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LG NeoChef 42L Inverter Microwave Oven MS4296OBC (Black) $231.20 Delivered @ Myer


Myer is running a one day deal on this LG 42L microwave oven again.


  • Easy Touch Controls & Tempered Glass Door
  • Fast Cooking with 1200W of Power
  • Interior Anti-Bacterial Coating
  • Stable Turntable, Minimise Spills
  • More Even Heating of Food

The link to LG webpage.

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  • +13

    Good microwave, but the shielding is crap. 2.4ghz wifi drops out if its running.

    • I thought they all cause that?

      • NOPE. My 15 year old Smeg don't do that.

        • +1

          It's related to being an inverter microwave. All inverter microwaves are all worse than previous non-inverter ones in terms of interference with 2.4GHz wifi.

          • +1

            @constipated: GOTCHA! Now I realise. I will wait it out until the next thing comes along. All I do with microwave is to occasionally defrost and just re-heat my tea. Don't need fancy stuff for that.

            For my WIFI is more important that the microwave.

            • +3


              All I do with microwave is to occasionally defrost and just re-heat my tea.

              How long does it take to freeze your tea?

              • @eug: I reheat my Bubble tea on it as well.

    • Ya also Bluetooth. My AirPods can get a bit interrupted.

    • +5

      It can vary from oven to oven, but the one I tested didn't interfere much with wifi channel 1 so if you're experiencing dropouts, see if changing wifi channels helps.

      • Hmm thanks. Didn’t think of that. Will test.

      • Neither have I noticed any interference with my WiFi in the past 3 years I have had it.

    • Just out of curiosity as I was considering to purchase this microware, how far away is your router from the microwave?

      • 4-5 metres.

        • Dam that's pretty bad then. Have you spoken to LG? With that much gap and given the interference experienced it might be a faulty unit?

    • Wat? Then isn't it not safe to be around?

      • It'll be safer than using your phone on wifi.

        • If you think so then you have absolutely no idea about electromagnetic radiation

          • @gosund: What do you know about electromagnetic radiation?

      • Why?

      • +3


        It's non ionising radiation. Has physics changed recently? Please link to an academic journal not Scotty from the pub's blog.

        Wouldn't routers be more harmful as they emit more power?

        And what do you mean by unsafe? Warming a cup of water a fraction of a degree over an hour?

      • That's what I would expect. No way I'd want to have that in my house.

        2.4GHz is the frequency microwave ovens use to heat water. If your WiFi is dropping out then it means the oven is leaking.

        • If your WiFi is dropping out then it means the oven is leaking.

          Microwave ovens are not perfect faraday cages, there will always be leakage. The amount of leakage for a commercially-sold undamaged microwave oven in Australia will always be within safe levels. It's only a problem if the leakage is on the same channel as your 2.4GHz wifi network.

          Your phones and laptops emit RF at 2.4GHz too, when you use Bluetooth or 2.4GHz wifi.

          • @eug: Your phones radiate milliwatts of power, your oven around a kilowatt. If there is significant leakage it could be dangerous.

            • @FlintSkin:

              Your phones radiate milliwatts of power, your oven around a kilowatt.

              WiFi devices emit up to 100mW. Mobile phones emit up to 2,000mW of RF next to your head. The magnetron in a microwave, whilst a lot more powerful, is in a faraday cage so very little leaks out. The inverse square law applies as well - you don't keep your head against the microwave oven while you cook.

              If there is significant leakage it could be dangerous.

              Sure, but that's like saying if your kettle overheats it could catch fire. It's not an issue unless there's an actual fault (e.g. interlocks fail so you can run the microwave with the door open). Microwave ovens are designed to limit leakage to safe levels. They're perfectly safe as long as they're not faulty, just like any other appliance.

              As I mentioned earlier, it's only a problem if the leakage is on the same channel as your wifi network. I measured the leakage from a Sharp microwave and an LG NeoChef microwave. You can see the LG emits broadband interference above channel 3 while the Sharp is concentrated around channel 11. If I had my wifi network on channel 11 and had that Sharp microwave, my wifi would drop out. I have the LG and my wifi is on channel 1 so I don't get dropouts.

    • +1

      This, tried every channel and made no difference, someone making hot chocolate on the kitchen knocks out my iPad in the other end of the house…

  • Nice find OP! Great price - but I'm after the stainless steel version.

  • The reviews on Myer page is good but on Choice it seems to be mixed review.

    • +3

      Bought a 1000W model in 2019 and it’s still doing its job well.

      • +1

        After only two years I would hope so!

        My Sharp from 2007 is still powering along.

        • My similar vintage Sharp is also going strong, except for the screen that died 10+ years ago

    • I have a sub to choice and have found they can be hit and miss. They'll rate an item as highly recommended, but then when reading their own user reviews, many of them recommend not to buy the item e.g. go look at their mattress recommendations for the top three, then go a look at the user reviews - polar opposites.

  • This has a slider to set time - does anyone have any feedback on this? Is it frustrating setting a precise time?

    • +2

      I bought this last year. The slider doesn't get used as you can just press 'Start' to add 30 seconds to the timer instead.

    • +2

      No complaints with the slider, its pretty quick to set long durations. I can slide to 10 mins easily.

    • +1

      While it is a slider for time
      you can just do a quick reheat of +10s by pressing the + button of the slider
      or press the start button for +30s

  • +2

    Shielding is def rubbish.

    Sound can be turned off by pressing and holding 'keep warm' +'clear'. Jingle is annoying af!

    Otherwise, pretty nice microwave.

    • Anything we can do to minimise its impact on the Wifi?

      • +1

        You can try a different channel. The one I tested had far less interference on channel 1.

      • +1

        Build a faraday cage around it.

      • Modem inside the oven does the trick.

        • Microwave on high for 5 minutes. Does the trick everytime.

      • +2

        Unless you have really old equipment that doesn't support it, connect to WiFi via 5GHz. The interference caused by microwave ovens is usually only on the 2.4GHz band.

        • Thanks.

        • Problem is a lot of home (smart) automation gear runs on 2.4ghz.

      • Not seeing anyone mention 5GHz.

        More and more wireless routers and phones have 5GHz antenna.
        I switched my phone to that and I don't get any interference near the microwave.

        Can't do this handy trick for bluetooth though …

    • wow didn't know that you could turn that off.

    • I saw all these terrible reviews about the jingle. I was expecting it to blast out a full annoying song that lasted ages.

      It's like 3 seconds of a small elevator music jingle. No idea why so many people were flipping out.

      • +2

        It's like 3 seconds of a small elevator music jingle. No idea why so many people were flipping out.

        If you don't open the door, it'll keep playing it.
        Again and again.
        And again.
        And again.

        We have this microwave at work and sometimes people heat something up and go off to do something else while waiting. They don't always come back when it's done…

  • +1

    I was going to go for this, but went the $99 kmart microwave. Does the job. Not sure this will heat things up twice as fast.

    • +1

      Won't be twice as fast but it might be more even.

  • +2

    I got this microwave and I find it very good.

    It heats of food very quickly and evenly. The led light is very bright inside.

    It looks good. The lack of timer input might be a problem for some who require precise timing. I mostly just press the start which ads 30s. You can also slide your finger on the time slide and adjust in 10s increments. You can also just hold the +/- button and it increments time quickly.

    Haven't had too much issue with wifi dropouts but YMMV. Has a nice jingle at the end which we always dance to but some people seem to hate it.

  • Is this microwave pretty quiet? I have a Kmart one which works fine but just gets loud.

    • My panasonic is loud. Dont interfere with wifi or bluetoorh though. So thats fine. I guess.

    • +1

      Yup it's pretty quiet

    • -3

      Put noise shielding around it!

  • I prefer (and have) the similar model where the door doesn't cover the button panel. No issues with shielding on mine.

  • Bought the same model in costco last year
    Has been great so far, easy to clean too

  • How do these compare with Panasonic? Thinking of getting the Panasonic flatbed inverter.

    • +11

      I found the heating on a Panasonic flatbed a little uneven. An LG and Sharp were more even, with the LG being more even than the Sharp.

      Link to original post

        • Not sure about that exact model, sorry! Hopefully they've improved the RF stirrer.

      • +2

        DAMN MAN! is this your own research???

        • +1

          Yeah, so many people mentioned the more even heating on the LG so when I bought one I thought I might as well test it to see if it was true!

        • +2

          eug really like microwaves.

          • +7

            @WatchNerd: What can I say, they give me a warm feeling all over.

            Maybe I should test for microwave leakage.

            • @eug: microwaves are not really harmful though. It might give you a warm fuzzzy feeling when it heats ya!

  • Unable to checkout seems like OOS already

  • +1

    Small note on myer. They have been terrible on dispatch of orders (not shipping, but actual dispatch). 10 days now and still waiting for dispatch.

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  • bought 2 NeoChef (MS4266OBS) 2 years ago, they haven't missed a beat, shielding doesn't seem a problem at all on them though perhaps this advertised model is worse?

  • A yes.
    We bought one. Great little microwave too.
    And the child monitor is effected by it.

    Didn't notice the wifi but I'll now know if my speeds are effected,

  • Good deal, if I could go back in time I'd buy this microwave which is highly rated and is a good one in my experience (work has it).

    • +1

      No need to go back in time, it's available now.

  • +1

    I bought this in the last sale from Myer, it's great. Really good at being a microwave. I think the jingle when the food is ready is cute, but I now see that it can be turned off (and will probably do this). Only complaint is you have to turn it off at the power to reset the clock, which is annoying twice a year (it's in a cupboard).

    Mine is below bench height so that might make a difference but I haven't noticed many WiFi issues. It's about 2m from the router and nothing drops out while it's on. There's a Sonos speaker in the kitchen reasonably near it (<2m away) and it doesn't drop out while microwaving - it used to in my old place with a different microwave (although it was closer to that one). If I'm using AirPlay and my phone is in my pocker (e.g. microwave height) it does skip a little when I'm right next to it but… not a drama for me.

    Would strongly recommend. just don't try and make yoghurt in it (disgusting).

  • Bought one. Thanks OP.

  • Is there much difference between the models apart from size?

  • +1

    Ive got one, it’s been back for repair twice under warranty. The repair place tells me it’s very common for them to fail. Apart from that, it’s perfectly capable and looks good.

    Edit: 2.4Ghz Wifi is badly affected all through our house. 5Ghz is fine.

  • +3

    Bought this about 6 months ago to replace a 35L Sharp Carousel inverter that only lasted 4 years.

    Very even heating.
    'Music' when finished.
    Easy to clean.
    30 second 'start' cooking increments.
    Touch sensitive slider to quickly change cooking time.
    LED light.
    Looks good.
    Pull open door.
    Very quiet for a microwave.
    Does not interfere with wifi like the Sharp did.

    Cooking presets are numbers rather than text on the display, so often need to check which number to use by looking at the presets sticker on the inside of the microwave.
    Removing plate to clean makes me nervous because it feels like it would be quite easy to break.

  • Went to Woolies to buy Myer giftcards, microwave sells out. Tragic

  • I have this and you lose the ability to set a time to the second, Its 10 sec on the slider and 30 sec on the start button. It seems such a small thing, but sometimes the allowed times just dont work. Like reheat a coffee and 20 is too little, but 30 is too much..

    Haven't noticed a WiFi interference issue

  • Not a fan of LG appliances but this is really good microwave. Bought one is SS and it looks million bucks. Even heating… spacious…most controls are hidden but still easy to use l.. 2.4 ghz wifi sometimes gets interrupted.

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