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[Oculus] Anniversary Sale (The Climb $27.32, Robo Recall: Unplugged $32.99, Tetris Effect: Connected $25.92, + More) @ Oculus


Click the "Quest 2 Anniversary Sale" banner from the app, or links provided below.
Ends 5:59PM AEDT on Monday 18th October.

NOTE: Superhot VR price ends 5:59PM AEDT on Thursday 14th October (today!). May not be technically part of the sale, and just a flash sale pricing.

Jump on a Canadian VPN for potentially even larger savings.

Individual games

Game Rating Price (AUD) Price (CAD)
SUPERHOT VR 4.7 $27.29 (30%) $20.29
Vacation Simulator 4.7 $32.99 (29%) $23.99
The Climb 4.3 $27.32 (41%) $25.51
Until You Fall 4.7 $27.60 (29%) $25.47
Zero Caliber: Reloaded 4.4 $27.32 (29%) $25.51
The Climb 2 4.1 $37.59 (20%) $27.99
Jurassic World Aftermath 4.4 $27.60 (21%) $25.47
Synth Riders 4.7 $27.29 (30%) $20.29
Red Matter 4.6 $22.99 (41%) $16.99
Arizona Sunshine 4.3 $40.94 (18%) $29.89
Tetris Effect: Connected 4.6 $25.92 (44%) $25.06
Hand Physics Lab 3.6 $11.99 (20%) $9.59
Topgolf With Pro Putt 4.7 $21.69 (20%) $16.09
Sports Scramble 4.0 $32.99 (29%) $23.99
Real VR Fishing 4.7 $21.69 (20%) $16.09
Robo Recall: Unplugged 4.5 $32.99 (29%) $23.99
Contractors 4.2 $21.69 (20%) $16.09
Moss 4.8 $32.99 (29%) $23.99
SWORDS of GARGANTUA 4.2 $27.89 (28%) $20.69
Death Horizon: Reloaded 4.3 $18.99 (30%) $14.99
Gun Club VR 4.4 $21.69 (20%) $16.09
In Death: Unchained 4.7 $32.99 (29%) $23.99
Blaston 4.6 $10.99 (26%) $7.99
Journey of the Gods 4.6 $27.89 (40%) $20.69
Wander 3.8 $10.99 (26%) $7.99
Hyper Dash 4.6 $21.69 (20%) $16.09
OhShape 4.1 $17.99 (34%) $13.99
Cook-Out 4.6 $21.69 (20%) $16.09
Trover Saves the Universe 4.7 $27.32 (41%) $25.51
Floor Plan 2 4.4 $27.32 (29%) $25.51


Bundle Price (AUD) Price (CAD)
Vader Immortal Pack - A Star Wars Series - All 3 episodes $22.99 (48%) $16.99
Anniversary Pack - The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, GORN, The Thrill of the Fight, Demeo $100.37 (27%) $91.65
Fun, Games & Friends Pack - Creed: Rise to Glory, Eleven Table Tennis, Walkabout Mini Golf $65.99 (32%) $47.99
Adrenaline Pack - Swarm, Synth Rider, Until You Fall $73.54 (21%) $67.37
Exhilarating Adventures - The Room VR: A Dark Matter, Job Simulator, I Expect You To Die $79.99 (29%) $57.99

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  • +4

    Hanging out for resident evil 4 !

    • Amen! Such a shame they didn't add VR to the PC port of RE7, or do it for RE8 :(

      Will probably try RE7 with VorpX once I'm a bit more comfortable with movement, only had my Quest 2 for about a week and still getting a bit nauseous without teleporting movement :S

      • I tried to play original wolfenstein in quest 2 and about yakked in my first 10 minutes.

  • +4

    As good as Tetris is, it's so hard to recommend it based on the quest port is super lazy - it's scaled the resolution down to make things look jaggy so it can run on the Quest 1.

    You can literally bump up the resolution each time it launches (using ADB from the computer) and have it look amazing, but then you get rid of the point of being able to play it on the go?

    • +9

      Any chance that was recently fixed? The reviews on the page all talk about the Quest 2 update fixing that issue:

      eg. 2nd review on the store listing:

      The only thing that was holding this game back from ultimate greatness was the graphics not being updated for the Quest 2. The latest update has fixed this issue and the game is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Tetris effect finally! Normally $50

    Thanks for the detailed post Shrodes

  • Thanks for the post!

    Picked up a few games

  • +2

    Has anyone played Moss. Would they recommend it ?

    • +6

      Moss is gorgeous and has high production values, feels a bit like going inside a Disney animated fairytale. Really lovingly crafted. Great for kids (and fun adults).

      Personally I haven't played it much though, been busy, so can't comment on gameplay or length much.

      But I got it on steam (maybe through humble bundle?), so it might be cheaper in steam sales. Oculus ports can have simplified graphics too.

    • +1

      I haven't played it yet, but I know it's always on must have VR game lists, and looks like a great experience to show others VR. The idea seems interesting too, as I believe you're sitting in the middle of a platformer, as the characters moves around you.

    • +1

      This was my "ah ha" moment with VR. Every other game put you in a "real size" world (like Vader). Moss puts you inside a miniature world, which is unlike any other VR game I've played. It's beautiful, and the experience is absolutely worth the price, even if it does get a little tedious towards the end.

      • If you haven't tried it, A Fishermans Tale is also a great use of VR to play with size and dimensions.

    • +1

      Great game, not super long but most 'made for VR' games aren't. Probably the closest thing the Quest gets to Astrobot

  • Has anyone given Jurassic World Aftermath a shot before? Worth getting?

    • +1

      Started playing yesterday, as a newbie I was pleasantly surprised that the movement didn't make me immediately sick, got about 20 minutes in. I think the vignetting made a big difference.

      The sound design is great, if you're into cel shaded graphics and/or dinosaurs I'd say cop it.

      • Awesome, thank you! I think I'll get it :)

  • If I buy the quest game does the license cover the rift version of the game as well through the Oculus store? I ask because I thought I read that it did..

    • +1

      Some games do yes. I bought Robo Recall and also gave me the PC Version. I went into the Unplugged listing but can't find any hinting towards it though.

      So i can say Yes it does give you Rift Licence. However, I'm not sure how to check in the game listing on their estore.

      • I thought Robo Recall is free for Rift anyway? Great game

        • It was only free on the OG Rift, and only for the 1st owner.

    • +5

      You can check this list to see whether your game supports cross-buy: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/section/23357321831...

  • +4

    'Vacation Simulator' - too soon Oculus, too soon 😢

    • Hehe, I know right? I will say that once in a while when I’m really missing travel, I jump onto Google Earth and revisit places I’ve been before or plan future trips. It is less depressing than it sounds… though about as sad as it sounds.

  • Oculus sent me $14 credit earlier in the month that expires today, managed to get Tetris Effect for $12

  • thanks op

  • +1

    Vacation simulator links to "Puzzle Bobble VR: Vacation Odyssey" Correct link is


  • +1

    If you somehow don't own robot recall already (Not sure how that's possible?) get it, Sports Scramble is next on the list, then Synth Riders which I find as having better variety than beat saber in both songs and environments.
    Rating on overall arcade fun and replay value.

    • Thanks for the recommendation. I just watched the trailer for RR, and I'm not sure how I've not heard of this game!

  • Couple good games, bit Most of the game I wanted did not go on sale.shame

  • Thinking to buy Oculus later. Could I buy the game now and use it on the device later?

    Also the Superhot VR, is this the same as the steam version?

    • +1

      You should be able to make an account without a headset yes.
      I believe the game is very close like most. Read the reviews for super hot.

    • The Quest version is the same except for minor graphical downgrades that are pretty hard to notice. The only other difference is that they recently removed several story sequences from all versions to eliminate all references to self-harm, and on Steam you can use a trick to downgrade to the full version.

    • Yes, easiest way is to get the Oculus mobile phone app and purchase through that.

  • +3

    There's also some good deals on bundles in the Oculus app too:

    Title Contains Price Discount
    Vader Immortal Pack - A Star Wars Series All 3 Episodes $22.99 48%
    Anniversary Pack The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, GORN, The Thrill of the Fight, Demeo $100.37 27%
    Fun, Games & Friends Pack Creed: Rise to Glory, Eleven Table Tennis, Walkabout Mini Golf $65.99 32%
    Adrenaline Pack Swarm, Synth Rider, Until You Fall $73.54 21%
    Exhilarating Adventures The Room VR: A Dark Matter, Job Simulator, I Expect You To Die $79.99 29%
    • +2

      Added, thanks! I'm not sure what the CAD price / discount is on Vader since I already bought through the app, and the website isn't loading the price for me for some reason.

  • Beautiful! Grabbed Contractors and Synth Riders via CAD VPN.

  • +3

    OP is very handsome.

  • Can highly recommend both Superhot VR and Robo Recall. Great fun.

  • +1

    Vader pack, awesome. Glad its back. Picked it up, already owned the 1st, so i only had to pay for 2/3 of the pack ($15).

  • Any advantage getting Superhot VR from the Oculus store instead of a steam key for around $16?
    Can it played directly from the Oculus without being connected via air link through the Oculus store?

    • +3

      Yes if you have a Quest or Quest 2 headset, and buy Superhot VR in the headset, you can play it without a PC connected.

      • Thanks, think I'll go that route

  • Just picked up two - Superhot VR and Trover saves the universe which gets great reviews

  • What's the fishing one like?

    • Only tried for about 30 mins but it's pretty relaxing so far. Nice locations and it's pretty fun. You can load your MP3s onto storage to listen to, or just play Youtube music / a video while you fish too if you want.

  • I haven't played the quest 2 in months.

    Normally just play beatsaber or thrill of the fight.

    Do you guys think it's worth getting climb 2 at that price point? ($37)

    Does it get cheaper?

  • Silly question but if I buy on VPN, can I download on the quest without?

    • +1

      Yep you can, it's super easy

  • Added Floor Plan 2 sale price, looks like they corrected it since yesterday it wasn't showing on sale at all.

  • -1

    Damn no love for OG Rift users ?
    Cant bring myself to pay $40+ for the rift version of the climb when the quest version of significantly cheaper.
    Yet another reason to not buy games from the oculus store.

    • It's a Quest 2 anniversary sale, why would you expect Rift users benefit?

    • The climb is cross buy as are a bunch of others. Buy the quest version on sale, you also get the rift version for free.

  • -1

    PSA: OCULUS30 code seems to work on any game right now (not targetted). Was alerted to this when I was using the Android app to browse the store.

    Edit: Seems to have been only good for 1 transaction. Glad I used it to get Walking Dead!

    • Sure it isn't targeted? Didn't work for me.

    • Doesn't work for me.

  • Thanks all. Picked up Vader immortal trilogy, robo recall, real vr fishing, vacation simulator, moss

  • Ok dumb question; I don't own a quest/quest2 but I've purchased rift games and play them on the Valve Index via revive.
    So I went and bought robo recall:unplugged and vader immortal pack as they supposedly have cross-buy with rift yet I don't see them in my library.

    • +1

      Figured it out, had to go back to the rift store and re-buy the same games for $0, although it wasn't made clear anywhere that I could find that that's what you were supposed to do.

  • FYI, The Climb 2 is on a flash sale for 44% off, making it now CHEAPER than The Climb 1 sale price!

  • Arizona Sunshine is 45% off now if anybody bought in this sale and hasn't played 2 hours yet, $27.32 now and possibly less in Canada as usual.

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