Chocolate Milk Or Strawberry Milk?

Hi all,

Curious on which one Oz[Insert Name Here] finds superior?

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  • 97
    Choccy Milk
  • 47
    Strawberry Milk
  • 3
    I mix and drink them both at the same time like a psychopath
  • 2
    Only Paul's Smarter White Milk


  • +4

    Strawberry milk is for psychopaths. The End.

    • Cows' milk is for baby cows.

      • Cow's milk with strawberry is for psychopathic calfs. Also The End.

        • Soy milk is for baby soys?

          • @pharkurnell: No. Soy milk is for soy boys; an entirely different category of psychopath. Still The End.

      • Yet the OP didn't mention cows, you did.

  • +1

    Full cream milk + Vittoria Chocochino Dark Drinking Chocolate

  • +1

    Human milk.

    • Man milk?

      • +1

        I have some, always happy to share.

        • +1

          Username checks out.

  • +2

    Strawberry, anyone not drinking this cannot be trusted.

  • +3

    I just want milk that tastes like real milk

  • +1

    Pink milk. What is strawberry?

    • Sala syrup?

  • +1

    Chocolate sauce straight into my mouth, then a swig of milk. Swish… then swallow… and look… no dirty glass!

  • Why not both

  • +5

    Where's Banana milk?

    • tell me where I can buy Banana milk, and im going to get some, HEHE

      • Oh it's really frustrating to go to Coles milk aisle and see every single flavour under the sun (even ones I can't imagine people are asking for like bubblegum & random non-traditional product mashups) but no standard banana milk…

        I know Oak do one but they're very hard to find for some reason.

  • +1

    Raiders lime

    Up the milk

  • +2

    One of the unhealthiest items in the supermarket.

    Of course, Australians are controlled by advertising so they believe Milo is healthy.

    • Compared to soft drink, cordial, juice?

  • +1

    Low fat, no fat, full cream, high calcium, high protein, soy…

    light, skim, omega 3…

    high calcium with vitamin D and folate or extra dollop?

  • Chocolate milk always tastes the same. Strawberry milk is often different and it's fun to try the different types of strawberry milk.

    Nom Yen is better than both though.

  • Choccy milk makes the pain go away.

  • -1

    Depends on the brand!

    breaka - Chocolate, their strawberry is shit. (IMO). I think Strawberry nesquick is better then what breaka offer
    OAK - Strawberry hands down, but their chocolate is also better then breka imo.

    But overall, I am more a strawberry milk then chocolate person

  • Chocolate Milk Or Strawberry Milk?

    Definitely Banana milk.

    • Yes agreed!

    • Haven't had that since was in Korea

      • I miss kimchi milk…

        • +1

          My roommate in Uni put uncovered kimchi in the fridge underneath some sponge cake. Got quite the surprise when that cake was eaten.

  • Not a fan of chocolate milk as I am of hot chocolates. I prefer strawberry milk as it’s something I don’t have often so when I do it’s somewhat novel.

  • Iced coffee or it's nothing.

  • My brother used to live off chocberry big m's in the late 80's/early 90's. They were everywhere at one point.

    Personally I can't remember the last time I drank flavoured milk, but it was probably the good ol' egg flip. Milk, cinnamon, egg, vanilla essence, sugar, quick whizz in the blender, done.

    Little did I know as a kid though that vanilla essence was loaded with booze. I was dumping about a shot worth of the stuff into my milkshakes on a regular basis, no wonder I liked them so much.

    • Pure vanilla extract contains a minimum of 35 percent alcohol.

      Wow I didn't realise it was that high! I can't imagine you'd be putting more than a few drops in a cup though?

  • Malted Milk.

  • Adults drinking flavoured milk? Lol

    • +1

      What a sad life you must have to not drink flavoured milk.

    • Better an adult to make a decision to inject themselves with that much sugar then a poor child.

      • +1

        then a poor child.

        or a rich child…

        I don't see how social class makes a difference here…

  • Big M

  • +1

    I knew there were Chocolate Cows. Never seen any Strawberry Cows.

  • Taro milk