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[eBay Plus] Bose QC35 II (Black or Silver) $253.29 Delivered @ MobileCiti eBay


This is part of the 15% off eBay deal. Decent price, QC45 is out soon though. The link for the QC45 preorder (End of October delivery) is here QC45 Preorder

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    store in title please

  • Nice. QC45 was released yesterday. DOUBLE the price. Can't justify micro usb anymore

    • I woulda thought they were released earlier. Someone in Brisbane got their hands on one early last month.

      • Jb released it yesterday.

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        Yeah I got mine last week, if you ordered from Bose Aus website they Shipped them out a week earlier.

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          I got the smoke white too, and if interested put up a vid on YouTube.
          The noise cancelling is phenomenal and coming from the QC25s as my general pair I'm stoked

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            @camshandez: Nice video. Love how they kept the same case since the QC25's, tho missing that airplane adapter in the bottom corner.
            The eartips touching the cups on the mx4's is a big point.

          • @camshandez: I hope the cut on your finger has healed mate hehhee

            • @mantoh: Also noticed he had the cut before opening the video. Must have been too eager to run to pick up his parcel haha.

            • @mantoh: Haha yeah when I was editing I realised I already had the cut, so no idea when I did it lol.

              And yeah no adaptor as the QC45 and QC35II no longer support aeroplane dongles wired… Quite a weird move by Bose, however I'm sure people still use them anyways

  • consider nc700 was sold for under $320, I am expecting qc45 at this price.

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      I will say QC45 will drop to around $350 within a couple of months.

    • qc45 seems underwhelming https://www.whathifi.com/au/advice/bose-qc45-vs-sony-wh-1000...

      maybe qc700s are the way to go

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        maybe but they haven't even tested the headphones. See the last paragraph of their review:

        Of course, we haven't had the opportunity to listen to these headphones side by side to give you a definitive verdict on which sounds better, but as it stands, things appear to be stacked in favour of the feature-rich Sony XM4.

  • Looking for a deal on qc45

  • Can you pay with gift card? Has anyone tried?

    • Yes you can

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