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10% Cash Back on Tap & Zip Transactions (Daily between 12PM & 1PM AEDT) @ Zip


Get ready to shop and earn big
Wherever you're headed, earn 10% cashback on all Tap & Zip transactions between 12pm and 1pm (AEDT) all week.* Starts Monday 11 October, ends Sunday 17 October, 2021.

So whether it's a new do, a catch up, or a pop in, make sure your Zip card is in your digital wallet, make that additional repayment, and make it a week to remember with Zip!

Reward & Reward Target Rules
The maximum Reward per Eligible Activity is a monetary equivalent value of $30. This applies to all Promotions, unless otherwise stated.

You may accumulate up to a monetary equivalent value of $1,000 in Rewards in any consecutive 30 day period. Any accumulation above the monetary equivalent value of $1,000 in this consecutive period is forfeited. For example, if you accumulate and redeem $300 in Rewards on day 15 of a consecutive 30 day period, you can only accumulate and/or redeem a further $700 in Rewards in the remaining 15 days in a consecutive 30 day period.

Your Rewards balance cannot exceed the monetary equivalent value of $1,000 in Rewards at any time. Once this monetary equivalent value is reached, the Rewards must be redeemed (via the Reward Target) before further Rewards may be accumulated. This is always subject to the maximum accrual of a monetary equivalent value of $1,000 in Rewards in any consecutive 30 day period.


Hey spc12go,

I'm from Zip and was wondering if we could update the cashback offer to state these somewhere in your post details?
This post: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/656183

From today until Sunday the below will not be available for T&Z 10% reward:
Woolworths Online
Apple Online
Coles Online
Harvey Norman Online
Dan Murphy's Online
BWS Online
Ticketek Web

Referral Links

Referral: random (357)

$10 for referrer & referee, if referee applies for account within 14 days of invitation and completes a transaction within 14 days of account approval. Those wanting a referral should PM users their email or phone number, to be sent an invite. You may like to PM a few members to avoid waiting. Users receiving a PM for a referral should send an invite to that member's email or phone number. Once you have received an invite, you won't be able to be invited from other members.

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    • I’ve intentionally purchased 1-2 small items each month.
      Limit increased to 2k last month and I got targeted for this.

      • Lucky you. My limit also increased recently but nothing.

  • On IOS prezzee does not work for amazon gift card

    • Why not? Just buy prezzee and then swap later

      • Got one with prezze but trying another one shows me an error (The operation couldnt be completed. Networking.APIError error 2.)

        • Same here ! So frustrating !’

  • +5

    Feel free to earn 10% cashback.

    Celebrate getting back out there with 10% cashback earned every time you tap to pay with Zip Pay – this week only between 12pm and 1pm (AEDT)

    Source: https://zip.co/au/feel-free-cashback

    From the wording above (and the naming of the promotion), and the date coinciding with the easing of restrictions in NSW, could it be that the promotion is targeted at NSW residents (based on the residential address Zip has on file)?

    • Interesting observation, anyone from other state who were targeted want to chime in?

    • I'm in Vic. Not targeted.

    • WA, not targetted

    • VIC, not targeted. You could be right on the money

    • QLD, not targeted.

      • Qld not targeted

    • VIC, not targeted.

  • Settled for going to Woolies buying 3 x $100 JB Hifi GCs and still got the $30 back. Wish I could stack it with the Flybuys offer but Coles is too far away for lunchtimes. Oh well.

    • Why don’t you buy coles gift cards via prezzee?

      • is this prezzee app ? and pay by google pay ?

        • Yea prezzee app but I use Apple Pay

  • No love for me. Tried with in-store tap.

  • I didn't get the email but the offer is showing in my app and I got the cashback using Google Pay and prezzee.
    But I could only do 2x $300 before prezzee blocked my payment :/

    • hi - is it the prezzee app on your phone or online prezee via website and using google pay

      • +1

        I'm using the app on my phone, select Google Pay and use Zip Card.

  • NOW the only problem is how long does Post office pending(or any other stores) if is one day I may have chance to pay tomorrow as well

  • +1

    Did 4 x Prezzee Amazon and 1 x Prezzee Woolworths and it worked. The 5th declined.

    How long does it take for Prezzee pending to go away so I can do more purchases this week?

    • I had a similar issue the first $300 prezzee card was processed but all subsequent ones were “payment declined”.

      Could be zippay closed the loop to buy using apple pay?? Anyone else faced similar issue ?

    • I did five times and from the 6th purchase, it declined. First time $100 for $10 back as I had $20 rewards to cash out from Target deal.

  • On a budget, only settling for a $300 giftcard and shared.

    • you need to spend money to save money - particularly true on ozb

  • Thanks OP! I sighed up yesterday, and eligible as well.

  • +1

    I've bought $880 coles myer + $900 wish card + $370 amazon + $50 ebay = $2200

  • It looks like the promo is only applied for those in NSW, no luck for VIC.

    • Try to change registered address?

      • not sure if it is too late.

  • -1

    Its not targeted. Chat confirmed. valid for all tap and zip orders from 12 P.M. - 1 P.M.

    • It's targeted, seems for NSW residents only. Unless you got it too?

      • Sounds like Zip chat isn’t clued in. Lol.

      • I didn't got offer as well. But have chat confirmation that its valid for all tap and zip orders from 12 P.M. - 1 P.M. and in Victoria as well. In case I received incorrect information from agent, I will get them to manually process it.

        • So did you make the spend today or plan to make the spend tomorrow?

          • @lilkid28: Planning to spend tomorrow. I have chat record. I asked the agent same thing multiple times to confirm. and got yes every time.

            • @pluto: They must provided you wrong info, this offer is for NSW only

            • @pluto: Spend $300 on gift card. Obviously no credit. Contacted Zip support by chat and got the same agent from yesterday and today he refused. After several tries , he said he will escalate this and some one will contact me.

              Snippet from my chat yesterday.

              USER: Its not targeted or anything right ?

              AGENT (Billie): It's for all tap and Zip orders from 12pm-1pm 😊

              USER: I don't want to take chance in case cash back promo doesn't work for me.

              AGENT (Billie): As long as it fits the criteria of using Tap and Zip within the advised times
              AGENT (Billie): It will add to your rewards balance

              USER: Thank you

              AGENT (Billie): Keep in mind the promotion ends on the 17th of October

              USER: Its valid in Victoria right ?

              AGENT (Billie): yes

              USER: Thank you

        • It's stated in their T&C. Only for those receiving the offer directly.

        • I’d love to follow how this ends up.
          Zip support doesn’t strike me as knowledgeable or helpful.

          • @cloudy: Following this too. Would love to see how zip reps handle it.

        • @Pluto Would you be happy to share your chat?

    • I just opened Zip Pay today and chatted with the customer service, they advised only the customers received the emails can have the cash back.

  • Anyone outside of NSW got this offer?

  • Gah a bit annoyed at myself. I swiped my app at 1:05 pm and no rewards…. Argh.

    Oh wells tomorrow

  • Zip won't let you make a repayment straight away this time. It says " When a store fully process your order, you can make one-off payments here "

    • +1

      You can not pay off those pending transactions. Not this time, it's everytime I think

  • Are westfield giftcards allowed for this promo?

    • +1

      As long as you received the notification or email from Zip and can tap to pay between noon and 1PM it should be fine.

  • not targerted. How to get this deal?

  • Is there a way to pay bills or prepay bills with this?

  • Looks targeted to NSW only .
    I guess Vic will get it next at least :)

    • Or change registered address to VIC when the freedom day is set.

  • So… people in lockdown (vic) not eligible as we cannot tap & pay….. ok.

  • Damn not eligible, I am in WA. My partner's account is not eligible also. Is there a way I can get it?

  • Tapped and zipped for lunch today at about 12:15PM. Cashback hasn't been tracked yet for some reason

    • AEDST time?

  • I want to combine this with the Coles Apple Gift Card deal coming up on Wednesday.

    What is the process to buy let's say $1,500 worth of Apple Gift Card (Apple GC)?

    1. Gather 5 Apple GC ($300 each) and bring to Coles's self-sevice checkout.
    2. Use Zip to tap and pay for the first Apple GC.
    3. Redeem $30 reward in Zip app for first Apple GC.
    4. Use Zip to tap and pay for the second Apple GC.
    5. Redeem $30 reward in Zip app for second Apple GC.
      and so on until I finish paying for 5 Apple GCs and claiming Zip's $30 reward 5 times?
    • +1

      you don't have to redeem the $30 reward straight away, it can accumulate. But note you can claim a maximum of 6 rewards per 24 hours.

      so long as you tap and pay with Zip for each $300 transaction, you're good

      t&cs for rewards

      • Ah ok so the maximum amount Apple GCs I can get is $1,800 (6 x $300). Thank you!

        • +1

          Yep, then wait a couple days, pay off your Zip account so your credit is back then rinse and repeat.

      • Interesting it says 6 rewards in the T&C. I redeemed the rewards 7 times today.

      • I redeemed 7 times today

    • You in VIC, and got the offer via email/in app?

      • No, I'm NSW

  • +3

    All Prezzee purchases were settled. In other words, it is OK to replenish available credits now.

    • Thanks! Just settled the payment and will buy more tomorrow hahaha! Technically 10% off is a bargain!

  • What is the process to buy Prezzee Smart eGift Card?
    1) log in www.prezzee.com.au.
    2) select Prezzee Smart eGift Card
    3) input amount ($300)
    4) credit card/debit card oiption.
    What credit card number can I use?
    Do I need to generate a one off Zippay credit card number?
    Can I complete this transaction in my computer?

    • +1
    • 4) Choose the Apple Pay option
      select your Zip Visa card and pay

      *yes via App as Neoika mentioned

      • Gpay shows up on mobile browser, is that still ok as long i checkout with Gpay right?

    • Use the app version ONLY, pay with Google pay / Apple Pay with your zip visa card

  • I got both Apple Pay and Google Pay, any difference?

  • What's everyone buying today?

  • Shopping at Woolworths will give 10%? I thought grocery and fuel is excluded? Does anyone know if Woolworths shopping is excluded?

    • +1

      That was the recent 2% promotion. This one is any tap and pay transaction between 12pm and 1pm.

    • Of course. I bought one Coles Myer Card @ Coles Express yesterday and it also settled. Try to spread shopping locations as some staff may be nosy and/or difficult.

  • +6

    Check the update, was contacted by zip to update post

    Hey spc12go,

    I'm from Zip and was wondering if we could update the cashback offer to state these somewhere in your post details?
    This post: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/656183

    From today until Sunday the below will not be available for T&Z 10% reward:
    Woolworths online
    Apple Online
    Coles Online
    Harvey Norman Online
    Dan Murphys Online
    BWS Online
    Ticketek Web

    • Well, they’re about to be in a world of pain with angry users over prezze…

      Seems like I better go 7/11 hunting.

      • Agree, I’m glad I checked ozbargain.
        Even though it’s an instore promo, Prezzee has always worked

    • But can still purchase GCs at Coles and Woolies in-store?

      • yes

        • Maybe no tomorrow.

    • +1

      Good to see they can monitor online forums and start excluding places for their benefit from the original offer, but the 4x times I have tried over the past 2 days to contact support they tell me 'no one is available' after asking me to input almost 10 questions of personal info.

      • -5

        People like you alert them to hidden advantages !
        Make sure you ring them 1 more time .

        • lol wut? How am I alerting anyone to hidden advantages? What have you been smoking today

  • Lucky I did preezee shopping yesterday

  • +1

    Oh I was planning to do Prezzee today because yesterday I was busy and missed out

  • +5

    Just tested with $10 puchase in Prezzee, unfortunately it doesn't work anymore.

    • +3

      I don't know why I put $300 to test? :-(

      • This one sir, this one dun goofed. Sorry for your loss.

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