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ROMOSS 20000mAh Power Bank $28.04 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Romoss via Amazon AU


Currently on lightning sale for an extra 15% off.

Slightly cheaper than previous deal

Note: Despite it having PD in the title it seems to not be able to have PD

Edit: After talking to support the extra 15% is now expired and price is back to $28.04

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Suspect isn't USB PD despite the title. But is cheap.

    • Reading through the comments from previous deal it looks like you're right. I'll add to description.

    • Also not sure how I feel about having the title price changed after people have already upvoted it, can get misleading.

      • Changed it because the extra 15% expired, I didn't know it wasn't going to last that long the only other option would be to just delete the deal or make it expired but there is still the original 15% discount still going

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    Very good power bank, i have the xiaomi one and the battery has swollen

  • I just went to order and its not showing as $28.04 , anyone getting the same? Before I posted I checked it at $23.09

    edit: Support confirmed the extra 15% is now expired

  • My partner has this power bank to charge her Google pixel 4A, and it states that it's fast charging on the screen with USB-C. It will sit on the shelf for months then we go on holidays it's always above 95% capacity. It's a great budget Powerbank.

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    Any recommendation on a 100w PD powerbank to charge a laptop computer?

    • Not pd but what about something like this?

      I recently bought one these to get around the pd protocol issues, then I can just the laptop straight into there no issues

      • Thank you, is that available in OZ? Would you know if it is efficient converting from DC battery to AC then back to DC again for the laptop? I am thinking something like this from Officeworks https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/cosmol-25-... . not sure if it is any good.

        • Yep it's available from aus with all the aus outlet plugs etc. Mine came from melbourne.

          I don't think it's the most efficient way of going from DC to ac back to DC but it has a much larger battery than the comsol one.

          My main issue was some of the laptops I wanted to use this for have the type c pd but there seems to be some sort of firmware restriction on the laptop that prevents it from charging from non-branded type c chargers. So running through the normal out with it's official charger gets around that issue.

          Also something to note officework's comsol branded stuff seems to make the recall page a fair bit. I have more trust in the Eveready brand over theirs https://www.officeworks.com.au/information/policies/product-...

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            @Perrino: My Asus is like that too, it doesnt like non original charger. Will look into the Eveready, thanks.

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    now showing $32.99 after the 15% off

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