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10% Cash Back on Tap & Zip Transactions (Daily between 12PM & 1PM AEDT) @ Zip


Get ready to shop and earn big
Wherever you're headed, earn 10% cashback on all Tap & Zip transactions between 12pm and 1pm (AEDT) all week.* Starts Monday 11 October, ends Sunday 17 October, 2021.

So whether it's a new do, a catch up, or a pop in, make sure your Zip card is in your digital wallet, make that additional repayment, and make it a week to remember with Zip!

Reward & Reward Target Rules
The maximum Reward per Eligible Activity is a monetary equivalent value of $30. This applies to all Promotions, unless otherwise stated.

You may accumulate up to a monetary equivalent value of $1,000 in Rewards in any consecutive 30 day period. Any accumulation above the monetary equivalent value of $1,000 in this consecutive period is forfeited. For example, if you accumulate and redeem $300 in Rewards on day 15 of a consecutive 30 day period, you can only accumulate and/or redeem a further $700 in Rewards in the remaining 15 days in a consecutive 30 day period.

Your Rewards balance cannot exceed the monetary equivalent value of $1,000 in Rewards at any time. Once this monetary equivalent value is reached, the Rewards must be redeemed (via the Reward Target) before further Rewards may be accumulated. This is always subject to the maximum accrual of a monetary equivalent value of $1,000 in Rewards in any consecutive 30 day period.


Hey spc12go,

I'm from Zip and was wondering if we could update the cashback offer to state these somewhere in your post details?
This post: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/656183

From today until Sunday the below will not be available for T&Z 10% reward:
Woolworths Online
Apple Online
Coles Online
Harvey Norman Online
Dan Murphy's Online
BWS Online
Ticketek Web

Referral Links

Referral: random (357)

$10 for referrer & referee, if referee applies for account within 14 days of invitation and completes a transaction within 14 days of account approval. Those wanting a referral should PM users their email or phone number, to be sent an invite. You may like to PM a few members to avoid waiting. Users receiving a PM for a referral should send an invite to that member's email or phone number. Once you have received an invite, you won't be able to be invited from other members.

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  • I think most dodgy people will go today and grab gift cards and hide them, then go back tomorrow and line up to pay.

    • +1

      They need to be targeted first.

  • So it's 11-12 in qld right. Haven't receive the promo. Looks like I am not targeted. Too sad just increase to $2000 and ready to spend.

  • No email or app notification so far. Can't believe I missed out. It would work great with bonus gift cards offer from Coles and Woolies.

    Zip app is a shocker.

  • +1

    has anyone contacted zip to confirm if this promo is open to all or just targeted?

    • "targeted "above title next to tomorrow

    • +1

      Can confirm it's targeted. Here's from the T&Cs:

      To be eligible for this offer you must receive an invitation directly from Zip, either in app, via email, push notification or SMS. Transactions must be completed within the Promotional Period (11 October - 17 October from 12PM - 1PM AEDT).

      If you completed a transaction within the promotional period and are yet to receive cashback, please contact our Customer Experience team below with the date and amount of the transaction.

      Please keep in mind that cashback is usually applied to your rewards balance instantly, but in some instances this may take up to 5 business days.

      *Promotion available between 12:00PM - 01:00PM AEDT begins 11 October 2021 and ends 17 October 2021.

    • It looks to me open to all. My family members who have zip got it all

      • All of you are in NSW?

        • Yes we’re. Just read below comments. Looks like open to nsw residents only

  • -1

    Big oof no email - ah well price protection with 28deg still works out better long run zzz

  • Have just started spending more with Zip in the past two weeks and don’t seem to have received the offer.

    • Either they are pushing the notification by batches, or they feel no need to promo people already spending with zip regularly.

    • Yeah same, was targeted by the recent 5% cashback offer after not using zip for about 12 months, used zip for the target deal a week ago and not targeted for this

    • Exactly - same here and no offer

  • +1

    Is it worth signing up for BNPL accounts even if you have no intention of using them in the hope of getting offers like this? I don’t want to be hit with fees tho & don’t mind a credit enquiry landing.

    • I signed up in December last year when the 10% Saturday deals were on. I don't use the BNPL, just use it when they have promotions.

    • Yes, that's exactly what I've done. Just make sure you end the month with no outstanding amount, and you're good to go.
      I tried to do the same with Latitude Pay, but they seemingly didn't like me paying off my balance before the due dates, and used to lock out my account whenever that happened. I guess they've got their priorities right :D

  • Yeah just wanted to check if Zip performs a credit check

  • Ah dang it… just purchased a $300 desk chair yesterday!

  • Hope Coles/Woolies have good deals on gift cards this Wednesday!

    • Apple gift card from coles. Woolies not yet .

      • Not an Apple person. Hoping for TCN jb-hifi cards at 15% off next week.

        • +1

          Same, here. No love to apple. But I haven't received notification yet. Maybe it doesn't matter to me in the end. Lol.

          • @ce5himm: Wow, looks like some apple fanboy neged me. Good job keep doing this naive movement.

  • Thanks op. But Damn that word targeted, added my cards back to my wallet, upped my limit then realised not for me😡.

  • +1

    I guess everyone participated last deal(10% cash back)are not targeted this deal

    • +1

      Last time was way friendly, not 1 hour per day. Like this

      • -1

        But this time you have extra $50 cash back,I dont mind to pay my bills and get 10% back,I can do this everyday even only 10 mins

        • +3

          What’s the extra $50 cash back?

        • Good on you then. I have to work.

    • +1

      I heavily utilised the last deal and also received this offer.

      • Thats lucky you

    • I participated in the last deal and got targeted for this one. Although I think I spent less than $1k in the previous deal.

      • Read some comments above I guess maybe anyone who increased their limit to $2000 didnt get the deal,just maybe

        • I received a $2K limit offer a few weeks ago (and received this offer).

          May relate to payment history. The reality is, we'll never know.

          • @YesPleaseThankYou: Ye,maybe just bad luck.

            • @yuisakas: Just received the notification last min when I woke up about 12:05 get dressed go to OP paid the bill,perfect

    • no, you're wrong, I participated last time and aslo received pop up message from Zip invite me join this offer

    • Not participated in last deal, didn't signup for 2k, Not received this deal :D

      • +1

        Participated every deal, @ 2k limit, received this deal.

        Yea I dunno how they are handing these deals out

  • +1

    I joined zip a month ago and haven’t spent a single $1 on zip. I up it $2000 as well today . I haven’t got targeted for this deal either

  • How do I know if I got this deal?

    • App notification.

  • -2

    Btw you don't need to get gift cards, you can simply go to the selected store you like and buy gift cards directly and you'll get 10% back

    So it's pretty easy if you're targetted and you know what you want.

  • I redeemed last $30 but haven’t seen it been shown on my credit. I contacted zip 1 week ago but been told they still solving it. I will wait for them to fix it before using zip again.

  • +3

    Perfect if you have a Square merchant account and a contactless reader.

    • +2

      but beware square will likely suspend your account if too many local transactions . it took me over 3 months to get my funds released into bank account.

      • I think it all has to do with how many transactions you have as a whole. If you for example run a coffee cart and do 100 touchless a day. I don't think this would flag as suspicious.

        • From the same card number each time?

        • And $300 a pop…

  • -2

    ZIP always never recognise grocery / fuel as part of their rewards cash back. Just check through the T&C properly

    • +4

      "Never". Firstly, that is untrue.

      Secondly, I did read the TCs and there was no such exclusion for this offer.

    • I had the 10% discount last December at Woolworths and Coles. Didn't get the 3% promotion a couple of months ago.

      Never say never!

      • +1

        The new grocery thing only started a few months ago.

    • That was only on the last cash back event.
      Previously they did allow fuel and groceries and I racked up couple hundred dollars in rewards by offering to fuel everyone’s car basically.

      This time it doesn’t say fuel and groceries are excluded in T&Cs (section 9 & 13)

      P.S. T&Cs here

  • I received the email and now for the life of me can’t find it in my outlook. Freaking out

    • Probably moved to spam?

      • Looked everywhere. Signed in from safari instead of using app. Nothing.

    • not via email, it's a pop up message via Zip app

      • Can’t find anything in app either

  • +1

    Give it until the end of the day to see if you’re offered the deal or not. I haven’t yet, but I’ve found that they do notifications to people in batches.

    And I increased my limit to $2k before I started getting multiple notifications for $2k limit increase offer for a week straight.

  • I saw the notification about something before but i mindlessly cleared notificstions. Now i cant see it anymore. :(

    • Struggling with the same problem. Please let me
      Know if you figure it out

    • I think it should be fine. The notification is just about promotion and the terms and conditions, there’s no opt in button or anything. Still means you were invited.

      • Thanks man. Just wait see what is gonna happen tmr.

  • was it email?

  • I have noticed previously with Zip offers that they appear in the app for the duration of the promotion.

    I suspect that the details of this new promotion will be visible in the app from midnight (for those who have been offered it).

  • Is there an upper limit? Might be useful for the savy investor to get a merchant account as long as the fees are under the offer?

    • You're not going to get a merchant account in a week.

      Square would be your only chance, but they're very trigger happy on shutting down your account if you're using it for shenanigans.

      • Isn't it simple to deal with a merchant for a rebate ?

      • Walked into OW, paid $59 and 3 days later it was going. Compared to Paypal here who cost me $49 and 4 years later it is still not going!

        But after winning a fight with a very top lawyer word gone around and hatered has come down to me!

  • Still no sign of getting targeted. Good luck for those getting this promo. Don't waste it. I will meet you guys in the next deal.

  • From 30 November, your Zip Pay monthly account fee will increase from $6 to $7.95

    The update means we can keep delivering excellent experiences, and developing exciting new features we know you’re going to love.

    Of course, you still won’t have to pay the monthly account fee at all if you pay your statement closing balance, in full, by the due date.

    You asked, we listened.

    Our customers have told us that they want higher credit limits, and we are excited to tell you that you are now eligible to apply to increase your Zip Pay credit limit to $2,000.

    It only takes a few minutes, and you could be loving even more stress-free shopping. Pay bills interest free, shop securely online and just about everywhere in store plus all the other awesome features and benefits Zip has to offer.

    I had enough problems with the last 10% I think they kicked my a$$ out . The increase in fees is my bonus :)

  • +2

    I'll figure all of this out and what I should've bought after the deal ends.

  • Nice, cmon targeted email!

  • Where/how can I get Amazon gift cards?

  • +1

    Lol. No transaction history since 1st January which was a repayment.

    That's because zip's offers suck! No 10%, no deal!

    They are destined to disappear if they don't do an overhaul. Afterpay, Klarna and latitude at least have decent promos on a regular basis

  • I still can’t see anything in my app but I got the notification yesterday. Anyone else can see the offer?

  • Is there a phone number to call zip on?
    Obviously I want to find out if I am eligible for the promotion.

    • +1

      I called them. Generic answer as to all the promos are on homepage.

  • +1

    Can someone who has the offer please say where it in the app starting from 1) Homepage showing balance for Zip Money and Pay
    2) ?
    3) ?
    4 ) ?

  • Anyway I think the offer will be only for people who have no debt or little debt to them so I'm paying my ZipPay in full today . Of course I took the increase to 2K and Zip goal of course is to get people into debt and pay the Credit Card like high interest rates .
    Worst case scenario less profits for them hehe :)

    • You cant pay off what you spend today for sure.

    • +4

      if you don't get it just let it go, i did not get it. don't waste your time try to figure out how they send offer. sure there are many other things to do.

  • no email here

  • How do I check if I’m eligible for the offer ?

  • Shows up in my app reward balance page.

  • +1

    I can see it in the app now! Bottom right in the Zip rewards page. Even my husband who didn't receive the notification has it in his account.

    • Excellent.

    • not showing in my app,I received the offer yesterday.

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