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[Steam, PC] Asmodee Digital Board Games up to 70% off (e.g. Ticket to Ride $7.25, Terraforming Mars $14.47) and More @ Steam


Have board games but no one to play with due to lockdowns?
Why not try out digital versions of some great boardgames

Gaming enthusiasts, we’ve got you well covered this weekend with discounts up to 80% on a variety of our games on Steam.

This is due to the digital launch of Gloomhaven for $36 on October 20th

Many of these games may be cheaper especially if bundling on the just released Humble digital bundle here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/656002
eg if only considering Terraforming Mars for $14.47, you would get a bigger bang for your buck with more games for only $2 more

Digital games include (BGG ratings of physical board games in brackets)

Ticket to ride $7.25 (#34 among family games)
Carcassonne $7.25 (#37 among family games)
Scythe $11.58 (#14 overall)
Terraforming Mars 14.47 ((#4 overall)
Splendor $5.80 (#30 in family games)
Patchwork 2.48 (#12 in family games; two player game)
Pandemic $5.80 (#16 in family games)
Mysterium $4.27 (#15 in family games)
Love Letter $1.99 (#64 in family games)
Lord of the Rings $14.47
Arkham Horror $14.97
Blood Rage $14.47
Takenoko $5.80
Isle of Skye $1.99
Le Havre $1.99
Ticket to ride Europe (DLC) $4.16
Ticket to ride DLCS $4.16 ea
and more

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  • I've heard mixed things about Carcassonne… Anyone played it?

    • +1

      played it and liked it

      it is 20 years old and was revolutionary in its day
      perhaps a bit simple today

      for a similar, but advanced tile laying game, try Isle of Skye

    • +1

      first board game I ever bought IRL, still have a great time with it nearly 10 years later. Probably wouldn't be my first choice for a digital version though, I want to be sitting across from someone when I steal back the megafarm lol.

  • Does the new Gloomhaven digital game require everyone to have a copy or just the host?

  • I already have blood rage, ticket to ride, terraforming Mars, pandemic, mysterium, and love letter. I highly recommend all of those, but especially Lord of the Rings. Now I can add scythe and gloomhaven! Thanks OP

    • +1

      would you consider the humble bundle for $5 more?


      It includes Scythe and may be worth if it has a few DLC/ games if you don't already own

      • Thanks for the pointer. I have most of those but the money goes partly to charity so worth it for scythe!

        • Make sure you change the sliders of you want to donate more to charity. Humble only give a small cut by default

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