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40-70% off L'Oréal Australia Friends & Family + $10 Delivery (Free With $250 Order) @ L'Oréal


LÓreal Group Friends and Family sale with 60-80% off

Brands include:
IT Cosmetics
Ralph Lauren
Shu Uemura
Urban Decay
Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

Products include cosmetics, skin care, hair care, fragrances and gift sets

Probably not the super popular shades but some good prices there. Limited to one email address per order. I had issues with processing my order as not all stock is updated instantly but after a few tries, payment was successful. Must use code 'LOREAL_OCT2021' to enter site.

Hopefully you can find yourself a bargain! Probably won't last till 17th Oct as products keep disappearing from pages.

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  • Thanks friend

  • Thanks step bro

  • Here we go again

  • "Total order value is capped at $5,000"

    o rly

  • Anyone else trying to place an order but keep getting a pop up when you pay? 'Sorry, your order cannot be completed. The product is out of stock.'

    I have nooo idea which item it is.

    • I had the same issue so i did trial and error and eventually it worked, best of luck!!

      • +3

        Thanks! Got the husband to sus out what products were out of stock by using the developers tools. It was 3 items :(

        I don't even know if order was confirmed. There's no charge on card. Got a pop up once i checked out saying due to high volume of orders, it may take up to 72 hours for confirmation! Goodluck everyone haha

        • +1

          Awesome!!! The dev tools approach works like a charm - thanks to you both :)

          • +1

            @sayuv: Good to hear it helped! Just change the product code in the url to the out of stock product code to bring up each item quick :)

        • Paid via paypal. Got both email confirmation from paypal & Loreal a few minutes after :)

  • No private collection

  • Thanks. I ended up having to order twice to sort out out of stock items. Happy with what I was able to get.

  • Which items are out of stock?

  • It says product out of stock but which one?

    • +8

      Open More Tools > Developer Tools

      Attempt to submit order

      In developer screen, select network tab > type 'Order' in Filter box > Click on preview. Will tell you which products codes have 0 stock.

      Hope that makes sense!

      • i think i can't find the product codes section

        • +1

          I just switched the product code in the url with the product code that was out of stock to bring up each item

          • +3

            @Tinky Winky: I got it to work, gotta check the response tab on the row orders

            • @sunnyc: Sorry yes! was trying to remember from top of my head haha

      • +2

        Thank you so much! Very frustrating until found your comment…

      • +1

        Thanks for this, helped with my order :)

      • +1

        Thanks for the steps. Helped me finalize my order.

  • So I contact support about a delivery information error and I got this message back

    "This is a warning message only.
    Your message remains in the server queue,
    the server will try to send it again.
    You should not try to resend your message now."

    Is this normal? I emailed them because they put the wrong last name in the invoice for some reason even though I payed with paypal with the right information.

  • how can i see OOS from mobile device?

  • I have never been so frustrated in my life with trying to make an order haha. Had to make two orders to sus out which items were out of stock.

    • Should start a list on OOS items haha

  • i ended up giving up. had $300 in my cart and couldn’t figure out the OOS.

  • +1

    the developer tool trick above works wonders! had two items which were out of stock

  • Finally managed to place an order by making random changes. Dev tools in Mac Chrome not helpful. Annoying but happy with my purchases.

    • That's odd. Using Mac and managed to work.

      • Maybe me…did you use before or after confirming order? Mugler fragrances went through, I think Redken Extreme Duo may be OOS.

        • I opened it before confirming order. Then clicked confirm order so I could see the response. Redken duo is definitely out of stock. Was really hoping to get one myself haha.

  • Thanks for this - what a bargain! Make note friends - you can only place 1 order per email account so if you try to go back in after ordering you'll need a new email. Incognito mode also works if it gives you an error.

  • +4

    Seems to be the recycled items from 2 years ago.

    Also this sale used to be the bomb when you could actually go into a warehouse. Benefits were you could use the fragrance checker to see when the perfume was actually made. On one occasion the Ralph Polo was made almost 7 years ago.

    The good stuff goes to the back office staff, the rest trickles down to the peasants.

  • Code comes up as invalid when signing in.Anyone else finding this ?

  • I made an order last week, but no shipping / tracking information yet to see where my order is at? Do you guys experience this too?

    • Yes, I've not received any info re shipping and have no idea how/where to check this.

    • Nothing as well :(

    • Haven’t received anything either :/

    • FAQs say that delivery will take between 1-3 weeks so hopefully we get tracking info soon :(

    • Update : Received an email saying they shipped my package with tracking info. :)

  • Just received an email that my parcel is delayed

    • Me too :(

      • Can I ask what does the payment shows up as on your bank? I can't find my order and recieved an order but it seems less than I ordered.

        • Mine shows full payment in bank. No extra cost nor less. They usually send order confirmation email with full order details including cost and products. Check your spam box or search it from your email list for order confirmation. If you are missing some products and they did not gave you a refund on the missing product, just contact them. They will issue a refund. But no replacement. That's what happened to me last time.

  • +1

    Just got a text from Star Track about a delivery coming today. Plot that tracking number into Austpost app and hell yeah, its from Scalefast ie. L'oreal.

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