatting with friends on Discord. Because when you use the microphone on any wireless headphones, they enter the "headset" mode which is terrible audio. So I really hope it will work for Teams/Discord.

      If you really don't like the look of it, get a boom arm and have it just outside the field of view of the camera. Like what streamers would do.

    • +1

      I get positive comments with my dynamic podcasting ATRR2000USB in meetings :)

      I'd move any microphone off the table using a $20 Amazon boom arm as a boom will greatly reduce/remove any noise from keyboard, mouse, and accidental table taps .

      • How's your experience with a $20 Amazon boom arm?
        I'm curious as to how different it can be vs a $85, $100 or $150 arm

        • It's perfectly fine :)

          I guess it depends on the weight of the microphone you're using.

      • I can’t seem to find the microphone model you’ve mentioned, was there a typo by any chance? Alternatively, do you perhaps have a purchase link for your mic? TIA

    • I use it for work, sounds good.

      Generally with a webcam people wont see it if its on your desk, if there is no RGB it pretty much looks like any other mic

  • +1

    I use the Seiren X for Discord etc. and it sounds a damn sight better than the headset mics I usually use.

  • Are these reasonably rugged? Can i throw them in a bag and bring them around? Looking for something to take between workplaces for dictating. Seems cheaper than a wfh microphone setup.

    Any real difference between the emote and X?

    • From the research I did the Emote is actually an updated X and the quality is better on the Emote. You just have that LED screen which isn’t for everyone.

  • Will a nice headset's mic be as good as the Razer Seiren? Need to buy the kid a headset and looking at the Steelseries Arctic 7 wireless but wondering if I should get a separate mic for him

    • +1

      No wireless headset mic will be as good as these. All these microphones are dedicated microphones so they have much better internals as well as being wired so their audio quality will be much better than any Bluetooth/wireless headset.

      In saying that, I have the Logitech G Pro X Wireless headset and I think the microphone quality of that is one of the best I’ve heard from a wireless headset.

      Other thing to consider is most wireless headset mics won’t pick up the taps of a keyboard/mouse. One, because they’re not sensitive enough and aren’t “always on” and two, because they’re near your head not hands. I think something that a lot of desktop mics struggle with is the sound of the keyboard/mouse. So a lot of people opt for a microphone boom arm so it’s not sitting in front of you at your hands.

      • Tx for the info. I checked a few reviews on mic and noticed people saying the keyboard tapping is an issue. Will this go away with a boom?

  • The Siren Emote price has now gone to $159.

    • Yea wanted to order one now :(

  • +1

    Do people find these mics annoying to use even with a boom due to how close they need to be?

    Can they be mounted near a webcam and still work effectively past the recommended distance e.g 4-10 inches? Or do you need too much gain?

    • -1

      It's a condenser mic, so not as close as a dynamic mic, but if you want something to mount on a monitor (or near to), you're then looking at shotgun mics. Those tend to be more expensive for similar audio quality, plus they're not easier or cheaper to mount.

      Happy hunting!

  • Just received a message saying they're cancelling the order :(

    • For which item?

      • all price error microphone.. I ordered the emote and got the same cancellations.

      • +1

        The emote one.

    • Not happy >:(
      I could’ve bought a different one with the sale + extra cashback + challenge on ShopBack and saved heaps. Now that’s over and this has been cancelled.

  • Mine was shipped, but just got a refund turns out the courier returned the parcel back to catch, bad luck.

    • The courier returned the parcel to them!? How does that even happen? Wow. I would’ve thought if it’s shipped you’re in the clear.

      • Would have thought so, no communication at all lol.

  • +1

    Razer Seiren Elite back in stock

    • Oh so it is!
      What are the odds it's a pricing error again though, and orders placed from now will get cancelled regardless? :/

      • Fingers crossed orders don't get cancelled

    • Ordered but doubt it will be shipped. Tx

  • Just got a refund on Emote mic.. It had shipped and then returned to sender. Very strange.

  • +2

    Ordered the Elite when it qas posted back in stock. Just got a message that DHL expressed picked it up.. hope it will not be cancelled

    • Same for me, I got a DHL message too. Fingers crossed!

      • Yea so far it seems only the Emote was cancelled.. should know in a few days.

        • Mine changed from “picked up” to “in transit”. The emote never made it to in transit! Let’s hope!

          • @kindshibe: Mine changed as well this morning.. looking good :)

          • @kindshibe: Mine as well :D
            Btw, if the order comes through, are you guys getting a boom arm?
            I'm considering the Rode PSA1 once it's back in stock

  • I just received my Elite! Super fast shipping. Did it actually come from overseas?
    Can’t believe it worked. Seems odd the Emotes were recalled but not the Elites.

    Anyway, what boom arm we gettin? I’ve heard from many people that it is worth getting a decent quality one over a $30 Amazon one.

    • Awesome… should have ordered 2.. now i have to give the kid the elite lol.. getting the boom from amazon for $42

      • That's a lucky kid ahha

    • I'm so happy for you!
      That's so great to hear. My DHL tracking says mine's possibly coming from Hong Kong. Yeah, I wonder if there simply weren't enough Emote mics to fulfill the orders placed.

      Good point, I'm seeing a cheaper arm from Amazon will do the job, but my eyes are set on the Rode PSA1 (~$139, on back order everywhere till late Oct). I love the idea of not having to tweak the tightness knobs multiple times a day, and rather be able to push and pull the mount around effortlessly.

      Very interested to see what others are aiming for though

  • +1

    I think it may have been a price error (for the Elite at least anyway), as it is now on "sale" for $284.96! Good score.

  • +1

    My Elite was just delivered :)

    • +1


    • I've been loving using mine, waiting for my Elgato Wave Low Profile arm to be delivered!

  • Razer – For Gamers. By Gamers. (Shipped from Overseas)
    Hello ****,

    Thank you for shopping with us.

    There has been a setback with regards to the shipment of your order. And we regret to inform you that your order will be cancelled and a full refund will be processed for you within the next 1 to 2 business days.

    We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused.

    Best Regards,
    The Razer Team

    • Which one did you order? That’s a shame.

      • The Seiren Emote :-(

    • Sorry to hear :(

  • For you guys with the Seiren Elite, does anyone get a constant white noise when using headphones with the mic's headphone jack?
    Trying to raise this with Razer support, curious to see if anyone's experiencing the same thing

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