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30% off + Extra 5% off All Sheep Whey Products (for VIP Members) + Shipping (Free over $120) @ Hartshorn Distillery Tasmania


Extra 30% off on ALL their products made from sheep whey - gin, vodka, whiskey, cheeses, skin care

Can be stacked with VIP 5% discount and VIP free shipping on orders over $120

Their gin won Gold Medal at the World Gin Awards in 2018.

From the email:
For the month of October, we are offering a generous discount of 30% off all our HD products on top of your current VIP benefits or 5% off and free shipping. So jump on our site and pinch yourself some boozy treats! Xmas shopping now sorted, you’re welcome.
It is basically theft so go get yourself a criminal record now from our site and get those Xmas gifts sorted!
As you may know, we are a family run business and our other businesses of Grandvewe Cheeses and Ewe Care also have fabulous offerings for the month of October. Don’t forget to sign up on their sites to receive their specials!

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Hartshorn Distillery
Hartshorn Distillery

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    Thanks OP! Hartshorn produces amazing gin and highly recommend it

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      Agreed!!! I still have bottle number 86 out of 150 of their 1st ever batch of gin produced half full which I bought during my trip through Tassie about 9 years ago while we were waiting for ferry to MONA where Ryan had his small-ish stall. Since then they really expanded and got quite famous.

      • How do these compared to Bombay Sapphire or Hendricks, worth it for a beginner to try?

  • +1

    Top 3 gins I've ever had. Give it a go

    • what tonic do you recommend?

      • I’m obsessed with Nexba Tonic water. They come as Natural, Lime Cucumber & Mint or Pear Jasmine & Hirami Lemon. All natural and sugar free. My favourite is the Lime cucumbers & mint!

        If you are not fan of the sugar free stuff my to go would be Capi Tonic water.

        • +1

          Capi or Fever Tree Light tonic is my favourite. Not very sweet and it is a subtle tonic for those expensive gins. Nothing worse than seeing an expensive gin mixed with sweet and crappy Schweppes.

    • What is your top 3?

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    best vodka I have tasted

    • Have tasted Tasmanian 666 vodka? 🤤

    • The best Vodka is the one you can't taste.

      or this one https://beerstore.com.au/shop/spirits/vodka/zoladkowa-gorzka...

      • It’s a good vodka but don’t think it’s that special.

        My top 10 list:

        1. Cape Grim 666 Vodka Tasmania 🇦🇺
        2. Reyka Vodka Iceland 🇮🇸
        3. Hartshorn Peat Smoked Vodka Tasmania 🇦🇺
        4. Christians Potato Vodka Norway 🇳🇴
        5. Hangar 1 Fog Point Vodka San Francisco 🇺🇸
        6. Ciroc Vodka France 🇫🇷
        7. Beluga Vodka Russia 🇷🇺
        8. Hartshorn Sheep Whey Vodka Tasmania 🇦🇺
        9. Hiram Walker Sons Polar Ice Arctic Vodka Canada 🇨🇦

        Im sure there’s many I’ve never even tasted lol

    • second this

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    How much protein per scoop of whey gin?

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    Signed up to the newsletter and created an account but can't see anywhere to add the VIP 5% discount? Is there a code or something?

    • Mine was automatically applied at the checkout. Did you try to go to the checkout?

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