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Logitech G PRO X Gaming Headset Wired (2nd Generation) with Blue VO!CE $130.44 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Cheapest I've seen this headset and is even cheaper than the Logitech PRO Wired, reviews have been very high for this item.

Hear and sound like a pro with the PRO X Gaming Headset. Blue VO!CE microphone technology* lets you communicate with greater clarity and confidence. Detachable pro-grade microphone filters tune your voice in real time to sound richer, cleaner and more professional. Featuring next-gen 7. 1 surround sound* and PRO-G 50-mm drivers for amazingly clear sound imaging. Soft memory foam-padded leatherette or velour earcups. Durable steel + aluminium construction. Premium USB external sound card gives you crystal-clear game sound and voice chat. Designed for tournaments with downloadable audio EQ profiles tuned by your favourite esports pros. Play to win. *Requires included USB external sound card, Windows PC and Logitech G HUB software.

More info at https://www.logitechg.com/en-au/products/gaming-audio/pro-x-....

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Just a note that it looks wireless from the image, but this is the wired model.

    • Updated the title, thanks, TwisTz86.

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    Very happy with mine, the mic is great and the headphones are very reasonable.

    Not an audiophiles first choice, but a really good choice for a all-rounder + gaming headset with a very good mic.

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      Same here, amazing headset for the money.

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    Can anyone comment on comfort for extended sessions please? Any head or ear discomfort with these? Looking to upgrade from a Razer Kraken Tournament which results in the above when playing for longer sessions. Cheers

    • I got a pair for work in the last deal and can comfortably wear them all day. Do note though that the ear cups are quite shallow, so your ears may touch on the drivers, which can create hot spots, so YMMV.

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      I've used the Logitech G Pro X for about 1.5 years now (purchased for about $220) and my previous headset was a Razer Kraken Pro V2 so I can relate to your issue. In my experience, the Logitech is much more comfortable and I can easily wear them for an entire day with no issues.

      They sound great and the microphone is also very good for a gaming headset. I'm frequently complimented on how good it sounds when talking to others over Discord/Teams. At its current price, it's honestly a great deal

    • They're very reasonable as far as gaming headsets go, it also comes with a separate pair of cloth earpads if you're not a fan of the faux leather pads.

  • How do these compare to the GSP500 for positioning in FPS ect.

  • Great headset but I went through 3 pairs because the hinges kept breaking due to my big head.

    Ended up moving to the G733's which don't have the hinge and they are holding up real nice.

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    Too many headphones. I'm going to keep telling myself that.

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    Highly recommend this headset, has a good microphone if you're using it to talk to people.

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      Does it have noise cancelling, so others do not hear background noise?

      • Unfortunately not.

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    Anyone seen recent sales on the wireless versions? Looking around can't find anything for under $300 (with delivery).

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      Been looking for a decent wireless headset too, disappointed I missed the g935 from binglee yesterday

  • With most of these, they connect to a little sound card with a 3.5mm plug and the sound card connects to a PC via USB.
    Anyone know if these allow plugging that 3.5mm plug directly into a PC sound card or soundbar, and not using the attached sound card?

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      They'll work but might not sound as good and probably won't have 7.1 sound.

      • Tempted to give it a shot.
        I've got a Creative Katana and I think it'll have better audio than the little DAC attached to these, if it works.
        I think I need a splitter out to audio+mic.

        Worse case scenario, I just use the usb sound card with it which I'm sure isn't too bad.

        • I got a pair of the Razer BlackShark V2 wired recently and they work in the same manner with the USB sound card but for work i need to plug them into multiple computers etc so just end up using the 3.5mm.

          I've noticed you don't need a splitter just using the 3.5mm jack on both Mac and PC.

          On the computer that has the USB Sound card however I can basically set the output as Dolby Surround sound kind of thing.

          On a PS5 it really doesn't matter as the Tempest 3D Audio engine seems to drive all that anyway, although you can still use the USB card on the console.

          • @Sidog: Awesome, thanks mate.
            I have HyperX Cloud II's which operate similar and I plugged the 3.5mm into the headset socket on my Katana and got no sound out, so I thought it might be mixed up between the headset and the mic or something.

            Maybe I need to try again!

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    Thanks - treated myself for xmas.

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    Really good price! Super happy with mine. Bought from JB last year for around $200 on sale lol. They feel super comfy and get me gaming for hours without any discomfort. The mic is also nice and easy to set up. The Blue voice doesn't work on consoles however, so something to keep in mind.

  • How do these compare to the Razer Blackshark v2 (not v2x) ? which were $119 at BingLee?

    I would prefer the soft cloth instead of pleather.

    Edit: i see they come with both options.. nice.
    Metal construction too, damn i should've got these instead.

    I mean when i buy headphones for gaming, these are the style i look for.
    Over ear cups, Soft cloth ears, detatchable mic, Padded headrest, Braided Strogn Cord, I mean every single pair of gaming headhopnes should have these qualities.

    Manufacturers are slowly learning what we want.

    • I think you just convinced yourself to get a pair of these.

      • My Razer blackshark literally arrived at 7:30 last night :)

        • But why not both?

          • @Munki: haha, so tempted

            • @Pittyh: Go on…Treat yourself. ;)

              I'm kidding. If the Razer does what you want and you like them, you don't need another set. Save that money yo.

  • If I already own a pair of G432s will this be much of an upgrade?

    • These have "PRO" written on the headband…Are you a PRO gamer?

  • This or GSP 500

    • -1

      Beyerdynamic dt990 pro or audio technica ad-700x or iem for bang for buck value

      • Thing is i got gsp 500 for $150
        and I also want one that has a mic built in

        • Get a mod mic mate, or dt880 pro gaming or something, its has mic built in with dt880 pro quality

  • If anyone is thinking about these or Steelseries Arctis 7 and up; go the arctis. Just all around better; better comfort, better sounding, better mic.

    Only place this pulls ahead might be on appearance; but that's quite subjective.

    Tried these last year to replace a failing arctis 7 and was immediately displeased. Returned it the same day.


    • -1

      Or u can go with dt990pro or ad700x or switch to iem from openback just like me, super cheap but surprisingly good

  • How does these compare with the HyperX Cloud II - Pro Gaming Headset for example. These retail for $99 I believe.

  • I wonder how these are compared to the Logitech G935, been using the G933 for many years and the power switch is slowly starting to cause issues.

    If this is a step up from the G935 would be perfect.

  • If Amazon UK cancel this order (3rd time now) I am going to sit in silence at my desk.

    • They just shipped out my headset today, hopefully, you should get yours shipped soon.

  • This has a model number 981-000818 but it seems other stores sell 981-000820.

    From what I can tell there's only 1 version of G PRO X, what am i missing here?

    • +3

      Probably just region differences. This is from UK while the 'other stores' you checked are AU I guess. If you check US stores the model number is 981-000817.

  • Been using the cloud alpha's but hoping this one is a lot more comfortable as those tends to clamp my head in after hours of usage.

  • Any order these and yet to receive shipping confirmation?

    • +1

      they just shipped today ..

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