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½ Price Byron Bay Cookies 100g $1.25, Herbert Adams Premium or Slow Cooked Pies 400-420g $3.90 @ Woolworths


Byron Bay cookies and Herbert Adams pies on special at Woolies.


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  • Pie flavour recommendations?

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      I like the king island beef ones

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        Don't like these anymore ever since they switched to a combination of beef chunks and mince.

        • +1

          Yeh hard avoid for me now

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    I didn't buy enough of the Macadamia cookies last time - I won't make that mistake again…

    • I've tried these but don't really see the appeal, the Coles/Woolies store baked ones seem way better

      • Same, I'm not really a big fan of this too. I felt it's undercooked or something, the flour smell is a bit strong. For soft cookies, I prefer subway cookies.

      • The Coles/Woolies store cookies tasted like… disappointment.

        • interesting, different preferences I guess - these ones seem heaps artificial/processed compared to the store cookies

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    Will I get the munchies eating the cookies?

    • +15

      No, but you will get the desire not to vaccinate

  • +8

    Can demolish 4 bags of these cookies in 1 sitting. GOD DAMNIT

    • +5

      And now you can do it for half the price hahahah

    • +9

      Lol biscuit broden over here

      • dont hate the playa, hate the game.

        At neggers: keep downvoting me all you want. I'll be watching the count go up while eating all these cookies.

        • +5

          The game of being a fatty and buying a whole shelf of biscuits?

        • +1

          What's the expiry date on them? I'm tempted to do the same and buy the whole shelf.

          People negging are idiots. Didn't know there were buying limits for cookies in a supermarket.

  • +2

    These cookies are great, can recommend.

  • oi, who snatched all the cookies in 2153

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