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Hungry Jack's Bacon Deluxe + Med Coke $5 (Was $11.30) | Large Sundae $2 (Was $4.45) Pickup @ Hungry Jack's via App


Available as a one time use voucher on the Hungry Jack's App.

$2 Large Sundae via the App also

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Hungry Jack's

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  • +6

    Seems an interesting kind of combo. They haven't extended to include a small chips but have instead provided an upsized drink (which while it costs them only a few cents to is hardly found)
    Guess survey will come in handy here.

    Nice burger included too.

    • yeah too bad i paid $6 the other day for the exact same deal on the app :(

      • Gonna pair with with Hunger Tamers21 and Fam Box27

  • +3

    Where the fries ?

    If they did a little thinking it could have been a $6 combo with em .

    Anyway 2 beef patties I'm in .

    • +5

      You can add a small fries for $1

      • +2

        Well then it's a $6 dollar deal.

        • +53

          Thanks mate, was struggling with the calculations

      • +2

        I wanted med fries .

      • It doesn't always prompt you, I noticed.

    • +3

      Until recently they had a small Bacon Deluxe meal available on the app for $6.

    • Haven't used HJs in app order for deals like this before, is it like KFC where you can order on app and then show them the survey receipt to get free chips and drink?

      • +1

        Up until just recently I was always getting the free chips and drink from showing them a receipt even for app deals, but now they say it has to be a full price burger to claim it. YMMV. I'm hoping it's only temporary at my local.

  • Their app doesn't have option to scan on-site must pay by app.

    • Who doesn't? Hungry Jacks does when you go into the app it has 2 options, one is "redeem offer at cashier" and the other is "redeem offer in app".

      Source? Me, I just used it halfa ago.

      • one is "redeem offer at cashier"

        Not the Jack app deals only voucher deal can do that.

        BTW, Bacon Deluxe + Med Coke mine still said $6

        • That's because they aren't single use like these voucher deals; you can order stuff from "Jack's App Deals" repeatedly. It's $1 cheaper as a voucher because it's only single use.

  • hungry jack

  • +5

    who pays $4.45 for a sundae

    who pays $11.30 for a bacon deluxe and medium coke

    • The burgers are better at hungry jack

      • +2

        The sundaes are worse at hungry jacks

  • -2

    Wish Hungry Jack's would change how they do their soft drinks. I know it might sound pedantic, but I genuinely reconsider going there because their soft drink cups are just pure landfill.

    • It's the same as other fast food cups though

      • KFC will give you a can or bottle, both of which are able to be recycled. Subway you can get bottles depending on the particular franchise.

        • and quality in a can is more consistent …..you don’t get the ones where syrup is low and it just tastes like soda water, also cans are cold and no ice , just drink …..

          definetly prefer a can.

    • -1

      Please explain

  • -3

    Hungry Jack's you up in the toilet

  • While i thoroughly enjoy a bacon deluxe, it never looks like whats on marketing material, how is this not deceptive

  • What is the survey offer? Never seen it before, I guess because they never actually hand me a receipt

  • I wish they had this on Friday. I had the new chicken crispy burger. Not as good as a zinger deal at 7.95.

    • Can you do a comparison? Taste? Size? Crispiness?

      Edit: word

  • Lunch sorted!

  • -1

    anyone know how many KJ this burger is (excl. the drink)

    • +1

      2350 - shows it in the app and on their website btw

  • Sadly the best HJ burger, the Aussie burger no longer available. RIP. :(

    • +1

      That was the only burger I'd pay full price for. RIP.

  • +1

    That's not a burger, it's a child's burger.

  • Nowaday it's like walking through a maze to order a burger. Bloody stupid.

  • $11.30? Wow

    Regular price kfc is a bargain

  • Harald approves

  • What on earth happen to a bacon deluxe size

  • If they ran this again I wouldn't use it .
    Terrible burger .

    • it always like microwaved when i’ve had one ….

  • $6 now

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