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Hi All

I had one of those $89 Kmart vacuum cleaners that everyone was raving about a couple of years ago. It has served me well but has died over the weekend (Motor doesn't even turn on anymore)

Unfortunately they don't sell them anymore and the 2400w Anko one they now sell doesn't seem to get good reviews (basically the way it is designed its easy for clogging to occur)

I did a google search but it doesn't seem like there are many "value for money" recommendations out there. I don't mind spending Dyson $$ but I just don't see them as VFM given the Kmart one I had was more than sufficient (FYI: The Kmart one cleaned my carpet better than my $400 Miele) . So just wondering what recommendation fellow ozbargainers can recommend ?

Needs to be corded which does both floor boards and carpet.



  • I recommend getting a Xiaomi, they really suck.

    • Every brand sucks!!

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    any model of bagless vacuum from kmart is the good IMO!

    • Bought a Kmart one based on good reviews for a property I’ve been looking after, it was pretty bad and I ended up returning it. It was way louder and didn’t pick dust up
      as well as my regular vacuum. It was also flimsy, had a short cord and wasn’t as easy to move around as I’d expect.

  • I purchased this one yesterday.
    I don't like it and I will return it. It cant pick up any of the grass my dog brings into the house.

    My Dyson V6 did do a good job, it just kept giving me trouble and eventually ending up with me breaking it while I was trying to do a deep clean.

    I am also interested in a good vacuum for under $500 that will do a good job on both hard floors and carpet.

    I am going to wait for a good Xiaomi sale I think.

    • I have PacVac both corded and battery. The Pullman is way better.

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    Hands Down best vacuum ever

    I have absolutely flogged one of these for at least 3 hours straight each day, 5 days per week for the past 2 years. I use it on Construction sites so, Plaster dust, sand/dirt, wood shavings, some water 😳 and still going strong.

    PS: $800 DYSON lasted 10 minutes and blew up.

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    Miele C3

  • Hi also looking for budge one under $150-200, cheers

  • I won an Electrolux one about 8 years ago and it’s still going strong and I’m very happy with it. Also house sat for someone with an Electrolux vacuum and thought it was as really good. I think the one I have is an older version of this it looks a bit different to mine but I found the one I have to work very well and is nice and quiet. Definitely better than the Kmart one I tried for another property. $299 seems like a decent price too.

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    Thanks for the feedback

    I've been doing some reviews.

    Didn't think about the industrial type .. which makes sense for my requirements.

    I'm still kinda thinking that upright corded (well it has to be corded for me as i've got a large area to cover > 350sqm) is the best way to go given the motor is in the head so it would have the least resistance to suction.

    Anyways .. i'll update everyone soon when I have come closer to my decision.

  • Ok so after some research I have pretty much come to the conclusion to purchase a Shark Navigator ZU62.

    I did thoroughly investigate the pullman industrial type .. however 1) I would find the backpack annoying on hot summer days for household cleaning (totally understand from a commercial point of view though). 2) Still unsure how it would clean longer type carpet.

    Which led me to researching what type is best for what floor. The two most important points I found were:
    1) The system needs to be sealed, so no dirty air comes back out when vacuuming.
    2) Needs to have a HEPA filter to ensure the air coming back out is clean as possible.
    3) A powerhead is the best for carpet cleaning.
    4) A powerhead that is used for hard surfaces needs to have a flap so as when the brush is rotating it doesn't fling the dust / stuff backwards. Or you can just change the head type if its a canister vacuume.

    My first choice was a canister vacuum (as contrary to my original thinking .. a canister is the most powerful type of vacuume) with a power head … but yeh .. I don't really need a second mortgage (to get one) atm LOL. The cheapest one was about $500.

    So my research basically led me to the Shark Navigator ZU62 .. which has:
    1) A sealed system.
    2) A HEPA filter (cause I have allergies).
    3) A powerhead.
    4) A flap on the powerhead to stop the dust / stuff flying everywhere.

    So if anyone wishes to throw a spanner into my thinking please feel free to do so :)

    Unfortunately for me I think I missed out a ozbargain CostCo deal on this very model … and with Black Friday coming round the corner … it wouldn't be ozbargainish for me to rush out now and purchase one (I have a spare old one that is doing the job atm fortunately).

    Thanks for reading.


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