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Asus ROG Strix LC Radeon RX 6900 XT GPU $2699 Delivered @ Scorptec


Good Morning OZB,

Posting this here, might interest someone. Cheapest version of this card that I could find.

You can also Redeem Far Cry 6 and Resident Evil Village from AMD if purchased before Dec 31st 2021

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  • Price in title please.

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      With GPUs at the moment, if you have to ask, you can't afford it!

      • You talking about a ZJ?

  • Should also put store in title

  • This belongs in Computing.

  • Just a heads up the cooler wires/tubes are really long, might have to work it around your case.

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    GPUs are really expensive right now. A price and availability comparison for Nvidia cards in AU shops here: https://thors-stuff.com/gpu-availability-australia-071021/

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    Wow, I would rather buy a 3080Ti than a liquid cooled 6900XT (not a fanboi if nvidia, just saying.)

    • This. DLSS and Ray Tracing makes a huge difference for Team Green!

      • Exactly my thoughts. As much I would like to support AMD, with prices like this, I would want best bang for the buck.

    • which would you get if 6900xt is 1899 and 3080LHR is 1999

      • Depends. 4K I would go with more vram hence 6900XT as future games might need more vram.

        For everything else 3080. For myself, I have a 27"DGF and might upgrade to 38" alienware and would buy a 3080. But I am skipping the 3XXX series. MY GTX 1080 is plenty enough to get 80+ FPS with minimal game settings tweaking.

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    I simply cannot comprehend how this time last year I bought an entire R7/3080 build for the cost of this single component. I missed the boat on the housing market but can't say the same for my PC XD

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      Yeah, I was like "Ah, she'll be right" a year ago…
      It's really just the GPU that's the issue, though. As long as you're happy with your current GPU there's still enough decent deals on RAM/MoBo/CPU/Storage

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    pretty good for this model.

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