[PC] Unreal Tournament GOTY & Unreal Tournament 2004 Editor's Choice Edition for $2.79 each @ GOG


Nothing much to say, it is "Unreal Tournament", one of the best FPS games ever made (even after 22 years) for a good price.

Also, Unreal Tournament 2004 Editor's Choice Edition is $2.79 thanks to vasil

Found this video on DirectX 11 renderer and few other mods

You can use Glide (3Dfx) renderer with nGlide

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      HOLY SH*T!

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    Unreal Tournament grabbed the first person shooter genre by the soiled seat of its pants and knocked it around the room with its never-before-seen graphics, brutal edge-of-your-seat gameplay and a massive and varied feature list that gave gamers more than they ever expected.

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      And now Epic sells Skinner boxes to children and buys exclusives for a store nobody would want to use otherwise.

      Real shame how they've turned out.

      • Too true. I actually really enjoyed the unreal campaigns, and of course the multiplayer was great.

        So few of the actually good games companies have actually lasted and are continuing to actually make games. Either swallowed and dismantled, bankrupt, or just found something more profitable to do. Even valve doesn't really make much in the way of games these days.

        It's pretty depressing that pretty much none of my favorite game designers exist anymore.

      • True, but they also make the Unreal Engine, which is pretty well loved and well used, even the Mandalorian TV show used it for its backgrounds. They did make Robo Recall 4 years ago that was pretty awesome for VR, but that seems like the last game they developed I liked.

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    An under-rated legend of a game

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      I’m not sure it was under rated? It’s generally held in very high regard and critically was a huge success. https://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/unreal-tournament-1999

      It also spawned multiple sequels, GOTY editions. It was competing with the also great Quake 3 for sales, but the sales were solid too for the time.

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        It's a shame that UT3 was never really popular. Even when they launched the "black edition" on Steam it didn't start populated for long at all. I love pancaking people with the Mantis, it's so satisfying. I wish we got Unreal Championship on the PC as that was one of my favorite Xbox titles.

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    Also Unreal 2004 Editor's choice edition.

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    I've been really interested in gathering together some machines to have a mini LAN party at home with a bunch of classics like this. My question would be is there any chance I could run the one GOG account on multiple PCs to play this and connect over LAN?

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      This is DRM Free meaning you do not GOG account or internet connection to play it

      Just like how games used to be in the old days.

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        Oh jeez so I just get the setup.exe and install it and run the game offline. Wow I remember these days….

        insta-purchase then.

        • GOG provides an offline installer with no DRM, or you can install it via GOG Galaxy.

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          Oh jeez so I just get the setup.exe and install it and run the game offline.

          The installers will work forever regardless of where you store/execute them, how many times you run them, etc.

          That goes for literally 99% of games on GOG.com with the exception of those titles that need an Internet connection for multiplayer, in which case you obviously need to be online.

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            @Gnostikos: Sweet - I've literally only ever used GOG twice. Once to buy and download Cyberpunk, the second time being that one time I played Cyberpunk….

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        You still needed a CD Key in the old days, GOG is actually better.

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    Ah the memories networking this game at school and Tafe In IPT class.

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      As a school teacher, we had this installed on all the library computers (hidden on seperate partitions). Kids had no idea it was even there. After hours ..game on… stress release.. Good ole days…

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    facing worlds, still one of the best

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      so much sniping

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      I loved this map coupled with the strangelove mod….YAAAHOOOOOOO

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      Are we talking about UT99 here?
      Facing Worlds was one of the best stock maps. CTF-McSwartzly was the best community map which was ported from Quake.

  • So out of curiosity, do people prefer goty, 2004 or 3 for unreal tournament?

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      2k4, always

    • I liked 2k3 :)

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      I think in the eSports arena, UT99 still has a dedicated following but for most casual players 2K4 is the favourite.

      These days you'll find a fairly similar amount of UT3 and U2K4 servers out there but it's a dwindling player base for both.

    • I like 2004 the best and its easily the one we played the most, but 3 is pretty solid. Being able to tow people behind vehicles on the CTF maps was so good.

      the GOTY edition suffers from being the from the same generation as Quake 3 while not being anywhere near as good.

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      UT2004 is one of the GOAT shooters. 100% going to install it again over the weekend. Single Player was good but the online was unreal, I wonder if there's any active servers still.

      edit: just had a look on gametracker, there's 200 servers still. All of them unpopulated except for one which has two people playing it right now.

      Hopefully this deal makes more people jump on. 10 active servers now!

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        OzB server

      • Do you have a link to this server list?

  • Unreal engine.. still going strong

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    I remember playing unreal tournament over our works LAN in about 2000 not long after the company first got a few PC's. This and also the game Rollcage if anyone remembers that one? Those were good times and probably why I got made redundant!

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      probably why I got made redundant!

      seems so

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      We used our beefy rendering farm workstations for Friday night LAN parties at a previous workplace of mine and UT2K4 was usually on rotation every second week.

      We did have to keep from yelling our taunts/insults to each other across the office floor to a minimum as people working after-hours used to complain about hearing constant, expletive-laden shouting but even management was pretty relaxed about using work PCs for gaming after-hours.

      I found it became a really great outlet for settling petty office politics and rivalries as well as a decent team-bonding exercise and repeatedly fragging and teabagging managers seemed quite therapeutic for a lot of staff.

    • This game made me fail my 1st year uni :(

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    Who remembers ‘Telefragging’ their mates - what an embarrassing way to die.

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      There was telepunting as well. i.e. using an impact hammer to hit your own translocator to cover massive distances. Such a good way to get to the other side of the map quickly on Facing Worlds. Not to mention mail flagging. i.e. taking the flag, and then blowing yourself up with the redeemer point blank against a wall, so that the enemy flag would fly all the way to your home base.

  • This game dinged my marks something fierce.

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    Seem that I am a proud owner of 3Dfx Voodoo GPU and can play in high settings :D

  • Can we play online with this game?

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    That Unreal Tournament intro is one of the all time greats. Still remember it like it was yesterday.

    "Now it is 2341, 50 years have passed since founding of DeathMatch.
    Profits from the Tournament number in the hundreds of billions.

    You have been selected to fight in the professional league
    by the Liandri Rules Board. Your strength and brutality are legendary.

    The time has come to prove you are the best-
    to crush your enemies-
    to win the Tournament."

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    Chaos UT2 Evolution mod is amazing for 2k4. I don't know what was more fun; the proximity mines that would chase you around the map squeeking threats or the gravity well launcher

  • Does anyone still run public servers for this thing? I noticed there is still a hardcore fangroup running Mech Warrior 4 server so I have my hopes. Still have my code somewhere that spins and manages UT4 servers dynamically on demand..

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    If they had twitch back then, I'd be a millionaire now, I was so awesome at that game. I could take out flying raptors with my tank.

  • Unreal Tournament 2004 Editor's Choice Edition $1.99
    Unreal Tournament GOTY $1.99
    Unreal Gold $2.49

    If I'm reading this correctly UT Gold and 2004 are the versions I should be buying. I do own both of these, but you know, my PC no longer has a CD ROM.

    • Unreal Tournament 2004 Editor's Choice Edition $1.99
      Unreal Tournament GOTY $1.99

      at where ? I still get $2.79 at GOG :/ is it in USD?

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        He's probably looking at USD pricing.

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          Yeppers, looks like USD pricing.

  • I've sunk so many hours into these games back when i was in school! Great memories, pretending to code in computer lab only to frag someone before quickly alt tabbing in case the teacher was doing a round !

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    It's a shame the UT reboot got canned. I was looking forward to another entry in the franchise but with modern graphics. You wouldn't have thought it would be that hard to create a base game with the DM, TDM, CTF and Domination modes with about 3-4 maps per mode (double for DM and TDM as they'd be shared), and 6 player models. The community can create more models and maps from there and they can add in new modes like Assault and Onslaught over time.

    Funding could be via purchasable cosmetics (i.e. skins, models, weapon model sets).

    EDIT: Of note, GamersGate has their Unreal Deal pack discounted by 90% from time to time… that's $5.69 for all 5 UT games (not including UT2003 of course since UT2004 made that redundant)


    • The UT reboot is still fun to play with friends. Also checkout a free game called SplitGate on Steam.