This was posted 8 months 30 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Ties & Pocket Squares $10.50ea Delivered (e.g. Elia Tie Grey), 3 Marked Items for $30 Delivered @ Politix

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    Haven’t seen many people wear these anymore

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      They still wear them a lot in politix.

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  • What the hell are these?

    • The pocket square or tie clip? On the rare occasion O wear a tie the tie clip is actually useful so it doesn't blow everyone/get in your food if you're eating.

      • All the CEOs just whack it over there shoulder when they eat

      • Must be some weird fetish/relics from the past.

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        Yeah I hate it when my tie blows everyone

  • wonder why some are worth $69 and the others worth $79

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      None of them are worth anything close to that.

      They’re only 6cm, which is ridiculously skinny for a tie. You’re better off going without then wearing these.

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        Oh but how else will the Year 10 kids look phresh at the formal?

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      69 because lol
      79 so they can discount it $10 to bring it down to 69 and lol

  • don't forget Never forget the Waldon Bow Tie

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      I'll wear that attending the annual Ozbargain meetup

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        In a black suit with square toed shoes.

      • if you're driving there, be aware that the extra weight increases fuel consumption. otherwise just don't leave home without it period

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        I wonder when that will be. 😭

  • If it ain't mulberry silk, it's trash. 100% sure these are the same types of pocket squares you can find on AliExpress for cheaper.

    Most men don't even know how to wear a pocket square properly anyway.

    • +3

      it's trash
      the politix brand in general.

      • I mean yeah that's largely true.

        • Most men don't know that the pocket they are filling with a useless piece of colored material, is actually designed to hold a train ticket, so the conductor doesn't have to wake you.
          Pocket squares became a trend the same way golden stickers on starter caps did, men didn't know to take the tag off.

    • coz they're men

    • +1

      What's so good about Mulberry silk?

    • Most men don't even know how to wear a pocket square properly anyway

      That's because men are only likely to ever wear one when they are groom/best man in a formal wedding.

      Or maybe a pompous professional like judge, lawyer or specialist doctor.

    • What's the "proper" way…?

      I do the basic "stuff it into your pocket" technique and I think it looks much better than folded, hardly required me to goto a finishing school to do it

  • The grey Elia tie is out of stock. Still some blue left.

    • the grey is probably the only good tie out of them all lol

      • Agree, only came for the grey

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    Tough crowd lol

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      Not required at Centrelink?

  • I love a good bit of fashion, but I also love a good deal. This is close but doesn't quite cut it for me
    I buy my ties from the Salvos for $1-5ea, get my tie clips from eBay for maybe $5ea, and my pocket squares are just 20x20 offcuts from spotlight for like $2ea (means I can always have something to compliment my wife's dress when we goto weddings etc).
    I'd rather spend more money on a good long lasting coat or swish blazer

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      I’m sure you can get a swish blazer at Salvos

  • Should get a few of these to wear when working from home.

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    Order cancelled 9 days later. Very professional indeed.

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      Got the email too. I wonder how many they had to cancel..

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      Same. BS. Website was showing in stock for the item.

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      +1. Waiting for refund. Email offered 30% off next purchase…

  • I got my order cancelled as well. I am waiting the refund. Politix says it will be processed in 5 businness days.
    Interesting, to charge me they took only 5 secods…

  • has anyone got it shipped at all?

    • nothing yet not even an emial for cancellation

  • Hope I could negg my own post

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    Anyone receive their refund yet? Still haven't received mine. Emailed them 2 days ago and haven't heard back.

    • I got a notification of refund being initiated today (PayPal). I also sent an email to them yesterday asking as it had been more than the 5 days processing as per their original cancel/refund email I got on the 18th Oct.

    • Trash customer service cancelled my order without refund within the stated timeframe. No one answered the customer service line.

    • Got my refund yesterday on paypal. Sorry everyone :(

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    Got shipping notification today, delivering with Startrack next week, bought just one tie.

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