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[NSW] Free Movie Ticket for Logging in to Centre Wi-Fi @ Macquarie Centre


Macquarie Centre in Macquarie Park NSW are giving Event Cinemas tickets away to those who log in to the WiFi. It does require you to enter a correct phone number as you will receive an SMS after about an hour which you then present to the concierge desk on the same day for the ticket. Ticket is only valid for Macquarie Centre cinema.

I didn't stay connected for 60 minutes (probably 10 minutes at most) and I got the SMS an hour later.

Offer valid for WiFi connections made from 9am - 5pm from 11 October to 24 October or while stocks last. All three checkboxes must be ticked during the sign up to WiFi. Limited to one movie ticket per customer per WiFi connection. Redemption must be made on the same day with proof of SMS presented at the Concierge Desk. Movie ticket accepted only at Event Cinemas Macquarie Centre and valid until 31 December 2021.

Further terms and conditions here

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    They then passively track your phone as you move about the centre, so they know exactly where you've been and can use the data for marketing and working out pricing on leases (i.e. they can tell which stores are getting lots of foot traffic).

    Almost nothing in life is free people.

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      Google rewards does this already.

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        yep 100%, if you have wifi turned on they can track your phones MAC address and see where you go…

        • +1

          By default, even if you turn Wi-Fi off, it is still on unless you "Turn off Wi-Fi scanning" which "Lets apps use Wi-Fi for more accurate location detection even when Wi-Fi is off"

          • @tamerg: Huh, did not know that. Wonder if that also applies to Bluetooth

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      You are tracked regardless if you connect to the centre's wifi. If you leave your wifi on your smartphone on, it can still poll your device as you walk around. Even with 4/5G where in building DAS can track. Only way is to switch off your smartphone or at least turn location settings off.

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      working out pricing on leases (i.e. they can tell which stores are getting lots of foot traffic

      That's great, I can get my burner phone and drive up the lease prices for stores I don't like. Plus get a free movie ticket! Win win!

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    $20 for my privacy?? Zzzz, no movie is worth my personal info..

  • +5

    i thought all ozbargainers had burner phones with free prepaid numbers

  • +7

    You have no privacy out in public, with all the cameras and scanning and even good old fashioned eyeballing. May as well get a free movie out of it.

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    not sure if it is still on the doors, but there used to be a "no smoking, no skating, no cycling" placard on each entrance door to the centre with the following in small print:

    Throughout this centre we use CCTV, listening devices, and WiFi monitoring of all Wifi-enabled devices to improve you shopping experience.

    Enough APs and ReceivedPower triangulation, and each device can be tracked to a reasonable accuracy…

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    Just a warning, it's not mentioned on the terms and conditions linked on this post, but when you receive the free movie ticket coupon, on the back it says only valid 25 Oct - 31 Dec. If you were planning to get this deal AND watch on the same day, not possible.

    • Ooh I didn't even notice! I will have a look at my voucher tonight and post the T&C on here.

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