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Bose Noise Cancelling 700 $337.45 ($287.45 with LatitudePay), Beats Studio Buds $169.15 (LP: $119.15) C&C /+ Del @ The Good Guys


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    Answering "Bose or Sony"

    NCH700 (mrs w) v XM4 (me)

    NCH700 better NC

    XM4 a bit better SQ out of box. Slight tweak to sound (drop 400Hz by - 1, +2 1k and +4 at 2.5k) becomes a good step above NCH700. IMHO :)

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      Try downloading wavelet (if you have android) and apply the Auto EQ setting. It makes the headphone's frequency response as close as possible to the Harman target. It can make a lot of headphone and earphone sound better, especially those that are tuned awfully by the manufacturer.

    • Most important question, which one is more comfortable to wear?

      I have the QC35 II and XM3, and the QC35 II is so much more comfortable, whereas the XM3 hurts my ears after a few hours.

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        IMO QC35 iis are way more comfortable.

        XM3 seems to trap heat and becomes too warm after an hour or two whereas I've worn QC35 iis for long periods on international flights with no issues.

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          Thus the name QC - QuietComfort 😉

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        QC35's are pretty much unmatched in comfort for me compared to anything out there and I've used some pretty pricey headphones.

  • Good price on 700, but QC35ii is generally better and more comfortable?

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      I have the Bose700 only
      superb in every aspect at any price u can get
      this is a very very good bargain

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      FWIW, I've had the QC35s, and they're good. But after upgrading to the 700s it was clear that they were more comfortable, are better sonically, and has better NC too. Not sure how good the QCs were for phone calls, but the 700s and really good at them as well.

      • Interestingly, Rtings rates the QC35 II as more comfortable

        I've not used the Bose 700, but I can definitely say my QC35 II is probably the most comfortable pair of cans I've used.

        • Yeah I think the QCs are lighter, so maybe has something to do with the clamping force? But 700s just feel more snug, and personally I'd take it over QCs :)

  • great price on both

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    No delivery. No pickup.

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    No delivery. Only pick up. 2 stores that have stock are outside 15km radius for me. :(

    • 😂I wish mine could be 15…

    • 500km in my case

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    One or more products can't be delivered to your location. Please select pick up instead.

  • That's an amazing price

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      Amazing price with no pick, no delivery. Gimmick😩

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        Oh no that's sad.

        I have an xm3 and it's way too early to upgrade.

        Tried a different browser? (Maybe)

        • -1

          Different browser isn't going to help if there is no stock

          • +1

            @congo: I'm in Vic and randomly putting postcodes in. Can pick up from most stores.

            Tough luck if you don't have a store near you, but not exactly the store's fault. Buying things are not a 'right' lol

            • @mbck: Where are you seeing stock mate? I only see Thomastown and Frankston. Any stores you can suggest in South East

              • @interstellar: you can collect within 30 days if you believe there will be more restrictions lifted then.

  • Bought for $399, it’s a steal at this price.
    Can recommend.

    • +8

      A steal would be $0

      • true

    • You must be very easily pleased.
      The QC35 II are better rated and cost less.

      • +1

        I've had both and find the 700s better in every way.

        Reviews don't always help

        • I mean, if it sounds better to a professional…

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            @DisabledUser393851: Something like frequency response or battery life can be measured on paper, but sound quality and comfort are more subjective. As I hear differently to you, you may find one has better sound quality than I. As we have different head shapes, you may find one more comfortable than I.

            "Professional" reviews lead to Oscar winning movies. I don't like all of those either :)

        • Except that you can't fold them the same way as QC series ie taking up less space

  • I have XM3 and idk if its just me but it sounds muddy, with little clarity and doesnt sound very special. Is XM4 much better in sound quality? Ive also heard that the bose have really good sound compared to XM3, but maybe XM4 too.

    • Sound quality is a very personal thing. The best way to decide for yourself is to actually listening to a few of your favourite songs and then decide what suits you the best. Wish Covid was gone.

    • I have XM4s and out of the box they sounded very muddy too (compared with my previous PXC550s)…but if you play with the EQ settings they really come alive. Probably worth fiddling with your XM3s to see what they can do.

  • Guys, hear how is the mic in this??

    Don't wanna go with Sony cause I heard theirs is crap

    Edit and found. Bose should be Ozbargain's choice for headphones. Mic great, sound great.

    • XM3 & XM3 owner here. The Mic isn't crap, it's just that it isn't as good as the one on 700 Bose.
      Depending on the use case and your budget, either one is fine. I use XM3 a lot for MS Teams calls and listening to music in between meetings. They work just fine as long as their isn't too much noise around you. They have aptX codec, so I get top quality sound when paired with a Windows laptop (Windows doesn't support the far superior LDAC codec).
      On my Nvidia Android TV or my phone with LDAC codec on, XM3 sound great…especially considering the price they can be had for these days.
      XM4 don't support aptX codec, so I'm not interested + they're too close to XM3 in terms of build and sound quality

      • I have a Jabra 75t earbud. I used to use it for PC apps like MS Teams, and for music on phone. But with PC, the mic is very inconsistent because once I'm on break I leave my earbud on charging and when resume the mic doesn't work. Troubleshooting is hit and miss.

        Does the Sony XM3 have problems like these? Also heard it can overheat within 20mins?! Or your ear gets sore??

        Ps. The Bose price is priced same amount as Sony's so this is a steal.

        • +1

          Due to the closed cup design, XM3 feel warm after a while. Ears won't get sore, however, as with any headphones you need to rest your head and ears for a while.
          If you can get Bose 700 for $287 then it's the best price ever and a great deal.

  • If you're planning on getting the new Pixel phones, there is a chance the Bose 700 will be bundled for free like they are doing in other regions, so you may want to wait. Then again, they might not…


    • Germany only.
      Pixel 5 was also bundled with qc 35 in Germany & England only.

      • I did say 'there is a chance', especially with how the cost of the new phones going over $1,000+ for the pro version. And we're getting off-topic. ✌✌✌

        • Ask Google to bring that promo over here!

  • +1

    Ordered for 287.45. Thanks OP

  • Any opinion on beats? Beats or nothing ear 1? Similar price.

    • I’ve got the beats and they sound decent but anc isnt that significant, very comfy and much smaller case than ne1

  • Bose 700 in stock at Castle Hill store. Just bought one. Decent price.

    • How, there is none in NSW at all

      • the silver one. not the black one from the link.

  • Is it worth signing up with latitude pay just for this? They run a credit check don't they?

    • I did, and it took 2 minutes with my licence for the check to go through. $50 on top sounded too good to pass although I had the $$ on hand ready to go. I plan to pay the whole lot out in one go.

      • Is there a reason you'd pay off all at once rather than just pay according to the Latitude payment plan? New to BNPL, so my understanding is there is no interest if paid in line with their 10 month payment plan.

        • +1

          it's 10 weeks not 10 months, I think it does affect your credit score slightly, I saw my score dip and that was when I just started something with them

  • Cheers OP, I've been hanging out for some wireless headphones, pull the trigger with this along with Latitude Pay.

  • Has anyone been able to combine all 3 in one order Promo Code + Gift Card + Latitude Pay? I tried once and Latitude Pay option was not shown to me. So I cleared my cart and my gift card balance went from $45 to Zero for an aborted transaction. Spoke to gift card team and was told wait for 45 mins. for gift amount to be reloaded, but no success even after 2 hrs wait.

  • Tried to sign up with Latitude Pay and somehow I already have an account with them. I've never once used any of these BNPL services and there is no trace of 'Latitude Pay' anywhere in my email/phone records. Can't even log onto 'my' account even after resetting the password. Seems like a sketchy start just to save an extra $50.
    But then again, I've endured worse to save less money =)

  • +1

    Available on Amazon Prime now for $337.45
    Deal in itself if someone like to post it

    • Thank you, ordered!

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