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Ozito PXC 18V Brushless Drill & Impact Driver Kit $149 @ Bunnings Warehouse


Brushless drill and impact driver usually sold for $99 each. Kit includes battery and charger.

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Bunnings Warehouse

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  • been this price for a while. Good deal.

    • Oh nice. Just walked into Bunnings and saw it. I've been trying to buy the brushless driver by itself for a while but the ones left on the rack are all damaged… $50 more and I get an impact driver as well. Not bad

      • Just walked into Bunnings and saw it.

        Waiting for the day us folks in VIC could do the same…

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          Who would of thought walking I to Bunnings was something we took for granted

          • @matust: Seems people with Covid get an urge to go to Bunnings or OTR service stations.

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          You can if u go to any country vic store

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            @Dex38313: So, I can potentially cop a massive fine for being outside 15km without a valid reason?

  • Isn't this a long running promotion?

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    Buying them individually would give you 2 batteries and 2 chargers. Whereas I think this pack only comes with 1 battery and 1 charger.

    Most people wouldn't need a battery for each so this is a good option but noting why there is a price difference compared to buying separately.

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      Skin only is $99

      If you got in on the recent deal for $75 for the single kit then that would've been a much better deal. I missed out

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      It would become quite tedious if you were doing something like a deck and had to change batteries all the time between predrilling and then driving the screws. Recommend 2 batteries

  • i've only been using manual screwdrivers for building furniture when required or small toys.

    would this be useful to keep in the garage?

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      Yes but not really a replacement for a screwdriver… Massive overkill for building furniture and you risk doing more harm than good if you drive the screws too far and crack the wood

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        I thought impact drivers were able to detect when it drives the screws in too far?

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          Not that I'm aware of, my mid range dewalt impact driver certainly doesn't and it cost more than double this one. They stop driving when they reach a certain torque but that would still be far more than whats required to destroy furniture.

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            @evocable: Maybe that was what i was thinking of. Setting the torque. Fair enough

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              @skidexa: The drill in this kit looks like it has an adjustable torque setting on it. I have a Stanley one and have this set to low when using it as a screwdriver so it cuts when it gets tight enough.

            • @skidexa: A drill in this set has a lot of torque settings that can be low enough to use for Ikea stuff. The driver will happily drive a coach bolt straight through a sleeper or until the head shears of; more than enough to destroy flat packs.

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      As above don't use a drill for things like that, but a little while ago i bought a cheap cordless screwdriver similar to this for general things around the house and seriously wonder why the heck I didn't get one earlier

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      If you're careful with a drill you can do it - but if you've never done it before you can cause a bit of harm by over screwing, too much power, not enough touch etc.

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      If you can wait for those Amazon Bosch sales, get the electric screwdrivers with the driver bit cartridges to easily change bits, like when IKEA stuff flips between hex and Phillips.

      Still loving the Worx Slide version of it from the Masters days. Mini screw starter drill bit, switch to the driver in seconds without the fiddling with the actual bits.

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      The drill driver can be used to build furniture and small toys as it has torque settings on it.
      So you dial it down to the lowest torque that you need and can use it to drive in screws.

      The impact driver could be used for it as well, but it's the wrong tool for the job. That is more for driving screws into say wood sleepers etc which need a bit more oomph.

    • thanks for the response everyone

  • Diy noob here. Will this be sufficient for basic jobs around the house ? Holes in the walls for shelves etc ? My first set to own. Any tips appreciated. I recall a few deal recently from Bunnings but not sure how they differ in comparison..thanks !

    • Do you have brick or plaster walls? For Brick you would want an Hammer Drill.

    • more than enough for you, because I'm a DIY noob too.

    • For basic jobs around the house buy a corded drill

      It will last you forever

      • Yes, but a cordless drill is great outside the house

        • Use an extension cord

          A cordless in 5 years is no use when the batteries are (profanity)

    • it’s a great starter set, not meant for drilling into brick but great for timber and plaster stud walls, assembling furniture, drilling into pergolas to hang planters, etc, etc. you can add skins later or you eg torch, cordless shop vac,

      4 ah battery and 2 brushless tools is great at this price,

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    My obligatory "no hammer drill, no deal" comment :P
    (For those after their first drill)

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    The Bosch blue brush-less combo (impact + drill + 2 batteries = $150) a while ago is still unbeatable.

  • +2

    Should put brand in title (or anyway really would help)…


  • I think i'm going to go with Ryobi brushless hammer drill. It has hammer mode, drill and screw mode. I don't see myself needing to fasten screws too much so probably won't need a impact driver.

    • I got one today for $200 (no special deal) It was the Hammer Drill 18v HP which has higher torque with 4Ah battery.

      No idea how it works or what it does, I just got it to clean the shower :D and also to have a set to own for future.

      • yeah thats the one that I was eyeing as well. Tried to search ozb history but i think its new so probably not many past sales lol

      • Is it actually HP with the extra contacts? Probably not that useful until Ryobi comes out with smaller capacity HP batteries, but still bugs me that some HP gear isn't actually HP.

    • This ozito driver also has those three functions

  • Do people have much luck reselling individual components of these combos that you don’t need? E.g I just need the drill and battery, not the charger or impact driver. What’s the economics in this scenario?

  • For those looking for impact driver skin only $39:

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