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NetGear Orbi 4GX Router with Satellite $180 (RRP $399) + 1 Month Plan Cost (Min. $195) @ Telstra


Telstra have their Netgear 4GX router with Satellite on special until the 1st of November ($219 off).
Says you have to add an upfront data plan, the cheapest is $15 for 5gb.
Seems like a decent price for a 4g modem and mesh system but obviously depends on how good your Telstra reception is.

Reviews are ok:

Might pop my sim from the JB hifi deal in there (the $69 for 300gb per month)

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    It’s time to discount the 5G modems!

  • Not a bad price for a LTE Cat 18 4g router.


  • So is this locked to Telstra only?.

    If so it won't be any good if you want to move to Optus or Vodafone 4G. It would be an expensive door stop.

    And i thought at first going by the product title that it also supported satellite internet. My mistake.

    • Is it? I see the option to buy outright, so probably it is not locked?

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        You used to be able to buy 4G modems outright that were still locked to Telstra.

        But these were the Telstra 4G prepaid modems which were definitely locked to Telstra and needed an unlocking code purchased in order to unlock.

        This is about it.


        The question is this Telstra Orbi 4GX modem router locked to the Telstra mobile network also. It's postpaid so it might not be locked. But does any one know for sure if it's locked or not?.

        • Just received and us with Optus SIM.
          More than 10 times faster than my cat6 router (ASUS 4g ac68u).

          Happy with it so far.

          • @Lllyyy: Hi, what is the speed of Optus on this router?

          • @Lllyyy: Lllyyy, when you say 10 x faster, are you talking about 4g connection, or the wifi? And are you using Telstra or another sim? (I've also got a 4g ac68u and trying to work out best way to add mesh)

      • +1

        chat telstra customer rep, they said unlocked for outright buy.
        Placed the order, will come back if locked.

  • For what it's worth I've found this Orbi satellite to be significantly worse than the rbk50 style satellites.

    I have them in a mesh system together, but get terrible signal to this satellite on the TV, chromecast, pixel, and Samsung S21, even from 1m away.

    So marginally useful satellite vs none at all.

  • I was looking at this for my parents but Telstras data plans and pricing are annoying.
    I think they will need a little more than 75gb but less than 400gb… as pensioners they can't justify the cost of the 400gb.

    I've been using my phone data as my hotspot for years and wouldn't even have a clue what to look for with this stuff though so not sure whether to buy it for them or not.

  • I currently own this modem. I used it for a few months on Telstra's 4g network and it was absolutely brilliant. Perfect internet throughout a 200sm brick house. Then used it on NBN and it was just as good. Amazing price

  • can go to payment stage without choose any plan…

    • And does the payment even go through?.

      • Yes, all went through without asking for any plan, order was placed. Waiting for the shipment. Spoke to the rep, no lock with network due to purchase outright. It is LTE CAT 18 according to manufacturer website. See how it goes.

        • Oh so it must be you only have to select a mobile phone plan if you chose the 12, 24 or 36 month repayment plan.

          It's good if you can afford the upfront cost.

    • received and try on Optus sim. Works fine,
      You need to reset device if changing to Telstra Sim after.

      4 times faster than link mr6400 v5 on same spot.

  • I wonder if you can use a Telstra prepaid mobile SIM with this.

    And since it's supposedly not locked to Telstra retail itself. Or a BOOST prepaid SIM. And also if you can use a Telstra MVNO SIM. For example Woolworths Mobile, ALDI Mobile, Belong and Lycamobile to name a few. Or even an Optus, Vodafone or one of their various MVNO. That is a good question.

    Some times deals through a Telstra MNVO is better than from Telstra retail itself. I mean $45 per month through Belong gets you 80GB of data per month with a data bank.

    It might pay to try say a Belong $2 prepaid sim in it to see if it's recognised. Or whatever else.

    • If it's unlocked then anything will work. I use a Belong SIM in Huawei B818 that originally came from Optus. It is 4G LTE CAT19.

      • Nice. I don't use mobile internet on a home router. But i too use a Belong SIM but in an Oppo A74 smartphone and the highest speed i've seen is about 90 Mbps download through 4G. If only i could achive that speed with my crappy NBN FTTN. But alas there's no unlimited 4G mobile as far as i know.

      • B818 is nice, but Optus has no stock in my area, they will supply ZTE instead.

        • Huawei products had been banned from import and sale in Australia. Maybe has some thing to do with Optus not being able to supply the B818 any more.

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