Can You Get The Free Chips and Drink at KFC Every Visit?

Just got the free chips and drink with a $5 spend for completing the survey at KFC and the guy at the counter refused to give me a receipt. Said you're not allowed to chain them together even after I told him I'd been doing it for years. Even told me he'd been working there for years and that's not how it works!

Edit - Messaged them on Facebook and the manager called to apologise, offered me a free meal and said he'd be having a word with the staff. I didn't want to kick up a fuss as its a new shop that conveniently opened up next to my local game store and I still want to be able to keep going there…

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  • how much do you need to spend to get the survey receipt?

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    Pretty sure it's illegal to not provide a receipt if the customer asks for one.

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      yes should have escalated to the manager on duty.

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        I didn't want to make a scene. Told my brother and he said I need to start standing up for myself. That's the final straw, not taking shit from anyone any more.

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          You can still get a receipt. I may be misremembering but IIRC the retailer has up to 7 days to provide the receipt. So either contact the store and ask for the manager and explain that you made a purchase the other day and were refused a receipt which is illegal under Australian law and if he can provide one now you won't need to lodge a complaint with fair trading/ACCC. If you don't want to do that contact KFC direct and state store such and such on whatever day at approx whatever time illegally refused to provide you with a receipt and wanted to give them a chance to correct it before lodging formal complaints etc.

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      Just tell them you're a mystery shopper. :)
      By law, a receipt should be provided, if requested. Failure to do so indicates that the employee or staff are stealing from the register. And am email to kfc head office with the time and what b was on the order.

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        I just imagined going into a sole trader's shop and telling them you're a mystery shopper.

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      Yep, in some countries in Europe, especially Italy, there are police that target customers walking out of stores and ask if they were given a receipt. However, that is to combat businesses avoiding tax by taking cash and keeping it off the books.

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    Don't say receipt, say tax invoice.

  • If the goods are a free gift then there's no taxable transaction and therefore no -legal- need to provide you a receipt…

    That said, if you get the number off any old receipt from rummaging in a bin I'm confident it might work

  • I get it every time by showing them a screenshot on my phone of the survey code. Hasn't failed in well over a year, and I get KFC pretty often.

  • He may be right that that isn’t how the survey voucher/credit is intended to work…
    but he can’t refuse to give you a receipt.

    So carry on fighting

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    Kick up a stink and risk ruining it for everyone

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    Take them to court and be compensated with a Zinger meal :-)

    • Food court?

  • yes you can do it every visit

    I don't know why that guy thinks he's doing a favour for the company/franchise by not giving out the stuff they're offering for free… maybe its his back pocket haha

    But on a personal note I've stopped getting the free chips and drink altogether because.. TBH I do not need the extra food, health reasons blah blah

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    there's usually a heap of receipts lying around the counter too… can always pick up a random one

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      just rummage through the bins - its a jackpot!

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    I go to hungry jacks and spend 1.70 and get chips and an ice cream.

  • On the other hand, I've been encouraged by staff to keep doing the surveys.

    Probably comes down to the individual store. I've missed out a few receipts recently as I used the mobile app so I'm going to pinch a few loose receipts.

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    I will be demanding they provide the free chips and drink and a receipt next visit in their drive through and refuse to leave until I get it. I'm honestly done being treated like shit.

    you go girl.

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    Its KFC.. even free its hardly worth it.

  • It is against retail law to not provide a receipt, you should of advised this. He was just having a bad day

  • Did you get his name? Going forward complain about him in every survey you do for the store lmao.