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[Afterpay] TP-Link KP115 Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Slim with Energy Monitoring $19.95 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


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Analyse your connected device's real-time and historical power usage with this Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Slim with Energy Monitoring KP115. Fits into sockets without blocking adjacent ones. Free up your hands with simple voice commands. Works with Alexa, Google Home, and SmartThings. Set a schedule or timer to switch your devices on or off automatically. Overheating protection and fireproof shell help minimise burning hazards. A sliding safety cover protects from electric shock. Use Grouping to combine your smart plug with other Kasa Smart devices for seamless control with one single tap on your smartphone.

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    I believe this is the lowest or at least one of the lowest prices ever for this KP115.

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      But you can only buy one

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    Can not buy with the code if you already used it on something else.

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      Can confirm, tried it with a box set dvd, no go.

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    Thats right. Just tried and said I've already used the code… I assume everyone in here would of used that code by now? Lol

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    Can these ones be used offline? My whole HA network is airgapped.

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      Yes they can. I just setup three today on my IOT VLAN, once they received an IP via DHCP I added them via the Kasa integration in HA

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        These work with home assistant? I read a web site recently (could have even been the HA device wiki) about how tplink removed some special firmware feature that made these work with HA.

        i haven't set up HA yet but have been keeping compatibility with it in mind for when I have been buying things, so it's good to go when I have the time and head space to get something going with it.

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          Yes I've got three HS110 plugs on the old firmware plus the new KP115 mini plugs from today on whatever firmware they came with out of box. There was an issue with new firmware on the HS110 but they're air gapped however it looks like local control still works fine. The KP115 plugs I got today are on 1.0.7 according to the HA device page after I set them up, they also never touched an internet connected network during setup too

          • @matth2004: Ok. Just checked and my ones (that I'm using with the Kasa app, which kinda sucks) are on 1.0.17 so I guess I'm SOL.

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          I just got one (from bunnings), configured it, let it update (I know,..) and it thankfully worked in my (non airgapped!) HA where it joins some old HS100
          All the sensors show up as expected.
          "works with HA for me" FWIW.

          I've just spent 2 days trying to get the Kogan rubbish one to work with tuya v2. What a long and painful process that's been - and then none of the sensors showed up. Works as a switch at least but if you think TP-LINK sucks, try tuya for some therapy.

          • @oldf4rt: Kogan is totally rubbish

            • @ueno: Don't blame me - it was a discarded gift - tell me about it.
              The hardware is quite possibly indistinguishable if it's approved so the difference is in the software of course - but my point is that tuya makes kasa look really, really good if you are trying to integrate with Home Assistant…

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            @oldf4rt: I have the Kogan smarter plugs too with energy monitoring, bought 8 from Ozbargain deals and flashed them pre tuya updates to esphome and had 2 fail, replaced under warranty, but now another 4 have failed so they're not very good… which is why I have gone with the KP115 to replace some of those failed Kogan plugs

        • I also bought the Kogan Smart Plugs, managed to get one running on Tuya Local with Home Assistant but it still requires an initial connection to the cloud. They cannot run fully air gapped. Also such a painful process, I have given up on that completely.

          I just picked up 2x KP115s from my local Bunnings and did the firmware update to 1.0.17 with the Kasa App.
          I added them into Home Assistant and then air-gapped them by blocking them on my firewall.
          I can confirm after power cycling them they still work locally with Home Assistant and do not need any initial cloud connection (like the Kogan ones).

  • They've still got a 15% off deal tho', which means you can get it for $25.46, almost the same price as Bunnings ($24) but with free postage.

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    Can this be used to control the PC's on-off states safely?

    • Would also like to know this

    • No, not directly, first you need appropriately shutdown OS, then you can cut power with it device. But in case of Windows you can remotely shutdown windows with programs like AnyDesk.

  • Let’s give it a crack to get working in HA.

    Thanks OP

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