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HELM True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds $54.49 Delivered (Was $189.99) @ HELM Audio via Amazon AU


Don't know a whole heap about these buds but seems like a decent discount with positive reviews. Worth a shot I think.



Here's the Amazon copy and paste:

CD QUALITY Sound With The Latest 24-bit aptX & AAC Audio Technology for Exceptional HiFi Sound Quality, Incredible Bass and Superb Definition. Designed by Audiophiles, Artists & Producers for the Best Sounding Truly Wireless Listening Experience.

Featuring Auto-Pairing with Auto-Charging, the Earpieces Will Sync and Pair to Your Device Seamlessly Every Time You Remove Them From the Portable Charging Case. By Placing the Earpieces Back Into the Case, They Will Automatically Power Down and Recharge After Each Use.

INDUSTRY LEADING RANGE AND SUPERB BATTERY LIFE: Proprietary Antenna Technology Provides Range & Stability Up to 60 Feet. Experience extended Play Time of 6 Hours Continuous Use, Plus An Extra 5 Full Charges for an Additional 30 hours with the Pocket Friendly Charging Case. Compatible with all Current Bluetooth Devices.

Perfected Ergonomics for a Secure Comfortable Fit w/ Anti-Slip Silicone Padding. Durable Fingerprint and Scratch Resistant Shell. Four tip sizes XS/S/M/L to Ensure incredible Noise Isolation and a Tailored Fit. Ultra-Lightweight Stays in Ears During Vigorous Activities. Superior Water-Resistance Makes it Rain, Sweat, and Mud Approved. Note: For Smaller Ears the fit may be a little large.

Seamlessly Control Your Music Tracks and Volume, Enhanced Microphones to Make Phone Calls and Voice Assistant Activation. Full Stereo Mode for Phone Calls and Voice Assistance.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Price seems legit, reviews from 20 months ago are saying RRP of $129 USD. Not too sure about quality but reviews do seem to rate it above average at RRP price so at $54 does that make it excellent?

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    Based on one video I saw - issue I think with these are they are not indivisually usable.. has to be used in pairs?
    It says left one needs to be removed from case everytime.. that sounds very wierd.

    • Yeahhhh that usually indicates not true 5.0 wireless.

      My Sony XM3s can be used left or right or both at any time.

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        yeah - cancelled order based on that.

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          Actually this is not true. The reviewer on that video probably didn't know what he was doing or it was faulty?

          Here's the question and answer on Amazon US.

          Q: Can you listen to music with just one earpiece essentially doubling the playing time if only one is in use?

          A: Yes you can use each earpiece independently and in this case if one earpiece runs out of battery after 6-8 hours, you will be able to use the other earpiece for an additional 6-8 hours.


          • @AcousticJZ: Good find. In the youtube world, everyone is a reviewer even if you have no clue about tech. Lol

          • @AcousticJZ: It was actually their own setup and quick start video:

            • @superm86: I could be wrong but I think that's just the pairing process. Their official answer (from HELM) is that you can "use each earpiece independently".

              Would be very very surprised if a pair of earbuds couldn't do something this simple let alone a $189RRP pair. Even my cheap pair of Chinese ones can do that. Though guess I'll find out on Sat.

              • @AcousticJZ: IKR?
                But in the same video at 2:06 - they say to use it - remove the left ear piece first and then the right.. which seems very odd.
                Let us know when you receive yours how u go.

              • @AcousticJZ: The Jabra 75ts can't do that and they are an expensive pair of earphones.

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      Arrived today (replaced a bludio particle pair of buds that while fitted great had nothing but connection issues)
      Can confirm each earphone is visible when pairing and can be used independent of each other.

      Initial thoughts - very bass heavy, reasonable sound otherwise, a bit different fit wise with the wings and the way they sit but decent noise isolation (no ANC)
      Charging case is Micro USB and larger than most earphones I've used before.

      • Thx. Feels like $55 or $100+ earphones?
        Also can it has 2 BT connections as well?

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          Ok here's my take. Feels like $100 to me. Not $189 though.

          It's very much a V sound profile with the strong bass a definite plus in my opinion but depends on what you like and what music you listen to. Mine is a mix of RNB, electro, pop, rock. High's are clear, mid's are dialled back, maybe a touch more than I'd like. Sound isolation is very good. Pairs super quick compared to other Bluetooth buds that I've used. Don't like the chunky case. Also I couldn't pair with two devices and had to figure out to disconnect them to use it between my phone and laptop. Also tested the mic for phone calls and even did voice recording and it came out very clear.

          • @AcousticJZ: Thx appreciate the feedback. Sounds they were good value with that price.. case is the only thing am not too sure of.. rest seems good.

        • Apologies for the late reply, AcousticJZ summed up my thoughts in terms of the sound profile.

          I don't really have a 100 pair of earbuds to compare it to, only the QCYT11s, but they do sound much better then these due to the seal and heavy bass emphasis, outside of the slight loss in the mid range on the Helm.

          Don't sound as good as an equivalent 100 pair of closed back bluetooth headphones the Anker Q30.

          They are a bit to get used to comfort wise due to the wings being embedded on the earbud and not being removable.

          Appears that based on the video by Helm they can only be used as a pair not as a single and haven't had any luck doing this and them being visible as independent is not how they are supposed to be, but they seem to be better connection wise than a pair that can be used independently (at least compared to the QCY T11s).

          Connecting to multiple devices is possible but fiddly.

  • Was keen to give these a go with my work laptop to improve video call audio and listen to music & play video… seems the price went back to $150+ for the last week :(

    Maybe the drop from $189 was incorrectly typed in @ $54 instead of $154?

    I'll keep monitoring prices - might get lucky

    • +1

      dont think it was typo - it was that price for few days..

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