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Apple Lightning to USB-C Cable (1m) - $14 (Normally $29) + Delivery (Free with Club Catch) (Free Pickup at Target/Kmart) @ Catch


Normally $29, currently $14 + Delivery

Free shipping with Club Catch

Free Pickup at Target/Kmart

Sold and delivered by Catch, appears to be AU stock.

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  • got a couple - handy! Thanks!

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    Aren't they cheaper to just buy at Kmart?

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      This is genuine Apple.

      • Ah, thanks

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        This is not an iPhone or even a charger. It's just a simple cable.
        Some 3rd party brands got way better quality cables than Apple for the same price. Not sure about the ones sold in kmart.
        Bought this cable RRP. Not so durable.
        Even at this price I wouldn't buy it because of better alternatives.

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          Just recently brought an ipad, and we're had issues with the offical cable. I can't believe how much these cables cost to replace.

        • Fair point. Sometimes third party cables only charge, but can’t transfer data. Genuine Apple gives confidence in that situation?

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            @y2k: Anything MFI certified works just like the official one from Apple.
            I have even used non-MFI cables from Baseus and had no problem transfering files or charging. They look fake (to prevent Apple suing them for not paying royalty) and cost 1/3 MFI certified cables, but in reality they're exactly the same as original one, even if u test them with especial equipments.
            But I don't recommend buying non-MFI cables from unknown brands.

  • Been this price for quite a while, Amazon occasionally price matches.

    • Yes, and they have been $10.00 previously as well.

  • Got one, thanks OP.

  • Good deal and got one. Thanks!

  • Thanks OP, grabbed 2

  • Thanks OP!

  • Can't click and collect for free without catch club

    • Now it's allowing me to click and collect for free. Was forcing me to sub to their club earlier and wouldn't allow it to be deleted.

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    Proceed with caution. I’ve got a few “sold by catch” and the packaging doesn’t look legit

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    I bought couple few months back from Catch and they were not genuine

    • Did you dispute it?
      I bought 2 and now bit concerned.

      • Don't worry, they are authorised apple retailer, so if it is sold by Catch, it must be genuine

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          it must be genuine and they are genuine - 2 different things.

          In that ad its nowhere written they are genuine cables.

          to Cola2002: yes, I asked Catch and they accepted the return and refunded the money.

    • How did you identify they were not genuine?

      Thanks in advance :)

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        packaging/printing not as vibrant as you'd expect.
        The plastic release tabs with the green arrow dont look the same.

    • Catch recently became apple authorised seller, so this is genuine.

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    Rather get this one if you really wants good quality than probably good copy from catch.


    • Yes, I second the recommendation for these. Had both the 'original' apple and Ikea one and the ikea one is still going strong whereas the original has long met its maker.

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    For anyone who has concerns, https://m.catch.com.au/apple, catch is apple authorised retailer, same as officework. So everything sold by Catch, can be guaranteed to be genuine.

  • Thanks Op. needed for car. Perfect timing

  • Wow, $14 after discount for genuine $29 USB-C cables.
    The Samsung T5 1TB cost me $108 each & contained 2x USB-C to USB-C & USB-A 3.1 high-quality cables for data as well. Based on this bargain, the T5 1TB 540MB/S would be $108-$28=$80/TB. Extra happy.

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    Last time this product was posted there were heaps of replies stating not genuine cables despite the similar packaging. Buyer beware.

  • Cables arrived today. Seems to tick all the boxes of a legit cable based on Apple’s website. Some of the sticker labels on the box aren’t the best though, with slightly blurred text on the really small writing, smudges and wear and tear. Could come off looking like a knock off. Probably just old/international stock.

    • Here is what I found. I had purchased one cable from Apple and a couple from Catch.

      Here is the image of what the bottom of both the boxes look like. They are completely different. I don't know what Catch is selling is considered Legit or not, but it is not the same. Different product codes. One is made in china, one in Vietnam. One is 09-2019, other 09-2021 (I assume these are mfg dates)

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