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15% off ONA Coffee @ Direct Coffee


Everyone seemed to love this deal last time, so we've been able to secure it again!

15% off ALL ONA Coffee! Plus Free Parcel Post shipping nationwide on orders over $70.

Coffee will be dispatched directly from the ONA Roastery in Canberra 2-3 days after order.

Eg. Maple Blend - 1kg $46.71 (+ $5.99 Shipping)

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  • Have Ona resorted to using AusPost parcel post indefinitely? I remember a time where they shipped everything via StarTrack. I fear that coffee roasted to order will still be 15+ days post-roast by the time it lands.

    • +2

      I remember those days too! Unfortunately it seems they've gone all in on Auspost domestically. We are seeing parcels start to move a bit quicker out of Canberra though so I don't think you'll end up with 15 day old coffee.

      • Out of Canberra, sure, but the speed moving into and through VIC/NSW is the concern.

        • +1

          Sorry I meant the whole journey. Looking at the last 10 or so parcels to VIC/NSW and the delivery time is inside a week.

          • +1

            @directcoffee: Maybe it's just my location in northern Melb where they shut down the Somerton processing plant for a couple of weeks. 3+ week wait for some parcels from interstate east-side.

      • I ordered some of the beans from the "God's Honest Truth" deal on the 5th and don't even have a notification of dispatch yet. Buying direct from Small Batch and it's dispatched next business day every time, no exceptions, by courier (if selected). Kinda miss that.

        • I'm currently doing labels as we speak - you'll get a notification very soon.

        • Are you able to send through your order number so I can take a look?

    • +4

      I made an order last week, shipped 29th Arrived 5th in Sydney.
      Not impressed with the coffee for the price though.
      The Raspberry is too overpowering.
      The Aspen taste like your avg coffee bean.

      • +2

        Raspberry Candy is a fickle beast, but so good if you follow the recipe and get the extraction just right it's the most amazing coffee. Nb. it's 120g of steamed milk with 39/2 g of espresso per cup. If you're putting the 39g + 120g steamed milk that may explain the OP flavour .

        • Thx mate, I think it is more that I am not into flavoured coffee. Small hints and nuances are OK, but the flavour, in general, is a no go for me.
          I have swapped over to my bag of Aspen and like it much better.

          • -1

            @zakarados: I think you like your coffee burnt :p

          • @zakarados: Flavoured? What does that even mean? Unless you're implying that they've added something which would be completely incorrect.

            • @dualscyther: Buy some and find out what I mean.

              • +1

                @zakarados: I've had the raspberry candy many times from Ona cafes and from Sevens in the CBD. I can see why you would think that, but it's a pretty big accusation to level at Ona that they're adding things to the coffee.

      • +1

        The first time I tried it I had a similar reaction, but more like 'wow, I didn't know coffee could taste like this'.

        Raspberry Candy is made up of 3 origins but all from Ethiopia. Coffee from Africa generally have fruits/floral notes. Add to that the processing method - one being (super)natural, and another CM (carbonic maceration), where fermentation further enhances the fruity nature of the beans.

        If you prefer blends with a similar profile to the Aspen, I'd suggest sticking with blends that consist of Central/South American origins. If you want to start to dabble with more fruity/floral notes, find a blend that consists of say a South American and an African. From ONA's selection the closest would be Gateway, but even that might be a little too overpowering for you.

        I'm a little more familiar with Five Senses lineup, from most traditional to less traditional tasting notes - Crompton Road, Dark Horse, then Hi Fidelity and Tightrope.

        The best coffee is the one that you like :)

  • +1

    Great price on the Raspberry Candy, highly recommended for milk based espresso, so sweet it's almost like drinking sugar.

  • -1

    Ona are in top 3 coffee roasters Australia!

    I wanna see this in the bundles, I like the diversity :p

    • Who are the other 2?

      • +1

        I would throw The Reformatory in there, but it is difficult to place the last spot it would be a battle between Everyday, Wood and Co, Artificer.

        • Artificer is probably my fav I've tried in Sydney. I also enjoy Ona and Neighbourhood. I usually stay next door to Reformatory so have tried it a few times - I find it ok, but tbh I have been a bit underwhelmed (maybe I just have too high expectations because everyone seems to rave about it).

          I don't mind Everyday. Proud Mary probably my fav in Melbourne.

          Will have to try Wood and Co based on your recommendation, because overall I like your other suggestions. Cheers.

          Btw, who are you associated with? (you've marked yourself as associated)

    • Get all 4 filter options! Diversity ;)

      • Haha, I still have 5 other bags to get through! I'll see if the deal is still available once I'm done.

    • Ona are in top 3 coffee roasters Australia!

      Can I see the full list?

      • The list is just based on snobbery and preference

        • I am ok with that. Where is the link?

    • Does not look like Ona is in top 3 on OzB.

  • I tried Maple in last purchase , what else i should try now ?

    • Give Aspen or Gateway a go :)

  • -3

    15% off coffee is hardly a bargain, a sale maybe but not a bargain. Even after the discount it’s $50+ for 1kg of coffee!

  • +2

    Argh, too much coffee already…

    Rep- what is the expiry date of this deal?

    • +1

      Let me know when you're ready and we'll sort you out :)

  • Really like Ona beans (especially Raspberry Candy), and rarely do they offer discounts.

    One thing I don't like however is they don't appear to put a roast date on the bags anymore. I think this happened when they changed to the new style bags. I received an order a couple of weeks ago, and no roast dates.

    • Hey Tron, they've got a fancy new packing machine that embosses the roast date onto the top seal of the bag. It's hard to see but it's definitely there. Hope that helps.

      • +1

        My apologies, you are correct.

        It is almost invisible though, had to put it under direct light to even see it.

  • Literally just got home from a click&collect trip to the mall where one of the Ona carrying cafes was open, and managed to get my first Raspberry Candy in about a month. Sooooo gooooood.

    I keep trying to convince my wife we need to upgrade from the Nespresso pod machine to real coffee but so far no luck.

    Any hints/tips? She does love “real” coffee so it’s not like she’s always just happy with a pod.

    • +1

      Here are my loose maths I've commented in the past, that show the financial return using a breville coffee machine @ $500 as an example

      Breville - 1kg (1000gms) = 100 coffees at 10g per coffee (I actually might use 18g for a double shot across 2 cups). Even at $50/kg thats 50c per cup (get onto Directcoffee for better pricing).
      Nespresso is generally 75c-$1 per cup. If youre having 4 coffees a day then thats $1-$2 per day saving, which means 1-2 years before youre financially better off. Just my experience. Then theres the superior coffee

      • -1

        This is not realistic for several reasons:
        - $500 is going to get you a barista express, which has a poor grinder, inconsistent pressure, and you'll likely end up upgrading from it soon
        - No one actually doses 7-10g, 16-20g is what 99% of people do
        - Nespresso machines will likely last longer than espresso machines

        Whilst i enjoy my espresso setup, i don't think it actually is worth it in terms of cost unless you're having 3-4 shots+ in a day.

        • +1
          • $500 is going to get you a barista express, which has a poor grinder, inconsistent pressure, and you'll likely end up upgrading from it soon

          plenty of people are happy with the Barista express, and with a few changes to routine you can get fairly consistent coffee. 3 years and still going over here (although admittedly looking to upgrade soon)

          • No one actually doses 7-10g, 16-20g is what 99% of people do

          I also use 18-20g in the double shot basket 99% of the time - making coffee for two people. On the rare occasion that I'm the only one having a coffee, then 7-10g is pretty standard for a single shot (if you dont believe me VST baskets range from 7g-25).

          • Nespresso machines will likely last longer than espresso machines

          not sure about that

          Whilst i enjoy my espresso setup, i don't think it actually is worth it in terms of cost unless you're having 3-4 shots+ in a day

          same thing I said

          If youre having 4 coffees a day then thats $1-$2 per day saving,

      • Most of the time people buy high end machine/grinder/expensive beans not to save money but to higher quality coffee.

  • Thanks for that!

    So if I want to spend $1500 on a machine and grinder and then buy expensive coffee like the aforementioned Raspberry Candy, it will take more like 4 years.

    But as you say, much better coffee.

    • Yeah, $80/kg is gonna break the formula, you might never pay off the coffee machine but you'll enjoy better coffee =)

  • Was ordering $73 and still getting charged for shipping. 5x200g

    • My mistake. All good

      • Glad to hear it worked :)

  • Tempted to try, i wonder if the raspberry candy and mapple/hitman will be any good if brewed with bonavita immersion dripper/french press or cold brew

    • To be totally upfront, all of these blends are best with milk. They can be served black, but it's not the best.

      • cannot be hacked by brewing using hot milk, can we? :-(
        (maybe not, just tried my luck by asking :-) )

        Do you have any recommendation with a similar taste profile for pour over/french press?
        maybe the one that's sweet enough that not requiring any additional sugar?

        • +1

          Fair enough! Most blends are best with milk tbh.

          All of the filter options should have more than enough natural sweetness to offset the need for sugar.

          Really comes down to what other flavours you enjoy :)

  • thanks DC, grabbed some Maple and Candy, sweet tooth here

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