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3 x $20 off (No Mininum Spend) @ Uber Eats


Just logged into my uber eats account and I had been given 3 X $20 uber eats vouchers, no minimum spend. delivery and surcharges still apply unless you get the free delivery trial.


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    was it a while since you used uber eats. Now that it costs like over 20 just for a QP meal delivered i stopped using it and get spammed with these offers all the time, I tried uninstalling the app now the plain ol uber app sends me them now.

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    Only used ubereats a few times, and not for ages but have never been targeted with deals.

    Also was put off from all delivery apps the other day. Was picking up takeaway and there was a driver that had already collected one meal for delivery and stood there for 10 minutes waiting for a second order. Felt sorry for whoever was getting the cold food.

    • This is such a common occurrence on Uber Eats they’ve now added a priority pass type thing for an extra $1.99 so you’re delivered first. I assume in this situation though it didn’t account for the driver waiting there for the second order. Or the old restaurant are meant to cook the order when the driver arrives but it’s obvious they had it waiting there for the driver for ages.

      I copped a ban for violating their “community guidelines because I happily send complaints if the food is exceptionally cold

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        This is why I use Deliveroo or DoorDash now. Ubereats price increase and lack of customer service when the food is late/cold, or shit, has put me off.

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          I can’t say the customer service from Deliveroo or DoorDash is any better. I had a driver from DoorDash literally not turn up, complained and they told me they can’t provide “compensation” (I just wanted my money back) was actually losing my mind laughing. I suggest paying via PayPal with any of these companies for situations like that haha

          • @MBix: Deliveroo refunded my order immediately the other day when the restaurant didn’t make it correctly, I was very impressed

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          Uber taxi services is ~25-50% less than traditional taxi service, Uber Black is cheaper than most limousine service, but Uber Eats turns that model on it's head — attractive discounts but … highest prices (compared to the restaurants' own pickup menus), high delivery fees (compared to other services), they pay drivers lower on average, the restaurants make very little margin (vs pickup / dinein), and all those $billions are being funnelled to shareholder dividends and R&D for self-driving taxis and drones to replace all the contractors that currently work for -t-h-e-m-s-e-l-v-e-s- (Uber).

          • @Krzytofferz: Rarely use the delivery apps but the last time I ordered via UberEats it was 1h wait for thai food from a restaurant 10min away. Then after 1h it changed the eta to another 30min, then at the 90min mark I got a text saying my order had been cancelled. When I complained they offered me $5 off my next order. No bloody chance I will use them again after that!

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    probablly utilised around $70-80 vouchers with only a few dollars out of pocket in 2019. Haven't been targeted or eligible to any promotion since, ummmm they are smart.

    • This is why I never get targeted, UE worked out I only order the minimum on promo codes and just promo codes

  • Did you get an email about it or just found it when you logged in?

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    My local chinese is great. I always paid under $50 to get a meal for 4 people. Then I used Uber eats and it ended up over $85 - Ive stopped using it and most of my friends have too. Uber just got too greedy

  • I was offered a discount too. I guess because I haven't been ordering since service fees were introduced.
    I got 10 x $15 off minimum $20 spend.
    I paid $5 for a $20 meal.
    To avoid delivery and service fees I choose pick up from restaurants along my way.

  • i had 2x $30 off promo, min $1 spend

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