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Panasonic 44L Cyclonic Inverter Microwave Oven NN-SD79LSQPQ $387 Delivered @ Appliances Online


Was looking to get Microwave and came across these 2 Panasonic one's
Spoke to the Customer Care rep and was told these are the better/ newer model's

$387 for Panasonic 44L Cyclonic Inverter Microwave Oven NN-SD79LSQPQ - Next best price at Bing Lee for $529 + Delivery

$333 for Panasonic 44L Cyclonic Inverter Microwave Oven NN-ST78LSQPQ - Next best price at Bing Lee for $439 + Delivery

Can use with Comm Bank deal for further $20-30 discount if qualified (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/647336)

(Can try contacting Bing Lee to price match and try using code "ENTER20" for $20 off if you don't want to get via Appliance Online or not qualified for Comm Bank Cashback)

20/10/21 Edit: Price update/ reduction due to Ongoing Birthday Sale (ends 27/10/21)


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    Holy erroneous apostrophes, batman!

  • $299 at Harvey Norman…

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      That one is the black NNST75LBQPQ model - 75 series

      The customer rep I spoke to said that the white one and the black ones (44 L capacity) are discontinued/ older models

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      NN-SD79LSQPQ $529
      NN-ST78LSQPQ $479

    • That's the NNST75LBQPQ.
      But still surely a better deal than the 78L

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        That's a big microwave…

  • NN-SD79LSQPQ $473 @ Stan Cash

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    Is it approved by the Household Yakuza ?

  • Are these any good?

    • The reviews I have read online have been positive with average rating of 4.6/5
      Mate has the NN-ST78LSQPQ model and is really happy with that one.

      I know the LG Neo Chef is pretty popular around here though.

    • If you still looking, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/659277


  • Looks like amazon had this for $368 back in may.

    Still a great price not sure if I buy this.

    Has anyone got one that can tell me how the dial works. Does it add 5 sec or 10 sec per click.

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    The price has dropped to $387 for their birthday sale. Wonder if they would've matched the old Amazon price. I would've tried if I'd seen the last comment earlier. Did try to haggle but no go. A few places have dropped their prices so not sure whether Stan Cash is still the second cheapest.

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      I got one with $30 commbank discount.

      This post should be updated with new price and back to top of the list.

      • So you just got one for $327? I gave banks the finger and now they're trying to make me regret it although I do throw that kind of money away 2-3 times a day on delivered food so it's swings and roundabouts.

        • No I got it for $357

          • @Jklaro: I've got to return this calculator - circuitry issues. Nice score.

            • @eloque: Did you buy the microwave. Or did you buy a calculator that you need to return?

              • +1

                @Jklaro: I bought the microwave and may have put the calculator in it but we're going with 'circuitry' for the warranty.

                • @eloque: Oh right. So when it was working how did you find the microwave?

                  • @Jklaro: Ozbargain

                    • @eloque: No I mean what's you view on how good or bad the microwave is.

                      • @Jklaro: Haven't received it yet. Will let you know. I'm guessing huge. The look is very good.

                • @eloque: What do you mean you have to put the calculator in it? And circuitry warranty?

      • Have updated the post to reflect the reduced price.

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