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Carpuride Portable Apple CarPlay/Android Auto - 7" Touch Screen US$229.90 (~A$313) Delivered @ Carpuride


Found this on the internet, in case anyone is interested

Carpuride CarPlay Dashboard Console is for anyone who doesn’t (or cannot) have CarPlay in their vehicle and wants to upgrade the vehicles with CarPlay— at a fraction of the price charged for built-in OEM solutions, and with more advanced functionality.

Carpuride CarPlay works with your favorite apps. Seamlessly integrates your iPhone or Android smartphone with the infotainment system in the car! Allows driving to use the mobile phone's built-in navigation program, music program, phone program, information program, and other necessary APP applications, connected to the large screen for use, without interfering with the daily use of the mobile phone. SERVICE FOR ALL CAR MODELS

Carpuride CarPlay dashboard console-mounted system is equipped with a 7 INCH anti-glare screen & 1024x600 high-resolution display that rivals the best in-dash system!

Carpuride CarPlay configures Car Grade Front - Mounted ChipExtremely Cold And High-Temperature Resistant. It can easily adapt to the working temperature from -20° to +70°, and it can still run steadily for several days and nights

Carpuride CarPlay AHD Night Vision Reversing Image (Optional)LIGHT SCREEN compatible with mainstream AHD digital signals And CVBS analog signal camera, supporting the option of forward-looking image Or reversing image, can be automatically switched display.

Carpuride CarPlay supports Non-destructive installation, DOES NOT require high-cost professional installation. Plug and play, easy to install,

Features: Apple Carplay Android Auto / Mirror link / USB Multimedia Player /TF Card Multimedia Player / Cam in/ AUX output/2W speaker

Screen: 7 inch HD IPS capacitive Screen 1024* 600

Three kinds of audio output: FM transmitter/AUX output/built-in/built-in 2W speaker.

Audio format: MP3/WMA/AAC/AC3/0GG/FLAC/APE

Video format: AVI/MPEG/MKV/MOV/MP4

Built-in speaker: 2W

Cam in: Supports rearview camera in, reversing is safer

AUX output: 3.5mm RCA

FM Frequency: FM 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz

Operating Voltage: DC 12V

We offer free shipping for all orders. The delivery time is 4-7 working days!

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1:We ship to nearly all countries.

2:Standard shipping: 3-15 working days delivery

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    Find a mate and go halvies

    Buy 2, use the code: CARP2 to get $60 off. Limited Time Offer with order: Free Rear Camera(USD$30)

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    '1024x600 high-resolution display' 😬

  • +3

    Be careful of these chinese off brand units - I had one and they're difficult to set up and use with confusing manuals and poor interface user controls. Most of these "no name" chinese" brands have zero Apple or Google support because they havent paid licensing fees. You can get a known brand like JVC or Kenwood and they're fully supported and they're about the same price

    • +1

      You’d only get this if your car hasn’t got a DIN slot for a known brand

      • Or your stereo placement is too low, like my MX5 is. Would be great having it on the dash.

      • +1

        FG Falcon owner reporting in :-(

    • I am sure you are right about the "no name" chinese part but this is a portable device. What you are talking about is DIN device which requires installation.

      Also, looks like this device has wireless Apple CarPlay connection. Android Auto has been shown as cable connection but Apple CarPlay connection shows no cable. I could be wrong.

      • Wireless CarPlay with wired Android Auto is pretty common, often more difficult to find both wireless.

      • There's definitely a cable coming from the iPhone in the ad.

  • -2

    It would be great if this ran Android so I didn't have to connect my phone at all. I'm already running an 8 inch tablet for Waze that auto starts when it gets power. I just want the reverse cam really.

    Also, AA & CP are crap because the passenger can't even enter an address when the car is moving. Unless they've 'fixed' this somehow.

    • +1

      Certain cars lock it, tested on a mazda which doesn't allow once moving, and a holden(opel) which does.

    • I had a pioneer android auto that didn't have that issues of not being as ble to enter address while loving tho you can also use Google to enter the address

    • I had CarPlay in my previous car and never had that "cannot enter address" issue. We were able to enter an address anytime regardless moving or not.

    • +2

      If it's a head unit you install yourself, that block on entering stuff while the car is moving can be fixed. Just ground the wire at the back that detects the handbrake being on, and it'll always work for you.

    • The keyboard lock is a limitation set by the car maker. Keyboard works in my Ford Everest with SYNC3 for address entry in CarPlay when on the move.

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    Use coupon VIP10

    Subtotal $229.90
    Discount VIP10 - $22.99
    Total USD $206.91

  • Not a bad idea for older cars. Main use case for me would be a large screen for maps but that's about it. Any other reasons I'd want Android Auto? For music, etc. I can pair my phone via Bluetooth so this isn't necessary.

  • 12v but says 5v on device?

    • +1

      Would be 12v in, 5V 2A out (to the iPhone/Android)

  • How does this play music through your existing car stereo?

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