Free 10,000 Mora and 60 Primo Gems @ Genshin Impact


Free 10k mora and 60 primo gems. Use the code

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    Thanks Op

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    • Are PS4 players eligible for this one?

      • Yes but you need to link your psn account to a mihoyo account, then you can sign in with the mihoyo account to claim rewards

        Instructions from the official post:
        "Log in to Genshin Impact on your PlayStation, then go to Settings > Account > User Center > Link Account and link your account for PSN that is logged in to Genshin Impact to an email address that is not associated with a miHoYo Account. After linking, your game progress will be shared when you log into your account to play on the same server on iOS/Android/PC/PlayStation."

        • Awesome tysm! That’s really helpful

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    Is this game worth getting into? I should finish Far Cry 6 first haha!

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      gatha game…. as long as you don't pull you are all good

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        You mean spend? Cos pulling is a big part of the fun imo.

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      I've been playing since mid august and have put in $8 per month for welkin, and have been having tons of fun! This game helped me fill the void of the boring lockdown and when no other game was fun. highly recommend :)

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      It's probably worth a try, I had the most fun in the first 20ish hours, but once you've experienced that it becomes pretty same-ish from then on.

      The endgame is virtually non-existent, even after more than a year of updates, the events are rather boring, and the rewards are even worse.

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        I don't understand the expectation of there being a good endgame or an endgame at all?

        It's an ongoing game they're slowly going to be updating for years, the main plotline seemingly will have at least 7 sagas/regions, and only 3 are out.

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          Maybe 'endgame' wasn't the best way of putting it, I'm talking about the point where the game becomes way too easy with their AR soft cap.

          I have no problem with their release schedule, since the locations are stellar and the content is usually rather enjoyable.

          But at AR58, there is very little challenge in the game anymore, the world level is capped out at 8, the bosses are damage showcase targets and the mobs are laughable.

          Sure, you have the Abyss, but that's it, beyond that it's artefact grinding, which is the worst aspect of the game, but that's not the point.

          Rescaling the AR cap, adding a few world levels, expanding the Abyss beyond level 12, I dunno man, just something to actually feel the need to minmax my characters, like they encourage with their dreadful artefact sub-stat system.

          Apologies for the confusion

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      It actually is a good Breath of the Wild clone (with its own strengths and not just a cheap imitation), and you don’t need to spend money to enjoy it. However the F2P mechanics significantly damage it by making things increasingly grindy and making multiplayer difficult or pointless between most players since the power difference between world levels is so extreme.

      I played for a while and gave up when the grind set in and don’t feel like I wasted my time. It’s much more of an actual game than most gatcha games.

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      The game is so good, the epic music, the touching stories and character designs etc, it beats most AAA titles!
      The game is gacha so gambling is its core!
      The shxtty anniversary showed us 2things: 1. MiHoYo (the maker of this game) is such a failure on its PR. 2. MHY is greedy asf

      Strategy/advices to enjoy this game:
      DO NOT GAMBLE!!!
      DO NOT GAMBLE!!!
      DO NOT GAMBLE!!!

      Buy the monthly sub with VPN to US, aka 85%OFF AUD
      Do the research on each banner, see if it is what you ACTUALLY NEEDED for your team, learn the pity system and do your planning for gems
      DO NOT spend your gems on weapon pool except it's will absolutely necessary big huge upgrade for your DPS
      Do not follow the trends or vlogs that telling you how lucky or easy to get 5stars blah blah blah, always keep in mind that most people get 5starts is amongst 70+ pulls
      Be minded, it could be very grindy when you go for the total F2P path

      Give it a try but don't pour your money into it

      • Good post.

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        "Buy the monthly sub with VPN to US, aka 85%OFF AUD" this really works?

        • Not through the in-game purchasing, use VPN to log on to the website, buy through the website with paypal. Have been doing it for months, no problem so far.

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            @RooBun: interesting just tried that…but only dropped my price to ~$6 AUD (vs $8)… how much do you pay?

            • @voodoomutt: Sorry didn't put it clearly, for the monthly pass, I have paid like $6 AUD, for battle pass, it was about $13 AUD

              I said 85% is for the primogems, I bought the 3280+3280 US$49.99 = AUD$67.44, so it was like 85% of AUD$79.99

              I wonder if we could get the USD apple gift card with discounted price, so could get the price even lower, but just too much of a hassle I guess…

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                @RooBun: if you spend money on other mobile games, I recommend going through google play, get 10-15% off gift cards, then in Google Play Points when you have 150 points you can redeem a $3 off coupon. Also I wait for when they have bonus/special earn rates where you get 3-10x extra points when you make a purchase. Log in on your phone and buy your welkins and BP there, with your gift card and $3 coupon. I bought a pixel and it gave 600 points or something, and my friends play fgo etc, and it's been self sustaining for the past year. I've been able to consistently pay only $4 ish for welkin and $10 for bp. Sounds kinda confusing but it's fine, no tricks, it's really a good discount!

                If you buy large value primo packs then your VPN way will be better.

                edit: oh you mean 15% off, not 85 right?? mihoyo would be making a huge losses lol

                • @sakurakiks: I think he means 15% off. But all that means is 10% less GST and 5% a combination of discounts + currency fluctuation + card fees.

      • do you need a US account then?

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        Only spend money and time that you can afford to throw away.

        It's a disposable experience at the end of the day. Your life isn't going to become amazingly fulfilled by playing it… it's a pretty game, fun with nice story, but it demands your time and energy or money. It's starts as a nice way of killing time, but doesn't want you to stop killing said time due to its many daily/weekly/monthly incentives to keep going.

        It'll definetly get past the point of "Ooh shiny, pretty" for a lot of players, and keep them around long into the "Eh, but, FOMO" phase of its gaming life.

        I say this entirely from personal experience - other things I want to do and play, but keep logging in every day to do the bare minimum while not losing 'potential progression'.

        Having said that, really enjoyed the whole Festival story line. Guoba is amazing. So the game definetly has its moments, even after you're checked out :P

        • Exactly.

          The shiny phase lasted a good couple of weeks/months.

          It reminds me of Destiny 2 in that regard. There was so much to do and so many stories and weapons that it was really engaging and fun.

          But once you've run through the majority of story content and gotten the big ticket stuff done the true end game becomes obvious and it's where the shine fades…

    • Just stay away from the toxic online community if you do plan to play it

      its much worse than even League

    • It can be fun without spending any money, and as long as you don't have a gacha addiction.

      Have been playing for just over a year and still having fun with it.

      If you are a hardcore gamer, probably not much end game content. But for casual gamer like me, just take my time to do the quest.

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      Highly recommend it. The environments are hand crafted(getting rare these days), music, animations and japanese VA is top notch. Downsides include auto targeting skills, 60 fps lock, raiden not being real.

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        raiden's trailer sold me 😔

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    cool, 1 day worth of Primogems!

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    Redemption link for those who need it:

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    Have been playing since end of last year, originally intended to play with friends, but IMHO it's not really set up for multiplayer. the $8 per month is not absolutely needed and can still have quite a bit of fun without spending any money. It gets boring after you max out but initially, it's definitely worth a try.

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      originally intended to play with friends, but IMHO it's not really set up for multiplayer

      Same here. The multiplayer could be amazing but the way they have it set up largely destroys that (assuming it hasn't changed since I last played).

      • Since you can't request to join players of a higher world level, and playing with lower world level players isn't much fun (since it just means the higher-level player oneshots everything), playing with friends isn't much of an option unless you all go to a lot of trouble to stay the same level.

      • Playing with random players can be good but there's no way to filter for people who actually want to play. 98% of people in the multiplayer list don't want to play multiplayer (they're just listed by default), so you have to keep sending requests repeatedly until you finally find someone who accepts, then they kick you because they actually hit accept by mistake.

      • You can set your game to automatically accept join requests, but usually nobody joins for hours just because you didn't randomly appear in their matchmaking list.

      Also various missions and activities don't work in multiplayer, so if someone joins your game you may have to abandon what you were planning to do at the time and may need to disconnect them to turn in quests for example, but that's the least of the problems imho.

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        The multiplayer was never meant to be a huge part of the game, as is the case with a lot of other gacha games.

        It's better to set your expectations by assuming it's a single player game with co-op slapped on at the last minute. It's so dodgy that you can't talk to NPCs with someone else in your world. Gotta tell them to leave, or kick them

        • Yeah, it’s just that half the problem of finding players could be solved simply by allowing you to list the players who’ve manually enabled the existing auto-accept option for random co-op. It’d be a very minor fix.

    • Agree with the multiplayer it's poorly implemented.

      Like you can only do selective bosses together and domains as well. That's all. Nobody will bother doing random exploration together. Don't even mention quests

      Wow actually had better multiplayer than this