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Ozito PXC 18V Brushless Impact Wrench - Skin Only $79.99 (Was $99.99) @ Bunnings


Usually $99 like all the other brushless PXC skins.
I have one for taking the car to bits and it's not bad at all 👍

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  • Shows 94.98 , Darwin

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      That's a ripper of a price but this one is the wrench 👍

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        What is the diff between impact driver vs wrench? Sorry I'm dumb

        edit: Impact Wrench = Mo Powa

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          Impact wrenches have square drive bits for primarily attaching sockets to remove bolts/nuts.

          Impact drivers accept 1/4" hex driver bits which are primarily used for driving screws/bolts into things like wood (commonly Phillips and Robertson (square) heads). You can also use a 1/4" hex to square drive adapter to use sockets with these if you want to use with 6 sided fasteners which is fine for home use but is cumbersome for professionals.

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            You can also use a 1/4" hex to square drive adapter to use sockets with these

            Except it won't undo tight bolts and also maybe not tighten bolts enough for e.g. wheel nuts, engine mounts or nay other critical item on a car (although technically you are meant to use torque wrenches for that, but who does?

            • @Jackson: You need to use a torque wrench on engine mounts.
              I know people have complained about wheel nuts

        • The impact wrenches are more for removing bolts on a car or tyre. Works with impact sockets.


      • Ah whoops I missed that difference, cheers.

  • Really wish I had a need for it but I do more home DIY etc then automotive..so will save my dollars.

    Good tool and price though

    • I find the impact driver is good in combination with a socket wrench. Do up all the bolts with the driver then tighten the last turn with the wrench. Made working on my motorcycle much quicker.

  • +3

    Pulled the trigger on this ,easier than setting up my compressor ,airline ect.

    Waiting for the lawn edger with wheels $159 now to come on special.

    • interesting, I originally bought this thinking it will do me until I buy a compressor, air line…

    • I paid full price for the edger for my dad and he loves it!

  • Shame its not the impact driver. Keeping an eye out for any sales on the driver skin.

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      You can get the brushless driver with a brushless drill, battery and charger for $149. You could perhaps sell the drill/battery/charger to bring the price down. Either way, that is the best value way to get the brushless impact driver. Look for I/N 0290055.

      • Best advice 😁

      • Tried this. It’s just sat on facebook marketplace for weeks. Decided to just return it.

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    I think a difference between professional impact wrenches and drivers is that drivers have an axial hammer motion (both have rotational). If this is simply a slightly slower/higher torque version of the Ozito driver, then this plus a $25 adapter (1/2" to 1/4" hex) would be good value - but if it misses out on the rapid axial hammer action, then there is a functional difference.

  • To buy or not…I wonder if it will go down further. Still bit expensive for a impulse purchase 😉

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    Ozito PXBWS-340 specs:

    • Impact rate: 3000bmp
    • Max Torque: 215Nm

    For comparison, I use Makita DTW251 to drive 3/4" 36mm socket to undo front sprocket on 1,000cc motorcycle, specs:

    • Impact rate: 3200bmp
    • Max Torque: 230Nm

    Specs are similar, probably as capable.

    • I'm not making a claim about the relative performance in this partcular instance, but it is in no way a safe assumption that claimed specs are a fair comparison. Makita is well known for claiming specs that are close to reality because the rest of the industry is known to inflate specs. sometimes by a wide margin.

    • 215 is a bit low for an impact wrench. The Ryobi ones are 360 for the cheapest, and 700 for the most expensive. I watched some reviews recently where they tested them and they were pretty come to the claimed specs.

      • Ryobi wins when the cheapest models are compared, but Makita DTW1001 is 1,050Nm.

        • Yeah, I'm not suggesting that Ryobi is going to win against the Makitas, Milwaukees, and specialist brands. But Ryobi are a consumer level product for DIY normally, just like Ozito - although Ozito are cheaper.

        • If you need lots of torque, there's this monster @ 2100Nm

      • Depends what you use it for. I use mine for wheel nuts and general bolts on the 4wd and it's fine.

  • I have this, make sure to get a decent size batteryand fully charge it, and holding the button down and pushing firmly against the bolt helps too

  • I'm looking to buy a drill to have around the house even though I'm not handy with tools. Is this a good one to buy or it's different to what I need?

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      I'd suggest if you are not family with drills at all a decent screwdriver set might be more applicable if it's a rare use. You can buy torquing screwdrivers which are great for assembling furniture or even a compact 4v drill might be the way to go

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      Read the comments above, they will also help.
      But NO, this is not suitable for drilling. You need a drill driver.

      Drill driver = drilling holes, lightweight screwing
      Impact Driver = More torque for driving screws and bolts
      Impact wrench = Most torque for tightening/loosening very tight or large nuts/bolts e.g. wheel nuts, engine mounts

      A drill driver will do 80% of general DIY stuff. So if's that's all you need go for something like this https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-drill-driver-kit_p...

      • Would this be enough for using hole saws for plasterboard walls?

        How about drilling through brick?

        • Yes to hole saw, no to brick. You need a drill with a hammer function + masonry bits.

          Ozito has a similar kit with a hammer drill: https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-hammer-drill-kit_p...

          It's overkill for a rare one off job, but if you plan to drill into many bricks or plan to do it regularly, then you want a rotary hammer drill.

        • No, you need to get a hammer drill which will be able to drill through brick and take the hole saw attachments.

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      For home use, a impact wrench is probably one of the last tools you would use. A drill / driver (with hammer function) is probably the most useful out of a drill, impact driver or impact wrench.

  • Are there any cheap knock off batteries for it?

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      Ozito batteries are cheap knock off batteries! They often have 4ah ones on sale for $48 which is bugger all for a lithium battery pack that size.

      • Ah yep. How power hungry are they? Is it worth waiting for the 4ah to go on special or just to make do with the 2ah?

        • +1

          Home use a 2ah will last a very long time, but you will get a little more power with a larger battery as well. All lithium tools benefit from using a larger battery pack when you can for more power. Up to you really, why not both :)

    • Bunnings have had 'promotional' black Ozito batteries in the past, which were really cheap compared to the normal red version (about half price I think it was). Hopefully they show up again.

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    I ordered one to try, as I have wanted one for ages. One thing I'm interested to find out is how powerful it is. I have a Milwaukee impact driver which has 225nm of torque, which is more powerful than this, but I'm wondering if the quick sharp impacts of the driver vs the long slow impacts of the wrench will make this better for removing nuts… At worst I guess I will be snapping less 1/2 inch adaptors for the driver.

  • If click and collecting, be sure they’ve given you the wrench, not the driver. They look almost identical on the packaging. The opposite happened to me when the driver was $39. Opened the box for the first time many months later when I finally needed to use it and it was the wrench. Bunnings exchanged it, but it sure was an awkward encounter at the returns desk.

  • Can this be used for removing/tightening wheel lug nuts on 4x4?

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      Best practice would be tightening with a torque wrench, but the average car asks for 100ish NM of torque and this claims to hit over 200, so you should be able to be fine if you don't overdo it.

      I use one when I need to take wheels on and off a lot if I'm working on the car, but if you roughly know the feel of what the right torque is with a hand tool you can finish/check the bolts with a hand wrench after doing the speedy work with the power too. Also, obv. start the threads by hand first so you don't crossthread.

      :-) love my impact wrench, but now I'm craving an impact ratchet

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      It should as the torque on a wheel nut is normally done up to 70 - 80nm

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      Recently had the tyres changed on a triton.
      I tried to use this device to take the nuts off and they had no hope. I needed to use a breaker bar to get the nuts off, as the rattle gun had put them on so tight.

      • +1

        Should always use a torque wrench.Sadly they don't very often.

      • +1

        My tyre shop put my wheels on too tight on my triton. I took it back and asked them to torque them properly, and tighten by hand.

        My ozito takes them off easy now. Then I tighten with a torque wrench to the correct torque setting.

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      If your last mechanic didn't smash your wheel nuts with his 500 Nm rattle gun you should be fine.

      This wrenches theoretical maximum torque is within range of the standard torque required on wheel nuts.

      That being said i haven't met a single mechanic or tyre fitter that didnt smash my wheel nuts with a rattle gun and it always gives me a headache later on.

      Mod: Fixed association (use twam in future).

  • Thanks OP. Been on my list for a while.I have a full set of socket adapters for my Milwaukee impact (I have never had an issue) but wanted something for occasional all socket work and wheels.

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    Any recommendations on an impact rated socket set? I'm assuming I shouldn't use my standard manual sockets with an impact wrench?

    • That's what "they" say but I've done it literally thousands of times.

      Having said that, I also have the older version of these and they're pretty good value.


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      For low torque applications, a standard socket would probably be ok, however there is a risk that the socket may shatter and cause you harm. Also, most standard sockets are 12 point, which isnt really that great undoing bolts as there is also a chance it will round off the bolt head easier.

      6 point sockets are what you want to use with a impact wrench. The ideal would be a Cr-Mo set as there is more flex in the socket and less likely to shatter, however Cr-V sockets (hardened) are made for impact use too, and normally cheaper.

      • Concur on this. I've trashed a few cheap 12 point sockets with this impact wrench but it was no great loss.

  • Does the battery from this kit work on this? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/652692

  • Will they discount the kit that has the sockets and battery/charger?

    • I have the kit and wound up buying a better set of impact sockets anyway. Skip the kit and buy a more comprehensive impact set, especially if you already have batteries/charger.

      • Which socket set did you go for?

  • +1

    I've got one and it works well. At 79 it really represents good value.

  • Sits next to my spare wheel besides a telescopic wrench and the USB charge unit and tyre plugs….

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    If you are using the ALDI ecosystem, BRUSHLESS IMPACT WRENCH SKIN is $30 each.

    • +1

      I'm tempted to buy a aldi battery just for this lol

      • I bought a number of ALDI 4Ah batteries when they were $30 to $35. They are great.

    • Based on the one review on Autobarn’s site I don’t think it’s worth the risk, strangely it has an overall rating of 4 stars even though its one reviewer gave it one star

    • FYI i have this one (repco version) and use it with an ozito battery with aldi adaptor (guy on gumtree does them for $50).

      The first one failed after about 3 weeks (with not much use) but since you get a 5 Year Warranty then I just went in and swapped it for another one.

      Note that its 'brushless' and the claimed torque is 320Nm.

  • Will this wrench work to undo stuck nuts on the mower?

    • +9

      Just stop sitting on the mower.

      • +1

        Do a leg jiggle.

  • Does this include a wheel nut socket?

  • Do you think it's worth getting the kit for $199 (includes socket set, battery, charger and box). I don't have any battery or charger.

    Just trying to work out the value ratio of buying separately or buying as a kit

    • Much the muchness, the Skin is $80, Battery and charger (only 2.5ah battery) is $59 which leaves around $60 for a set of impact sockets.

  • Has this got enough grunt to undo a harmonic balancer bolt and would it work well with the 1.5ah batteries from the hammer drill kit?

    • What's the torque / degree turn for the replacement?

  • 190Nm

    • Between penetration oil and this you should be ok

  • Reckon it's worth getting this if I already have an impact driver?
    Main use would be the occasional removal of lug nuts, I have a torque wrench to re-tighten them.

    • +1

      only if u need the extra torque

    • +2

      I literally bought this for the sole purpose of taking off wheels.

      • +3

        Okay so I tried using the Ozito impact driver to remove a lug nut and it didn't have enough power, tried with this impact wrench and worked fine.

        @pOint01 I'm on the same boat now haha

        • +1

          I agree with this. i solely bought it to remove wheels and this could with short bursts.

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