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Ozito PXC 18V Impact Driver (Skin Only) $49 + Shipping or Pickup @ Bunnings Warehouse


Good if you don't need a 1/2" impact wrench for $79.99 and want to use philips heads/allenhead, torx etc..

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS THE BRUSHLESS MODEL from last year https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/578812

Thanks to Lovemeabargain and other posters for bringing attention to this.


Variable speed reversing
Tri-beam LED work-light
150Nm of torque
6.35mm Quick connect chuck
Uses 18V lithium ion battery (not included)
With 150Nm of torque, this Ozito impact driver will make quick and easy work of driving and removing screws and bolts.

The compact, ergonomic design makes it a comfortable driver to use and allows better access to hard to reach places. The tri-beam LED work light ensures great visibility in low-light work conditions while the quick connect chuck makes accessory changes fast and simple.

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  • Would this work for bolts in cars? It seems very low torque…..

    • For anything under 150Nm it should work to remove, anything over probably not.

      • Definitely can't do wheel nuts unless you loosen them first.

        Having said that, a mates Makita impact driver could loosen the axel nut that my ozito couldn't.

        Buy an impact wrench instead if working on high torque nuts and bolts.

        Also highly recommend a cordless ratchet for automotive work. This is one of the most valuable tools I have

    • For the lighter bolts, sure. I have a similar rated one. Its good for when you have opposing bolt and nuts. It seems to be able to undo the bolt without spinning the whole thing.

      For things like tyre nuts, not a chance. Average tyre nut is 120nm. Although this says it can do 150, that would be an instantaneous peak reading, probably taken once the thing is already spinning. To undo a stationary nut with no momentum is a lot harder.

    • +2

      I do wheel rotation with this driver all the time (nominated torque for my cars: 80 fp = 108 Nm). Loosening the wheel nuts is easy peasy; for tightening I use a torque wrench last to ensure the correct torque.

      Also, this type of driver does not need "momentum". It is essentially a DC motor which provides maximum torque at 0 rpm. The sound it rattles at 0 rpm is very satisfying.

      • 108nm would be for a small car I'm guessing?

        I have one car that requires 120nm (5 stud pattern wheel)and the other 130nm (6 stud pattern when).
        Then there's the motorbike which is also around that too.

        Tried this ozito impact driver on all of them and it doesn't work.

        • My cars are in medium range in size. The vehicle size does not really matter in this case; the nut size and the wheel design are more important. The golden rule is tightening nuts to the correct torque, no more, no less.

          I found that mechanics usually overtighten wheel nuts a lot with their air tool; not sure if that is the case you feel hard to loosen the nuts. Also, not sure if the battery size matters here; I only use 4Ah bat for this driver.

          • @werty98: Ahh battery does matter.

            I had only tried the 1.5ah battery I had at the time.
            I have a 4ah battery now so I'll give it a go to see how it fairs with 120 and 130nm that I've tightened using a torque wrench

          • @werty98: I tried again with 4ah battery. No luck

            Then I loosened the bolt and torqued to 108nm. Still couldn't do it.

            Maybe the motor is gone on mine?

            Anyway I have an impact wrench for the job so don't need to rely on the impact driver for wheel bolts

            • @edrift: Or maybe just the matter of how you expect it work? Mine usually rattles (with very loud noise) for 1-2 seconds before the nut starts loosened. It is totally fine to hear that loud noise (hearing protection is recommended), impact drivers are designed to work that way.

              Before this Ozito one, I had a Masters' Wesco one which was even weaker (120Nm nominated), and that one also did my cars without problems.

              • @werty98: Nope. I let it rattle for a good 5 seconds and nothing happened other than it getting hot.

    • This one should be able to: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/655392

  • +6

    This is the normal price. The one last year was brushless, which is at $99 at the moment

    • Thanks, saved me

    • Agreed. Last year much better, cheaper ($39.99 vs $49.00) and stronger (180Nm vs 150Nm)

    • My bad, I thought it was the brushless one.

  • Grabbed the brushless version of this recently, to assemble a temporary wooden ramp. Worked really well. Disassembly was likewise much quicker with this, compared to using a drill/driver.

  • +1

    This is the non brushless model. the one in your comparison for $39 is brushless. I think this is probably closer to the normal price.

  • +3

    This unit is a well built all-rounder for most domestic households. Unless you are planning to use it daily (and don’t want to pay for new tech), there’s no need for brushless.

    Pair this with a normal drill, small angle grinder, sds hammer drill, blower…and you have a pretty compelling domestic war chest to tackle the odd jobs at home.

    • +1

      What do you use an angle grinder for?

      • +2

        To cut the hole in the floor for the sex dungeon trap door.

      • Grinder is excellent with a thin blade for cutting metal. Works ok with box section if you take it slowly otherwise it'll stall quite often.

        Also handy because it's so portable for padlocks and uhhh… other… bikie-related business

      • Cutting steel plate/angle iron, tidying up edges on things, wire brushing/sanding.

        It's just so much more convenient than having to find an extension lead, make sure it's plugged in, snake it outside etc..

        • Can't you do the same with a multi function tool?

          • +1

            @nfr: Angle grinder would cut brick, concrete, metal with pretty inexpensive discs.
            A multifunction tool is good for thin metal, plastic and timber.

            If you're cutting anything of decent thickness, the grinder will be much quicker and cheaper to operate

      • Not unless you already have the batteries and charger for it

        • +1

          Yep. Have the battery and charger when I bought the lawn mower

          • +2

            @DisabledUser27274: It's a very average drill.

            The brushless hammer is much better.

            • @edrift: I'll be using it to drill holes in timbre. I'm not that fussed.

  • +1

    This is the normal price, i thought?

  • +2

    If you are using the ALDI ecosystem, IMPACT DRIVER SKIN is $20 each.

    • Bad reviews on this unit. Cheap plastic. Motor burns out very quickly

  • does anyone see the Nandos symbol when they look at this quickly?

    • Sleep deprived me can see a similarity to the Galo do Barcelos in their logo! But maybe lay off the drinks before midday yeah? ;)

      • Ha ha lol

  • good for doing up typical commuter sedans or SUVs which usually ask for 80-120Nm torque per wheel nut.

    • +2

      No chance. Wouldn't recommend it.

      Most cars need minimum 120Nm for wheel nuts..and you should be using a torque wrench.

  • so is it good or not?

    • Depends on use case I'd say. I got one in the $75 kit with drill and battery. I've used it recently to drive coach screws and decking screws. No complaints from me.

    • I've got one. It's great for it's purpose.

  • +1

    Price Hipster confirms $49 is the regular price.

  • Rookie question. Is a driver or wrench the best bet to use for screw in tent pegs like these https://www.bunnings.com.au/whites-wires-screw-in-tent-pegs-... ?

    • I would suggest a cordless drill.

      I wouldn't think you need to have an impact driver for that purpose unless if your securing it into strong timber

      • Sweet I didnt think cordless drill would have enough power for that. One less thing to purchase

  • I’m planning to drill into a brick - Instaling a Ring doorbell. Do I need this or just a normal drill driver? Thanks

    • +2


      You need a hammer drill or ideally an SDS drill

      • Great thanks! Thought I can do it with a normal one lol

        • You can do it with a normal drill it might just take 10 mins of drilling instead of 3 seconds

  • +1

    The $80 impact wrench is 1/2" according to the manual, not 1/4" !!

  • For those looking for just an impact driver skin $39: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/663240

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