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Google Nest Audio (Chalk) $124 (Was $149) + Delivery ($0 to Selected Areas/ C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


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    I did a fair amount of research in to these a couple of weeks back and almost pulled the trigger. The big issue is that they apparently don't sound that good. Thankfully an offer on the Harmon Kardon Citation One mkii came up for $130 so I bought two of them and am really happy. They have been even cheaper since then so I'd suggest looking at previous posts for them.

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      Do you know how well it compares to an Ikea symfonisk (book shelf version)? I really liked how well the sound filled the room, but had to return it as it didn't support chromecast

      I've got a google nest hub max which doesn't perform as well as the symfonisk

      • Keen to know, I am thinking of buying the Ikea symfonisk (book shelf version) only 149.00, like the sound when I visited the ikea. Heard amozon studio good as well which sometimes on sale.

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      I don’t think they warrant that much research. Sound is very good for the size. I would even say amazing for the size. More midrange than the Google Max, and less bass. This makes it better than the Google Max at low volumes in my opinion. The Google Max only shines at higher volumes. The great thing about the Nest Audio is that it just works. It’s always connected, ready to go. Mic and speech recognition are flawless, and the invisible buttons are really handy when you want to change the volume or stop the music without having to say “hey google”. Looks good too. Plus you can group these with other Google speakers, or get 2 of them to setup as a stereo pair.

      • The stereo is terrible as they aren't directional at all. Otherwise agreed, but only if you want a smart speaker. If you are privacy aware it's worth considering others like the Ikea Symfonisk (which sound better IMO) that have WiFi connection and no smarts.

        The Nest Audio is mainly if you want a google assistant speaker that also sounds half decent for a cheapo speaker. Can you get better for a little more, yes.

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    for anyone interested.
    I've had these and a pair Sonos one's.
    Then a JBL Xtreme 2.
    I've been using a hyperboom connected to a Chromecast audio (CCA) and really really happy for the past year or so.
    I know the hyperboom is a different price range, but hear me out.
    the 2x nest audio pair will set u back $300.
    Hyperboom can be had for $450 when on special.
    Hyperboom can connect BT and optical. If u can find a CCA you get the best of both worlds.
    I fantastic sounding speaker with heaps of bass, not stereo but with some L/H separation, looks good and blend in with the house without looking like a party box + has the portability can be taken to outings/parties etc.
    I tested this against my friend's Sonos Five and they sounded pretty similar. Sonos was ever so slightly better but not in the slightest noticeable when conversing, drinking, in general doing stuff.
    Audio quality can be overrated when not focusing on the music and busy cooking or whenever I'm doing at the time.
    sorry for the rant, but I've spent a lot of time researching and practical testing into this topic.

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