Free PRE0.1 Crypto Coin Per Search (Max 30 Searches/Day, PRE1000 Cashout) @ Presearch


I know its not going to make you rich, but as a fellow ozbargainer, I love free things.

You can check out their project through the link here.
Basically though it's a search engine that pays you (in their crypto coin) to search.

As I love 'not' using goggle to search with this works fine for me.

You can still search through many of the popular browsers through their site.

One small, catch:
You have to collect 1000 PRE coins before you can cash out.

It appears to give you around 0.1 PRE per search.
Their coin is currently valued around 50 cents a coin.
Thus one search is giving you 5 cents a search.

I know right. Not huge. (Also not telling you you have to use it).

Recently their coins were valued at 37 cents each, so I'm working on the principle here that while I HODL their coins enough to get at least 1000, they may actually be worth a but more.

Oh, and please be kind..
I know this isn't a huge freebie.
Just thought some might find it worth trying.

Apparently there is a cap of only 30 searches a day (that you get coins for).
So, again, this won't make anyone rich quick.

It's ironic that even though asked for people to be kind in their responses here there appears to be some people who can't help themselves on being mean.
That's a real shame tbh.

Referral Links

Referral: random (15)

25 token bonus for the referrer after referee has earned 50 search reward tokens & active for 30 days.

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  • -1

    Can't wait until this coin absolutely crashes once everyone tries to dump it after getting enough to be able to

    • +4

      When do you feel that will be,
      It hasn't since it was 6 cents,
      I'm happy to take my chances by simply using it a pt a search engine,

      Like I said. Not forcing anyone to do anything,
      Just providing a bargain,

      • +3

        Why have you structured it like a poem,
        To that I'm quite unsure,
        Wouldn't you be better using Bing rewards?
        It's got a tangible system,
        And a known company too.

        Of course it hasn't yet because everyone is still in the process of collecting 1000 coins but you'll find as soon as people do it'll crash because let's be honest this isn't a store of value.
        Edit: it's already dropped once and is currently sitting around 38c

        At the risk of making this comment long-winded I'll just summarise my findings
        - briefly peaked at $1.40 in Jan 2018
        - sat under 20 cents for 3 years
        - reached a low of $0.001373 in 2019
        Yeah not much faith

        • +1

          I didn't realise Bing had a rewards system.
          Thank you for this info.

          From my understanding this coin started in 2015.
          It hit a peak in 2017 at $1.68
          Then a smaller peak in 2018,2019,2020, and a bigger peak in 2021
          Isn't this this the case?

          If so I still don't mind get 1000 coins worth even a dollar for just searching, but again.. It's up the the individual.

          Ironically it's currency at 52 cents at coin stats an climbing.
          I'm sure for some people they'd get to 1000 coins quicker than others.

          Btw: not sure what you are inferring with your 'structured like a poem'.
          But thanks.. I tried to write it to make it easier to read.
          Never thought of it like a poem though.

        • Just checked out bing.
          Thanks but it's a no for me.
          I means I'd have to use internet Explorer.
          Thus, not for me.
          But thanks all the same.

          • -2


            I means I'd have to use internet Explorer.

            For a start it would be edge unless you're operating system is a dinosaur and secondly make Bing your default engine elsewhere?

            Ironically it's currency at 52 cents at coin stats an climbing.

            Firstly not ironic, secondly source? Because what I linked shows its gone down in the past 24 hours and it's nowhere near good as it's cracked up to be.
            Here's another source saying it hasn't even got that close to 50 cents in the last 90 days. In fact a month ago it was 5 cents

            Not prohibiting anyone from using it of course but considering its going to take roughly 30 (the current max) searches a day for around a year to be able to cash out at all it's wise to know its history.
            Oh and that's also making the big assumption the offering doesn't get cut in the next year like it has in the past.

            • +2

              @pennypincher98: I'm not sure why you comment here like you do?

              Why do you feel everyone that uses a decent computer has to use Internet Explorer ?

              Regarding your source, that's it was only one source. You are selling them from their site,right ? But hey.. You seem to feel the need to be right here, so enjoy that feeling.

              Thank you for pointing out that there's a max. I want aware of that fact. Still.. With this one I'll be HODLING, so I'llmlook forward to what it's worth in 9 years. Again. It's free and I'm happy to avoid using Internet epxoree (as are many).

              Interesting that you say it was cut in the past. Can you provide more info on this please.

              • @FredAstair:

                I'm not sure why you comment here like you do?

                It's a public online forum. If you're meaning the fact you didn't just receive positive comments due to "I'm new be nice" that's actually written in the rules not to say that.

                Why do you feel everyone that uses a decent computer has to use Internet Explorer ?

                Never said that.

                that's it was only one source.

                It's two against your zero.

                You seem to feel the need to be right

                Not only is this childish, it's the complete opposite. I'm trying to educate anyone willing to invest a year into this and you're providing false information.

                I'm happy to avoid using Internet epxoree

                Firstly wow turn on spellcheck. Secondly, internet "epxoree" is not an application not a search engine??

                All you've done is reaffirm you'll HODL for 9 years. Never said you couldn't.

                As for the cut maybe ACTUALLY read the "positive comment"?

                Dear me, don't even know why I'm bothering to reply.

                Just a quick side note: why are you acting like you're associated? Thanking someone for saying "A good search engine" sounds a bit odd unless you helped make it.

        • Is Bing Rewards different to Microsoft Rewards?

      • +5

        good on you mate.. I signed up too.

        to me it doesn't matter if I get Any rewards at all in 9 months or 9 years.
        or if the token rugpull.

        it's just a search engine. IF it stops working I just move on back to Google. who cares?

        but IF I ended up getting something in return… and IF PRE goes to $1 per token.

        thanks $1000 for using this search engine… what have I got to lose? …

        Ignore the people who tries to put you down for this deal. there are heaps…

        • Ignore the people who tries to put you down for this deal

          Can I just clarify this was never about the OP. This is about, a random search engine giving miniscule rewards. We'll leave data collection and privacy aside here because tbh there's not many search engines great at that.

          In the terms they say you are given a PRE level based on your search engine activity and your account/coin earning can be suspended if it looks like you are just after coins. The main way to get coins is by searching so excessive searching can get you suspended? That seems a very convenient catch to me.

          Btw appreciate the negs :)

        • Thanks for that.
          Yes, it's weird that I try to share someone I thought was decent, and instead of people just trying to educate may here feel it's they need to try and insult me (even picking on my spelling mistakes), and how I write.

          I appreciate you comment here.

  • +2

    I started using this when you got 1 token per search

    Forgot about it until late last year and it was .5 and then .25 per search

    Only ever got to 110 tokens… But now they are worth more i might think again

    • +1

      Thank you.
      Its nice to read a positive comment here.

  • -2

    Max Paid Searches Per Day

    BWAHAHAHAHA … it's a joke :)

  • -3

    30 * $0.30 = $9.00 * 7 = $63.00.

    That is 6 months worth of coffee. Where do I sign up?

    • I'm no mathematician, feel free to correct me. Presume your after $ value per week.

      30 * $0.30 = $9.00 * 7 = $63.00

      'PRE' / Day (30 search cap) # .01PRE / Search # $0.42 / PRE (current price)

      30 * .01 = .3 * 7days = 2.1 * $0.42 = $0.882 USD

  • +1

    Not a bad search engine actually.

    • Thank you for your positive comment.

  • Hi OP, if you want to add the Ozb random referral system for Presearch, you need to put in a request in the link below with the Ozb mods:

  • +1

    Only takes 9 years (30 search/day limit) to hit 1000 PRE cash out limit, valued at $882USD, if the price remains stable, excluding exchange fees etc.

    • +1

      9 years is a bit long.

      It appears to give you around 0.1 PRE per search.

      It's closer to 334 days.

      • Oh. Ok. I didn't realise there was a daily cap.

  • -1

    Any Bitcoins available?

  • -1

    It's ironic that even though asked for people to be kind in their responses here there appears to be some people who can't help themselves on being mean.
    That's a real shame tbh.

    Wow emotional manipulation is a new low for Ozbargain.
    Unless it's your company, the critical comments should not affect you as they are for the deal and not you. People value their time and don't deserve asymmetric information.

    Starting etiquette

    New users shouldn't write I'm new, don't flame me etc.

  • +2

    I've been mucking around with it today. Search engine comes up with the same as Google. Just the font is a bit smaller. Surprised how many searches I've done over the day at work. Thanks Op. Dunno if I'll ever get the 1,000 to cash out lol love the no ads

    • +1

      It'll probably end up as just pocket money tbh, after I was told it limits payback to 30 a day.

      Agree. No adverts and not giving to google works fo me tbh.

  • +2

    I've been using it for months and have only accrued about 40 PRE. I'm not sure exactly what's going on, I think a lot of the time they don't count your search and you have to click login (even when already logged in) for it to start counting again (until it stops). A bit of a frustrating experience TBH.

    • Didn't realised that. Wow.

      Starting to think it's not as good as I originally thought.

  • +2

    For those who don't know of it already, use brave browser with ads turned on to also get bat tokens.

    Privacy browser with a private search engine.

    Brave also has the background player option that you usually have to pay for YouTube premium to get that. (Or Vanced if you're that way inclined).

    • Fascinating. Thank you for posting

    • +2

      That's interesting. There are so many browsers and search engines around. For a long time I used Torch browser on my PC. Never looked for the actually app on my phone. I think I'm using Chrome on my phone atm. Everything is either Google or Apple by default

  • -1


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