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Apple Music: Free 5 Months (New Members), 2 Months (Existing) via Shazam


Enjoy :)

Get up to 5 months free of Apple Music

Individual memberships only. Renews automatically after trial.

Use your phone's camera or QR scanner to scan the code and redeem the offer

Codes will expire on 15 February 2022.

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    I'm an existing subscriber and unfortunately it didn't work for me. I received a message telling me it was for new members only.

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      Me too. cancelled my subscription and will try again

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    2 months redeemed as an existing subscriber.
    Thanks OP! :)

    • Same here

      • How! Didn’t work for me :(

      • 2 month as a previous subscriber

    • +1

      Welcome :)

  • Targeted. Doesn’t work on annual sub.

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    2 months worked for me as an inactive sub, thanks BA.

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    Just opens shazaam for me - no code or mention of the offer. How can you get access to a code or redeem the offer as it says ??

    • There is no code it seems. The above link just opened Apple Music for me. I didn’t have Shazam installed btw.

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    Worked for me. Gave 2 months on an inactive subscription. Cheers

  • ‘This offer only valid for new subscribers’
    Am currently still on the free trial from purchase of AirPods.

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    I have an active monthly subscription and was not eligible for the offer. I cancelled current subscription and will try again when inactive.

    • Yeah cancelled mine too now, have to wait til next month to try again, my subscription just rolled over yesterday haha.

      Use the reminder function to get a prompt.

      • +3

        Just missed out! I have a week left. On a positive note, you have at least until 15 Feb 2022 to redeem :)

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          And I'm back after waiting until my subscription was cancelled, managed to claim this offer plus two of the ones listed in this offer below.

          Won't be charged until April 2022! Don't forget yours Ivan!

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    Worked for me as well, having just finished a previous free trial. Nice to get the extra 2 months free.

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    I had cancelled a month ago and was able to claim 2 months free

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    Thanks OP, got 2 months

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    thanks OP, inactive account, 2 months free redeemed cheers

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    Just finished a trial and now got another 2 months! Thanks OP

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    Worked for me. had to download both apps but i got 5 months. cheers OP

    • Same, but no Shazam. Wonder what the criteria are? Maybe they know I have Amazon Music now and are trying to lure me away (wouldn't take much).

      • You found out their cunning plan. Apple have been sitting in California watching you and what you are up to - their privacy stance is obviously a rouse. Then when they realise you are dissatisfied with Amazon they spring a worldwide campaign just so that you will flip to them. Well played Apple.

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    Thanks👍 5 months free on new account.
    3‑Month Free Trial Starting Today
    2‑Month Offer Starting 06 Jan 2022
    $11.99 per month Starting 06 Mar 2022

    Reminders set to cancel!

    • You can cancel it now also to avoid auto recharge.
      The trial subscription would still run till the end date even if you cancel now.

      • +3

        As 5 month offer is split into 2 offers…
        Will wait until free 3 month free trial ends & next 2 month free subscription starts next year before cancelling - just in case.

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    redeemed 2 months for me. - using phone qr code scan
    sweet, thanks for posting

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    Got one month free… Thanks op

    • And got another two months through shazam

  • +1

    Got 5 months

  • Can anyone tell me why when I click on the Redeem button, it briefly says opening "Apple Music" then goes back to the same offer page?

    Is it supposed to open the Apple Music app on my phone? Samsung android user with Apple Music already installed

  • Got 2 months - thank you. Now to test the high quality music!

  • anyone? My Apple Music app doesn't open when clicking Redeem, am I missing something??

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    Got 2 months free on lapsed account. Have gotten free Apple Music for probably >2/3 of the past two years from these free trials.

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    Got 2 months. Thanks OP.

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    Thanks OP! I’m currently on another 1 month trial and it let me add another 2 months for free.

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    Got 2 months. Thanks OP!!

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Got 2 months free :D

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    redeemed for 2 months as inactive existing subscriber

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    Is there some mirror setup to allow the phone to scan its own screen?

  • +1

    Good on QR code thanks!

  • +1

    I used Apple Music in the past but now when I went for this offer I got free 5 months which is great! Thank you!

  • is the Apple Music app meant to open when you click on Redeem? I am puzzled why it's not working, tried two different phones now

  • +1

    Work for me thanks another 2 months free … had to make sure Shazam app was active on iPhone

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    Got 2 free months.. Thanks op!!

  • +1

    Thanks OP. 2 months free

  • OP might need to update the post to say only working on Apple devices, unable to get the QR code to open Apple Music on Android here.

    • On Android, just clicked on Go to Deal link. Got 5 months free.

      • Mine says Redeem Offer on the Shazam page, but it does nothing. What android browser did you use?

  • I recently cancelled Apple music subscription so figured I'd try this - it worked, however, it initially said the subscription was until February 7th 2022 but when it finished doing it's thing I actually got 2 months. Still, well worth the price.
    Also, was done on my Android device.

  • +1

    Stacks up! I was already on a 3 month free sub, this added 2 more months, thanks OP! Now just need apple to add hi-res lossless to Windows (24/192) ! Currently using an ipad air connected to an SMSL M500 dac which works like a charm, but would be nice to have it in Windows as well!

  • As someone who has been using Spotify on Android for what feels like 10 years, is there any use to this whatsoever?

    • Same, I'm so used to the Spotify interface and the awesome playlists it makes. Yet, I'm really liking the apple interface as well, and the SQ is really good given you're listening on "higher end" gear. I have a bunch of apple devices at home (ipad, apple tv, macbook, iphone) and they all integrate well. By default music plays a bit louder on apple music, not sure if that means it's better though. Sometimes newness is also appreciated. Give it a try since it's free for a few months, who knows you might get used to it! Oh.. And the lyrics view is quite cool :)

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    Thanks OP. Got the 5 months.
    Anyone on Android having issues logging in? I go to sign in with my Apple ID username and password and it just does nothing. No errors or anything but just doesn't log in. It appears to accept the sign in details but nothing happens after. Anyone having the same?

  • Never used Shazam, or Apple Music before, took the offer (cheers), but holy shit, in a move reminiscant of that time they shoved a U2 album down everyone's throat, (profanity) Apple Music put Spotify off my lil dock thing and onto the home screen and took it's place. Goddamn, you petty bitch.

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    2 months for me as well. thanks mate

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    I’m not active subscriber (just quit last month) but didn’t give me 2 etc months. “You already have a subscription” no I don’t caaaants

  • how is this targeted? never received email

  • +2

    5 months free! Never used Apple Music before so perfect time to start

  • +3

    Had 3 months free, used this QR code and had an extra 2 months free added. Thanks OP!

    • Nice one! Just seen your post and did the same and went from 2 months to 4 for free. Thanks!

  • Thanks! My annual subscription expired in September. Two free months is handy.

  • Anyone know if you can stack this with 6 months free with AirPods purchase?

    • How do you get that??

      • It just appeared on my iPhone after updating to iOS 15. But I looked up the details for you.

        In doing that I have somewhat answered my own question, as it states it can’t be used with other offers, but I guess sometimes these things still work.

  • Great stuff OP. I signed up yesterday for 3months and today I got stacked up to 5 months until March 05 2022!! So yes you can get it if you are on a “free trial”.

  • 5 months. POG

  • Sidebar: if you cancel your Apple Music subscription and then restart at a later date do you get to keep all your playlists or have to start fresh?

  • Did this with my Android Phone and got 2 months.

    Was looking to leave Spotify and jump back to Apple anyway so glad I saw this.

  • I’m a new user should I take the 3 months free from Apple then add the 2 months via shazam? Or is there another way to get more months?

  • +1

    You Sir are a LEGEND!

    In my Apple Music app there was an offer for 6 months free. I signed up to that first and then followed all three links above and will of them worked (although for one I only got 1 month extra) BUT eventually after I applied everything I now have free subscription until September 2022!!

    Unfortunately it’s only for Individual subscription not family but hey it’s almost a year free of Apple Music!

    Thanks OP!!

    • Ah damn wish I knew this before I signed up to the 5 months free haha you too are a legend for sharing.

  • Thanks, had almost given up on this working but came back to it after seeing the other deal and got it to working, combined to get 8 months free!

  • I can't work out how to sign up as a new member and get the 5 month deal. Can anyone help?

    Using an Android phone. Have installed both the Apple Music and Shazam apps. Then signed up to Apple Music. Clicked on the link above "Go to deal" on my phone. Then I click on Redeem offer that pops up. This then takes me to my account in the Apple Music app. The only option I have there is the Free Trial. Clicking on that shows only the standard 3 month trial offer. Am I missing something?

    Or should I just try and sign up for the other 5 month deal? By the looks of that, if I go through with the free trial I won't be able to get that one?

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