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Donate $2 to Beyond Blue and Get Double The Churros @ San Churro


All San Churro stores nationally will be donating 100% of 'Share a Churros Week' proceeds to Beyond Blue and will help fund their 24/7 Support Services that assist those affected by anxiety and depression.

To redeem:
• Order a 'Churros for One', 'Churros for Two', or 'Kids Churros'
• Donate $2 and get double the churros (note you only get the extra churros, it excludes any extra dips)

The $10 'Churros for One' will include 6 churros + 1 dip (from 3 churros + 1 dip)
The $16 'Churros for Two' will include 12 churros + 2 dips (from 6 churros + 2 dips)
The $6 'Kids Churros' will include 6 kids-sized churros + 1 dip + sprinkles (from 3 kids-sized churros + 1 dip + sprinkles)

Valid in-store and for pick-up or delivery when you order from order.sanchurro.com

Nice and easy way to get behind a worthy cause (more info on Beyond Blue here)

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  • Very good. Why doesnt the company pay the 2 bucks isnt it good for them in terms of tax purpose ?

    • +2
      1. their Cost is les than 2 bux
      2. now they get their tax back on their cost & $2 bux for charity.. which they can also choose to donate.. (ie, tax back on cost + $2 > $2)
    • +3

      They will, you pay San Churro, they donate it to charity.

      However it doesn't make any difference to San Churro tax.

      If San Churro gets $2 of income and donates it to charity their income reduces by $2 as a tax deduction.

      If they get you to directly make the donation their income doesn't increase by $2 so they don't get the $2 deduction.

      It's the same outcome for San Churro.

      However in the first scenario you do not get to make a $2 tax deduction against your income, in the second scenario you do.

  • Ah yes thanks makes sense

  • +2

    Double churros something something something upvote

  • +1

    Wish it included churros fiesta, 36 churros would be food sorted for the week. Stop judging me.

  • I really like this initiative, and I really like their churro's… but their product quality isn't always consistent which makes me hesitant to order delivery. I'd go hang out there with friends if I was allowed… but am not.

  • or delivery when you order from order.sanchurro.com

    Won't they be cold by the time they are delivered ?

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